Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 221 - I Like This Name

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Chapter 221: I Like This Name

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Extremely Wealthy Area was Winterfell’s area for the rich creatures.

This was the most luxurious area with the softest Mana lighting. There would be no body odor coming from the Beetlemon. The walking sounds of the creatures outside the walls were reduced to very low decibels. Even the clay in this area could be directly placed in the mouth and eaten.

There was security provided round the clock.

Little John was a guard in the Extremely Wealthy Area. As an orc, he was often teased for his name.

“John, why is your name like a Human’s?”

“This name is too effeminate. Most of the Orcs are called Lambballs, Beefballs, Crabstick. They are more manly!”

“This is hilarious. You’re called John? This is cracking me up for a lifetime!”

“What a silly name? Can’t your parents give you a proper name? Like BeefSteak or Tenderloin?”

Though he was ridiculed since he was young, he was indifferent. He worked very hard to become a Guard at the Extremely Wealthy Area.

Like before, Little John was patrolling in the Extremely Wealthy Area, which was very quiet.

Those who lived here were either great merchants who had manors outside the Dungeon or had relatives or friends who had manors. This was a critical period since Winterfell was without the protection of the Dungeon Core. Moreover, the Dungeon had been invaded by the Ancient Gods recently, so nobody felt safe in Winterfell. The wealthy merchants preferred to stay in the manors outside the Dungeon.

Little John looked forward to having a manor.

When he recovered, he saw a smiling superior Devil wearing black ceremonial clothing, a tall Western-style hat, and holding a cane in his hand.

When did he appear?

Little John was nervous, but he greeted the Devil.

“Greetings, Mr. Devil.”

Because he was nervous, he didn’t speak smoothly.

“Greetings, did you see three Hamsters passing by? And a Devil following them?” Sherlock smiled warmly and asked the nervous Orc.

“No, I didn’t see…”

Little John recovered from his nervousness.

“Wishing you a happy day. I have found them.”

Sherlock removed his hat to greet Little John and looked behind Little John. Just as Little John turned his head, his eyes became dark, and he collapsed to the ground.

Three Hamsters came out from the green belt at the side. Two of them pulled one leg of the Orc and dragged him to the side, while the third Hamster lifted Little John’s head. After they completed their chores, they went into the green belt and revealed three little heads. The leftmost Fat Otaku muttered, “It’s time for…”

Before he completed his sentence, his head was knocked by the middle Hamster. The rightmost Hamster beckoned Fat Otaku to keep quiet.

A slender figure walked out of the shadows before Sherlock.

Sherlock looked at the young lady with golden hair. A red crystal pendant was hung from her snow-white neck, and she wore a long floral skirt that looked exquisite and luxurious.

The young lady’s features were refined, and her skin was so white that it looked unreal. She was like a fine piece of art that was created by the best master.

She stood with her bare feet and remained silent. A pair of huge black wings were folded neatly behind her back, and a few black feathers floated quietly to the ground.

She exuded a gray dispirited feeling.


The young lady stepped forward towards Sherlock. Her voice was like the soulful echoes of nature.

She used to be the most beautiful Angel in the Heavenly Kingdom. Even if she was decadent, she was never corrupted. While other Angels shed their feathers due to God’s Curse and obtained ugly Devil’s wings, only she didn’t lose her beauty. Her name was Past Glory.

She came from the summoning of Hades and was the Angel who defied the Oracle.

She resented the Sacred teachings, so she abandoned the Heavenly Kingdom and embraced Hades.

With every step, black feathers floated down gently and vanished into glittering dust. The Heavenly Curse attrited her power and glory incessantly.

“I thought you were in the Spirit World,” Sherlock looked at the young lady and said in a relaxed tone.

“Are you referring to Hades? Since when did you learn the secular terms.” The young lady frowned and lifted her head to look at the tall Sherlock.

“You should be there.” Sherlock nodded and spoke confidently.

“Hades is without you.”

The young lady lifted her chin and narrowed her eyes at Sherlock.

Even if the luminous stars were before her, they would have lost their luster.

Black wings that emitted dark energy extended quietly. She didn’t mind grooming her feathers in front of Sherlock.

Sherlock looked around and extended his hand to her in an inviting gesture.

“Hmm, perhaps you heard from your Hamster servants some inaccurate and biased information. I think I owe you an explanation. This isn’t a suitable place to talk. Shall we have a drink? I know of a nice cafe.”

“Have a drink? You stepped on the supremacy and divine rights of all nations, and now you take a fancy to these unclean and ugly ants’ nest?”

The young lady retracted her wings and edged closer to Sherlock. She extended her hand and pointed her finger on Sherlock’s palm.

“Times have changed. If you remain obstinate, you’ll be obsolete. Ah, I can’t help recalling my irreversible youthful times…” Sherlock held the young lady’s finger like a gentleman while holding his cane in the other hand. Then he walked towards the exit of the Extremely Wealthy Area and asked, “Did you give yourself a nice name?”


The young lady lifted her head proudly and said, “I like this name.”