Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 220 - Silver Pocket Watch

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Chapter 220: Silver Pocket Watch

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The Mana-simulated Sun in Winterfell had vanished. Instead, there were Magic Lanterns seen everywhere along the sides of the streets. Though they weren’t as bright as the Mana-simulated Sun, they were providing sufficient illumination.

There were no traces of the Ancient Gods’ invasion of Winterfell. Besides the worried faces of the passersby, the Dungeon looked like it was midnight with very few creatures on the streets.

A superior Devil attracted the attention of the passersby in front of an open shop.

If he was just a superior Devil, nobody would care. Though there weren’t many superior Devils, they were still seen in Winterfell. The passersby were enticed when they saw the name of the shop behind the superior Devil.

The Vampire Female Accessories Shop.

The windows read, “We guarantee that you will be sucked clean.”

Sherlock was emotionless and didn’t feel embarrassed. He was waiting for someone.

“Lord… Lord Sherlock!”

A tall Succubus ran across the street. She was carrying a briefcase and was panting as she ran to Sherlock. She bent down and rested her palms on her closed knees as she heaved heavily.

Fortunately, she was conservatively dressed, so there was no cleavage.

“Lord Sherlock, sorry to make you wait for so long.”

Evelynn panted as she stood up and wiped the sweat on her forehead.

“No problem. Why am I not allowed to watch when you buy clothes?”

Sherlock looked at the panting Evelynn.

“No, no, because I’m buying the knee-length skirt, so… I’m shy…”

Evelynn blushed.

“I see.” Sherlock nodded and said, “That is quite a bold fashion style. It’s not suitable for me to be around.”

“Lord Sherlock, sorry to make you wait. Let’s go in. After buying the items here, my shopping list is completed.”

Evelynn and Sherlock walked into the Vampire Female Accessories Shop.

The shelves in the shop were stacked with various female accessories.

A Slime shifted over, leaving a trail of sticky liquid on the ground, and said in a sharp and shrill voice, “Welcome to the Vampire Female Accessories Shop. We have all the female accessories, body armor, Hades Warhorses, Self-detonating Mana Runes, anti-pregnancy merry water, and transformable toys. What are you buying?”

“Yes, I’d like the one that I use every month. Do you have that?” Evelynn said softly.

“Yes, please follow me.”

The Slime brought Sherlock and Evelynn to rows of shelves with armor and weapons. Then they saw tethered Hades Warhorses, followed by Mana Runes, various strange potions, and a Huge Mace used by Giants. Finally, they came to the shelves with beverages.

On the shelves were the words “Every month, there will be days when you lose Mana rapidly. Females have to replenish Mana proactively. You will feel energetic if you replenish your Mana!”

“I want to purchase this brand…”

Evelynn picked a branded beverage carefully and gave it to the Slime shop assistant.

While Evelynn was choosing other beverages, Sherlock showed a card to the Slime cashier.

“Are you using this card for payment?”

“No, credit her purchase loyalty points to this card,” Sherlock said with a smile.

“Wah, Lord Sherlock, the things that I bought were very cheap. Previously, a set of Mana Replenishment Beverages required tens of Magic Stones, but I was given a 50% discount. I can’t remember when I became the shop’s Diamond VIP.”

Evelynn was looking very blissful while Sherlock helped her carry a shopping bag.

“That is a good deal.”

Sherlock also smiled contentedly.

“Why is Lord Sherlock renting an office in Winterfell?” Evelynn asked curiously.

“The Dungeon is recruiting a large number of new creatures, and I’m renting an office in hopes of finding outside work for them,” Sherlock said as he nodded.

“I see. Is it like the Adventurer’s Guild?” Evelynn explained, “It’s like the Surface World’s Guild that helps people in need. After completing a dangerous mission, they collect rewards.”

“Yes, it’s worth a try,” Sherlock said while pondering. When he passed by a Blacksmith Shop, he stopped. Then he looked at the Blacksmith Shop before he said to Evelynn, “Yes, Evelynn.”

“What is it, Lord Sherlock?” Evelynn turned her head and asked curiously.

“Return to the Airship and wait for me. I have some matters to deal with,” Sherlock said and faced the Blacksmith Shop.

“I understand, Lord Sherlock.”

Evelynn was curious what caught Sherlock’s attention, but she bowed to Sherlock, carried her shopping bags, and left.

Sherlock took out a silver-rimmed pocket watch and glanced at it.

“Lord Sherlock, the gamer Marco Polo isn’t in this Blacksmith Shop, he’s two streets away. If you can’t find the place, I can guide you. What voice would you like for the guidance? Stephen Chow or Miss Chi-Lin?”

Bru’s voice rang in Sherlock’s mind, but he had no intention to respond.

Sherlock looked at his pocket watch, whose needle was moving in a counter-clockwise direction. It moved to an hour ago. Sherlock’s thumb flicked the watch out, and the watch rotated in the air but stopped in mid-air as though time had frozen.

A transparent Mana engulfed the street in front of Sherlock, and faint discernible images appeared before him.

There were passersby who walked by and those who walked directly towards Sherlock. And a Hades Carriage with two Magic Lanterns sped by under the curses of a group of creatures.

Then Sherlock saw four transparent figures that consisted of three Hamsters and a blurry figure with bare feet. They walked towards Sherlock, and their blurry figures passed through Sherlock’s body like green smoke.

Sherlock spun around and gazed at the figure beside the three Hamsters.