Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 215 - Sherlock's Ambitious Plan

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Chapter 215: Sherlock’s Ambitious Plan

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As the leader of the Marsh Inkspewer Tribe, Salted Fish had become the Mayor of the Marsh Inkspewer Town within two months.

The Mayor alias was created by the gamers. Salted Fish gave them missions and exchanged rewards for the dead Large Lizards, so the gamers created an alias for him.

Within two months, the Marsh Inkspewer Tribe had undergone a great change. It was surrounded by a wall that was as high as a Goblin.

Rocks were available throughout the Underworld, so the gamers didn’t have to go back and carry the rocks. They only needed to collect rocks from the tunnel and stack them up for the wall.

In addition, the land was leveled. Buildings made of rocks, wood, and other materials were constructed. Some of the buildings were ordered by Bru, while the rest were constructed by the gamers themselves.

The buildings ordered by Bru were for storage of the gamers’ materials, which were the skin, bones, and meat of the Large Lizards.

As for the gamers’ buildings, they were for their own homes. The rich gamers bought the wood and constructed wooden houses. Brainiac could cut the trees and send the wood to Mufasa for processing. Normal gamers would just stack up the rocks to build a house in the Marsh Inkspewer Town.

Salted Fish couldn’t understand the gamers. Should they not be living in the Dungeon? Why were they still building houses outside the Dungeon?

Though Salted Fish couldn’t understand, he saw a large number of dead Large Lizards being sent to him. He also felt safe with the surrounding walls, so he wasn’t bothered by the strange behavior of the gamers.

A group of gamers dragged three Large Lizards and sent them to Salted Fish to exchange for Reputation Points. Salted Fish couldn’t understand, but he knew that he had to reward them if they helped to kill the Large Lizards.

Rewards like skinned products, food, and Darting Birds.

When the group of gamers was deciding what to exchange for, a Black Armored Gnome arrived while riding on a Darting Bird.


The group of gamers shouted as they flocked to Arthur. Even Salted Fish recognized that Gnome called Arthur, as he had good prestige among the Gnomes.

Salted Fish thought for a while and walked to the Black Armored Gnome. The group of Gnomes stopped chatting and looked at Salted Fish, who pleaded, “Warriors, thank you for defending us against the attacks of the Large Lizards. Can I request your help? Help us take back our homeland!”

At the Northern Gladiator Arena.

“It’s like this. A month from now, there will be a new model for Gladiator Fights! I’ll have to depend on Lord Sherlock for providing the Gladiators.”

Poison Skin sat in his office and pointed to the Northern Underworld map as he spoke to Sherlock.

“Don’t worry, we have an agreement. There will be more Gladiators and not less.”

Sherlock sat in the chair and held his cup of bloody chrysanthemum tea. He thought for a while and said, “Yes, previously, we discussed the last man standing Gladiator Fight live streaming. I have an idea, but it will cost a lot more.”

“Lord Sherlock’s idea? Tell me. It must be a good idea!” Poison Skin said excitedly and straightened his obese figure.

“If we use the arena for the last man standing Gladiator Fight, the environment is too small. Since the Underworld is so huge, especially the Northern Underworld market, we have to make proper use of it. I encountered a new invention called the internet, which allows creatures from afar to see the same images. If we can think of a way to create a Magical Internet and allow the Northern Underworld inhabitants to watch the Gladiator Fights at home, then we can collect money from every family.”

Poison Skin stood up and paced around with a frown. After two rounds of pacing, Poison Skin looked at Sherlock and asked, “Lord Sherlock… is this… idea feasible?”

“Yes, it’s still in the research stage. There are ways to do it, it’s just that the research grant…” Sherlock muttered.

“Don’t worry, Lord Sherlock! If this idea is feasible, we will provide money, creature, and material resources. You have shown your capability, and we trust you. Of course, we will have to sign a contract,” Poison Skin waved his hand and said.

“Of course, I’ll go back and draft a contract. You can join in as an investor, but I can’t guarantee the timing of the research.”

Sherlock also stood up.

The two of them had a fruitful discussion and decided on the direction of the new collaboration. They would go back and do preparation work.

Sherlock left the Gladiator Arena after a warm farewell from Poison Skin and brought his secretary Evelynn back to Eternal Kingdom.

Eggface was still being steamed, and he was feeling extremely comfortable.

When Sherlock returned to Eternal Kingdom, he discovered a group of gamers discussing at a pile of trash located at the plaza in front of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. A few Gnomes were even shouting at each other.

“What are they doing?” Sherlock asked Bru curiously.

“They obtained Salted Fish’s mission and are gathering other gamers for an expedition to reclaim the Marsh Inkspewers’ homeland,” Bru replied quickly. “But most likely, they will be killed by the Large Lizards.”

“I see.” Sherlock nodded.

“Is Lord Sherlock intending to create new media? There is a large difference between the otherworld’s internet and Mana. The internet is popular because of economies of scale. If we push out this new media, the only solution is the Mana formation. Even with economies of scale, the capital and maintenance will be astronomical,” Bru said with concern.

“I know, but the profits are sizable too,” Sherlock nodded and said.

“Though it’s expensive, I believe a large number of Underworld inhabitants will foot the bill. Besides the live streaming of Gladiator Fights, I have other ideas like games, movies, and animations. Aren’t these common in the otherworld? From what I’ve observed, if I can promote these ideas, the profits are sizable.”

“Is Lord Sherlock intending to create an entertainment revolution? I have no idea how to implement it, as the otherworld’s technology can’t be used here. How do we create something similar to computers and the internet?” Bru asked.

“There is nothing that Mana can’t do. The question is sufficient materials and money, Bru.”

Sherlock looked in the direction of the Burial Hall and said, “Though we aren’t able to implement the real-time internet technology of the otherworld, it’s still possible to push out recorded videos. I believe Brainiac will be interested in such technology research.”

“I feel that Brainiac is only interested in the research of your Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men,” Bru commented.

“Don’t make it as if I’m giving Brainiac more work. Magical Items creation and research are under Brainiac’s work purview. If the Northern Gladiator Arena is willing to invest, then money is no problem. We only need to concentrate on research, publicity, and implementation,” Sherlock said as he walked towards the Burial Hall.

“As for the publicity, isn’t Nicholas coming to Eternal Kingdom?”