Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 217 - Don’t Dare to Say or Ask

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Chapter 217: Don’t Dare to Say or Ask

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Nicholas was in turmoil. It was as though there were tens of Beetlemon running incessantly in his mind.

Though he heard that Sherlock had a small Black Dragon as a servant, he didn’t expect the Dragon to be his secretary.

And the Dragon was very courteous to bow to him. Even if he was a small Black Dragon, his status was equivalent to a Devil.

Nicholas felt his legs going soft. He asked Eggface to call him “Lassie”.

He felt that Sherlock’s background was becoming more mysterious. Previously, Winterfell was corrupted by the Ancient Gods, and it was Sherlock who saved Winterfell. After investigation at the old district, many battle locations and a pool of blood were found. After researching using Mana, the perpetrator was found to be the corrupted Devil Octopus Ball.

Nicholas went to look at the battle scenes in the old district and was astonished. Though he hadn’t seen the combat power of Sherlock, he trembled at the thought of it.

Sherlock pulled Nicholas to one side and found a rock to sit on. He looked at the Merchant Band behind Nicholas and asked, “Has Baron Nicholas brought his merchandise?”

“Yes, Winterfell was in trouble. The Merchant Alliance prepared a new Dungeon Core for Winterfell, but the transportation of the core will take about a month. I can’t do much in Winterfell since the Teleport Portals can’t be used, so I brought my Merchant Band to trade. Without the Winterfell Dungeon Core, the prices of most items will increase.”

Nicholas smiled and said, “Of course, Lord Sherlock, I’ll never inflate the prices of merchandise sold to you. If the items that you require have price increases, tell me so that I can contact the relevant merchants.”

“That’s not necessary.” Sherlock waved his hand and said, “In your letter, you mentioned setting up Merchant Band routes with Eternal Kingdom. I’m sticking to my previous intention. I’m agreeable with trading, but a sole trading agreement is out of the question.”

“I understand Lord Sherlock’s intention. With your capability, you can choose your trading partners. I was too arrogant previously, so I suggested investing in Eternal Kingdom. Please don’t put it to heart,” Nicholas said with a smile.

“If you want to invest in Eternal Kingdom and trade with us, I’ll always welcome you. In fact, I have a business proposal.”

Sherlock smiled and pulled Nicholas towards Eternal Kingdom. He said, “Let’s proceed to Eternal Kingdom. I have a lot of ideas and businesses. Perhaps you may be interested.”

Nicholas was interested, but the wilderness wasn’t a suitable location for discussion.

The Merchant Band would stay outside Entrance No. 3 because Eternal Kingdom was too crowded with 2,000 gamers, so there was no space for the Merchant Band.

Both of them proceeded to the Dungeon. Nicholas remembered the rules, which were to not ask questions and spread disinformation.

Nicholas had signed an agreement, so he was taking it to heart.

When Nicholas walked into Eternal Kingdom, a group of gamers surrounded him and asked a multitude of questions.

“Is that Lassie?”

“Gosh, is that a new Plot?”

“Where’s Lassie’s Merchant Band?”

“Are we having a Merchant Band activity?”

Nicholas didn’t say a word.

When he saw the legendary Houndhead Men, he didn’t ask about them.

He saw a distant Lich who was gazing at him, as well as a group of Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men who tried to climb on the Lich to get a better view. He didn’t say anything.

When he saw a few Goblins using rocks to write mathematical equations, he suppressed his disdain and didn’t ask about them.

A Goblin who was emitting pure white Sacred Light said solemnly to his comrades, “Let me see if my Sacred Light can harm Lassie. Gosh, I’m in Plot mode?”

Nicholas couldn’t stand it, but before he said anything, Sherlock preempted and said to Nicholas, “Don’t ask. Hold Back.”

In the Dungeon Lord Main Hall of Eternal Kingdom.

Eggface was very obedient. He brewed two cups of bloody chrysanthemum tea, placing one cup in front of Sherlock and reserving the other cup for himself. Then he sat in a chair while Sherlock sat in the last chair.

“Ah, relax and treat this place like your home,” Sherlock said cordially when he noticed Nicholas standing reservedly at the door.

“Yes, Baron Lassie, why are you standing at the door? Stand closer,” Eggface said cordially, but his actions weren’t the same.

He was a Black Dragon, after all.

Nicholas didn’t speak or complain as he stood in front of Sherlock.

He saw Sherlock take out a contract and pass it to him. It had the words:

“Eternal Kingdom and Northern Gladiator Arena Collaboration Agreement Version A”

Nicholas was surprised. He looked at Sherlock and asked, “Is Lord Sherlock collaborating with the Northern Gladiator Arena?”

“That’s correct. The things I’m discussing with you are related to the collaboration with the arena.”

Sherlock placed his hands on the table and said, “We’re currently providing the arena with Gladiators from Eternal Kingdom. They are the Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men that you have seen, and they obtained the Gladiator qualification certificates. I’m currently researching a new technique. After that, I’ll promote it. I’d like to collaborate with you on the publicity of this technique.”

“I do know the Winterfell press. If I contact them and help Lord Sherlock publish in the papers…”

Sherlock raised his hand and interrupted Nicholas.

“No, it’s not the Winterfell press. I want to contact the entire Merchant Alliance and publicize to the Northern Underworld.”