Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 214 - Are You a Girl?

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Chapter 214: Are You a Girl?

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At the Northern Gladiator Arena, only 10% of the spectator seats were filled.

For an arena that could accommodate tens of thousands of spectators, it was already a good number.

Previously, there were only tens of spectators in the arena. Even the spectators’ cheering and applause had to be simulated by a Lich. It was pathetic.

After Eternal Kingdom signed the agreement with the Gladiator Arena, and after a few bloody Gladiator Fights, there were more and more spectators.

The Lich wasn’t required to create cheering and applause sound effects any longer.

In the arena, tens of Gnomes shouted while killing each other. Magical lights and special effects flew all over the place. There were even Bladder Bombs exploding among the Gladiators.

The Gladiator Arena was filled with explosions and screams of agony. It was a grotesque sight.

The spectators were very excited. When the Gladiator Fights ended, all of them stood up and applauded.

In the arena, the corpses that were covered by mosaic vanished with the use of Mana. The victors cheered or stood in a daze in the arena, but they left before the workers who were cleaning up and collecting the equipment.

“Haha, Lord Sherlock! Your Gladiators are awesome! Thanks to their Mana, their relentless battle, and various traps, the Gladiator Fights have become popular again! The committee members are very satisfied with your Gladiators!”

Poison Skin stood at the VIP stand, his hands holding onto the railing. His mouth had a red hot Uranium stick that was emitting mushroom clouds and sizzling sounds.

Sherlock stood at the side while the wary Evelynn stood behind Sherlock.

“This is what a Gladiator should be doing. What do you think of my arrangements for individual and organization Gladiator Fights?” Sherlock looked at Poison Skin and asked.

“Hmm, we’re scheduling the construction of over 100 Gladiator Arenas in the Northern Underworld. The management also received the money from the Merchant Alliance, and the arenas will soon be completed. Compared to the ladder tournament and the battlefield ideas, the management prefers the last man standing model.”

Poison Skin removed his Uranium stick and puffed out a large mushroom cloud. Then he shook his fat body and said, “In order to be the sole winner, hundreds of Gladiators kill each other and advance towards our chosen location. Various equipment is scattered on the huge map for them to pick up. Every Gladiator has an attached Magic Eye for the audience to observe them. This idea is excellent. Lord Sherlock, you’re a genius when it comes to Gladiator Fights.”

“Hmm, this is my favorite too. However, it requires a lot of equipment. The location has to be huge, and the landscape must be interesting. It’s good to have varying terrain like hills, valleys, and the sea. It’s best if Magic Scrolls are torn and thrown on enemy ground. This is a must-have, but they require huge sums of money,” Sherlock said earnestly.

“No problem. Within a month, your Gladiators have turned business around. Before long, we’ll get to see the full glory of Gladiator Fights!” Poison Skin extended both his hands and shouted excitedly.

Sherlock was relieved to see Poison Skin being ambitious. They found a place and discussed the calculated remuneration of the Gladiators for the recent month. Besides the last man standing model, there were other models like battlefield in which hundreds of opposing creatures fought to obtain resources and accumulate the highest tally. The main point was to simulate real battles. This kind of Gladiator Fight would definitely garner a sizable market.

Both of them discussed their plans happily.

And the gamers continued playing their Dungeon game.

At the marshland of the Marsh Inkspewers outside Entrance No. 2.

Peasant thrust his Pike at the mouth of a Large Lizard. Peasant grasped his Pike tightly, and his other hand held a Kite Shield. A few Gnomes and Houndhead Men were sieging three Large Lizards.

A Gnome with two daggers stabbed at the buttocks of a Large Lizard, but it spun around and stopped his attacks. A gamer stood in front of the Gnome with a large shield.

Behind the Large Lizard, a Gnome secured a long pole noose on its leg. Other gamers held long pole nooses and waited for opportunities to attack.

The gamers were proficient at hunting Large Lizards. In the marshlands, the gamers had to run when they encountered large numbers of Large Lizards. However, they were able to deal with two to three Large Lizards.

As long as they waited at the mudlands, there would be Large Lizards!

Before long, Peasant and his companions subdued the three Large Lizards. They restrained them using long pole nooses and stabbed them to death using Pikes without harming the skin. An intact Large Lizard would fetch more Reputation Points.

“We have succeeded. Why is the Daily Mission so difficult? We have to submit three Large Lizards. Oh my god, I think that I’ll be unable to complete my Daily Mission and have to continue tomorrow.”

BurningChestHair, who was wielding two daggers, sat on the ground. His leg was scratched by the paws of the Large Lizard, and it was a bloody mess.

Because he didn’t feel any pain, he wasn’t bothered.

“Why don’t you use a Pike?”

Peasant was equipped with a full set of body armor and a Pike. Though it felt weird for a Houndhead Man to use a Pike, it was extremely useful for hunting Large Lizards.

“This is my belief, which is to use my Daggers for critical strikes! Why didn’t Arthur use a Pike? It’s his belief in swords!” BurningChestHair said loudly.

“You’re a cheapskate! How can you be compared to my Arthur?” Sylvanas punched BurningChestHair’s chest.

“No, I’m saying Arthur’s belief is in swords.”

BurningChestHair smiled, and the other gamers interjected.

“Then your belief is in Daggers.”


“No, he should be called FuriousHair.”

BurningChestHair raised his two Daggers and shouted, “I’ll let you have a taste of my Critical Strike Daggers!”

A few gamers unsheathed their weapons to fight against BurningChestHair.

However, they were just fooling around. They were in the same Guild, the Pioneer Alliance, which consisted of veteran gamers.

They brought the dead Large Lizards back to the Marsh Inkspewers. After a month of treading by the gamers, faint paths were seen in the tunnel.

The gamers walked as they chatted.

“We haven’t seen Arthur for some time. Doesn’t he need to do Daily Missions?” one of the Gnome asked.

“Arthur went to receive an award,” NotWearingPants said.

“Award? What kind of an award?” Sylvanas was surprised, and the others were puzzled.

“Gosh? Don’t you know? Didn’t Arthur tell you? He was chivalrous and defeated three knife-wielding robbers, so he was awarded the commendation for being public-spirited.” everyone gasped in surprise.

“Gosh! Is he that courageous? He dared to fight against knife-wielding robbers?”

“Is he that cool?”

“Wait, is he in Beijing? I read the news on the internet!”

“My results improved by leaps and bounds after playing this game. As for Arthur, he became a martial artist.”

“Could be his bodyguards since Arthur is very wealthy. Isn’t it normal to bring along bodyguards?”

“No, I don’t see Jack Ma having bodyguards.”

Sylvanas frowned and looked at NotWearingPants.

“Wait, why did Arthur tell you instead of me? Are you a girl?”

“What the heck…”