Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 212 - Instant Group Performance

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Chapter 212: Instant Group Performance

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[ilovekasai: Don’t think of challenging the Instance Dungeon without doing construction-related missions.]

[LittleThief: This lousy game should be called World of Carrying Bricks. I am now carrying trash back home instinctively. My girlfriend left me because she thought I was going nuts. D*mn, I’m going to carry bricks for the Daily Missions for the entire night.]

[MohistUniverse: Before I can challenge the 15-member Instance Dungeon, I have to challenge the 5-member Instance Dungeon. I give up.]

[MyBeautifulDreams: Do I have to carry bricks just to fight a BOSS? I haven’t encountered a game producer like you before.]

[NotWearingPants: Gosh, does it mean we have to do a Monthly Mission and 30 Daily Missions to challenge the new Instance Dungeon?]

[LeatherBear: Perhaps the game producers haven’t completed the new Instance Dungeon? And they are using the prerequisite mission to delay for time?]

[SoftCandyGal: I am yielding!]

“What are those words? Why am I not able to recognize them?”

While Sherlock was browsing the discussion forum, Eggface was watching and asking questions since he didn’t understand.

When Sherlock was playing computer games, he only had to watch the game character moving around, but the discussion forum was full of words. It became difficult to watch without understanding.

“You’re only two years old. How many words can you understand?” Sherlock replied as he browsed the forum.

“The words seem to be the words above our servants’ heads. It’s very strange. Are they playing computer games too?” Eggface asked. Sherlock turned to look at him but didn’t respond.

“Wah, this name is the same as the word above the Houndhead Man’s head. Is that how it’s written?”

Eggface used his front claws to dip into Sherlock’s bloody chrysanthemum tea, then he wrote the word “Peasant” on the ground.

Sherlock looked at his bloody chrysanthemum tea and at the curious Eggface.

He stood up, grabbed Eggface’s wings, opened the door, and threw Eggface out.

“Shucks! I received a mission to steam the Black Dragon. How can I steam the Black Dragon?”

“We don’t have a steamer!”

“Where’s Veteran Hemp Rope Technology? Please help a novice gamer!”

Voices came from outside the door, then there was silence.

When it was quiet, Sherlock read the posts in the discussion forum.

Specter College accepted Sherlock’s proposal and prepared the Level A graduation examination. A Lich student would be able to use all kinds of Skeleton Soldiers. If he ensured that all six BOSSES weren’t killed, he would pass the examination.

As for the details of the Instance Dungeon map, that would be custom-designed. For example, if a Lich student concentrated all his Skeleton Soldiers and BOSSES together at the Instance Dungeon entrance and killed off the gamers one by one, then even if there were 100 gamers, they would all be massacred.

Initially, the college was against the proposal. The main consideration was the cost. Previously, the college only needed to pay death compensation for five gamers if they perished. And now the new proposal had 15 gamers with automatic replacements. Would the college have to pay death compensation for more than 100 gamers? Even if Specter College was wealthy, they wouldn’t be able to bear such expenses.

However, Sherlock suggested a fixed cost of 300 Magic Stones for each Level A graduation examination!

That caused a commotion among the Liches as it was extremely affordable. Would they not be required to pay death compensation? Then the contract had to be amended!

Sherlock admitted that the concession was due to his close working relationship with Professor Bacon.

Hence, the matter was swiftly decided.

Of course, Sherlock wouldn’t be spending money to help Specter College build new Training Grounds. The new Training Grounds had to be larger and more detailed with better sound effects. They would cost a fortune.

Considering the tens of thousands of Liches waiting for graduation and the frequent protests of the parents, this sum of money was considered negligible.

Specter College would need a month of preparation for the new Training Grounds. As such, the gamers would be doing prerequisite missions during that month.

Sherlock looked forward to seeing the new Instance Dungeon. Before that, he intended to assign Brainiac a mission.

That was to create a promotional video.

Eternal Kingdom bought a new Alchemy Platform and Magical Items Creation Platform, which were under Brainiac’s charge. As the Revival System hadn’t been overhauled, Brainiac’s workload became heavier.

As a rare genius from Specter College, Brainiac was familiar with Alchemy and Magical Items Creation. However, both of them cost a lot of money.

Sherlock wasn’t afraid of anything, except for spending money.

Brainiac didn’t receive any monetary subsidy. He merely used simple materials like Underground Spiders, Dire Wolves, Large Lizards, and dried fish from the Marsh Inkspewers to create simple and useless Alchemy items.

Like soap.

When Sherlock arrived at the Alchemy Room, Brainiac was working while a group of gamers carried a basket of soap out. The gamers weren’t bothered by Sherlock’s visit as they were used to Sherlock walking around the Dungeon.

“Lord Sherlock.” Brainiac bowed to Sherlock.

“Ah, Brainiac, you don’t look too well. Did you have a good rest?” Sherlock walked to Brainiac and showed his concern.

“Thank you, Lord Sherlock, for your concern. Perhaps it’s due to my lack of rest,” Brainiac said without emotion.

“I see. Have more rest without affecting your work.” Sherlock then said, “I have a new assignment for you.”

“New… assignment?”

“Yes, it’s related to your college.” Sherlock sat down and asked, “Do you know about our working relationship with Specter College?”

“Is that about Eternal Kingdom participating in the college graduation examination?” Brainiac asked.

“Yes, previously, you were in charge of the invigilation of the examination grounds, so you must be aware of the college’s situation. The recent graduation rate is very low,” Sherlock said casually.

“The graduation rate is dwindling? Hmm, it’s expected.” Brainiac nodded, not looking surprised.

“Some parents protested, so I attended a meeting at Specter College and provided some suggestions,” Sherlock said and then continued, “There are two levels of examination now. Students who want to graduate easily can choose Level B. For distinction, students can choose the harder Level A. I will deploy stronger citizens to the Level A examination ground and weaker citizens to the Level B examination ground. The streaming is to ensure a good graduation rate and encourage the students to study hard since the different levels will mean different jobs and remuneration.”

“I see. But what has it got to do with me?” Brainiac asked, bewildered.

“Because we have decided to cast you as the main character for the promotional video.” Sherlock nodded at Brainiac and said, “You’re a recent graduate and a rare genius, you will definitely be a Level A graduate. Therefore, we need you to be cast in the promotional video to describe your excellent work environment. You can also include your Burial Hall, daily work content, and remuneration. Do you understand my intention? You have to present the idea that you don’t need to worry about a job after graduation, and that you have an excellent salary, benefits, and opportunities.”

Brainiac nodded and said, “Am I in charge of the shooting, directing, makeup, acting, editing, and post-production?”

“Of course not, I’ll provide you with assistance.” Sherlock pointed at the gamers behind him and said, “Take a look. Aren’t the gamers instant group performers?”