Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 211 - Specter College, Troops Training Grounds

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Chapter 211: Specter College, Troops Training Grounds

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At a Beetlemon stop in a dim tunnel, there were three Hamsters with luggage.

They didn’t speak a word. After a long time, the leftmost Hamster said, “Who suggested coming to such a desolate place for a tour?”

“Big Boss, I don’t know. It must have been you as you’ve always made the decisions,” the middle Hamster said.

“Can we have our meal first?” the rightmost asked with concern.

The three Hamsters kept quiet. Then the leftmost Big Boss said loudly, “It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it. You’re slandering me.”

Sounds of “Pa ta, pa ta, pa ta” were heard from afar.

A Beetlemon ran over and came to a halt in front of the three Hamsters.

That was the Beetlemon to Winterfell.

After the three Hamsters left Eternal Kingdom, they walked very far and avoided numerous dangers. They took clay when they were hungry. Then they followed the tunnel towards Winterfell. After five days, they arrived at the Beetlemon Stop.

The three Hamsters boarded the Beetlemon and went to the rear. After putting down their luggage, they sat down.

“Pay money,” the Gnome Beetlemon driver said to the three Hamsters.

“Zi?” The three Hamsters emitted gasps of surprise.

“What’s there to chirp about? Pay with your Magic Stone cards!”

The Gnome pointed to the Magic Stone card device at the side.

Big Boss stood up and walked to the Magic Stone card device. Then he turned around and rubbed his buttocks on it. A strange helium-voice was heard.

“Beep, Magic Stone card.”

“Beep, Magic Stone card.”

“Beep, Magic Stone card.”

After the three beeping sounds, Big Boss walked back to the rear as though nothing had happened.


The Gnome was furious. He stood and wanted to beat them up. He had been a Beetlemon driver for many years, but this was the first time his intelligence had been severely insulted. What kind of silly dudes had he not encountered? However, he hadn’t encountered nut cases like that before.

The Gnome stood up and glanced at a notice on the Beetlemon’s metal shell.

“Winterfell Arrest Warrant—Three Hamsters.”

“The Winterfell Garrison Guard seeks the help of the Underworld inhabitants to provide information on the wanted criminals. Please contact us immediately if you have any information. Any creature who provides information and assists in the arrest of the criminals will be rewarded by the Garrison Guard.

The following are the three criminals at large:

1. Big Boss, male, Hamster race. Birthday is unknown. Height is 150 cm, weight is 90 kg. Round face with a fat body that has black and white fur. His voice is like the hilarious Helium voice. His behavior seems honest, but don’t be deceived. He is a highly dangerous criminal. Please do not antagonize him. Inform the Garrison Guard the moment you see him. Do not interact with him. If you do, don’t infuriate him. Accede to all his requests to ensure you have an intact corpse.


2. Second Boss, male, Hamster race. Birthday is unknown. Height is 148 cm, weight is 89 kg. Oval face with a fat body that has white and black fur. The voice has a similar quality to a Helium voice but with less intensity. He will not do foolish things, but don’t think that he is rational. He is highly dangerous. The same advice as above, inform the Garrison Guard when you see him.


3. Fat Otaku, male, Hamster race. Birthday is unknown. Height is 152 cm, weight is 100 kg. Big Pie face with an extremely fat body that has black and white fur. He will only talk about food and nothing else. Run when you see him. If he is hungry, he will eat anything!


If you have any information, please inform the Winterfell Garrison Guard immediately. The contact address is XXXXXXXX.”

The Gnome driver was stunned. He looked at the three Hamsters sitting in the rear. That was correct, their faces matched the pictures on the notice!

The Hamsters were so plump and prominent that it couldn’t possibly be a coincidence.

“What happened?” Second Boss, who was sitting in the middle, asked.

“I’d like to eat something,” Fat Otaku said.

Ooo—! The Gnome driver felt goosebumps. He got close to the Beetlemon exit. If possible, he wanted to flee. But Big Boss discovered the Gnome’s strange look. His eyes gleamed as he said, “We aren’t trying to cheat the fares, don’t be mistaken. My Magic Stone card is placed deeply in my fur, so it’s hard to find. Because of that, I brushed the Magic Stone card device with my fur. The sound is weird because your device is malfunctioning. I didn’t use my voice to imitate the device!”

Big Boss looked at the driver and asked softly, “Can we start the journey?”

“Yes, yes,” Second Boss said happily.

“I’m hungry. I want to eat,” Fat Otaku said.

“I… I understand…”

The Gnome driver braced himself and returned to the driver’s seat while trembling. If he escaped now, he would be harmed by the three Hamsters. There were no other passengers except the three Hamsters. He was now in a precarious situation!

What should he do? The Gnome tried to think of a solution. Perhaps he could get a passenger as a scapegoat! Once he arrived at the next stop and a passenger boarded the Beetlemon, he would be saved! When he fled, the passenger would be an obstacle to the three Hamsters!

The Gnome planned for his escape while driving the Beetlemon.

Soon, he arrived at the next stop and waited for a long time, but there were no passengers. The three Hamsters didn’t know why the Beetlemon stopped for so long, and they didn’t dare to ask.

Fat Otaku kept shouting that he was hungry and started biting the leather seat in front of him as he looked suspiciously at the driver.

That suspicious gaze was detected by the driver in the rear mirror. It was an intimidating stare that implied he would be eaten if he didn’t continue the journey.

The Gnome shed tears of hopelessness as he drove the Beetlemon towards Winterfell…

In Eternal Kingdom, Sherlock had completed his update of the latest Instance Dungeon under the watchful gaze of Eggface.

[New update to Specter College Instance Dungeon for 15-member team—”Lich Arrival”]

“Lord Sherlock’s attack against Specter College was stopped by Ba.Mannoroth.Con. He had no choice but to return to Eternal Kingdom.

Soon, the Non-Existing Intelligence Organization obtained terrible news, the power of the Void Legion has become stronger!

They were training more powerful Specter Warriors and even Liches! We have to destroy their Troops Training Grounds!

Warriors of Eternal Kingdom, do not stop your pace! Advance! Continue fighting! For Eternal Kingdom!

We will open up a new group Instance Dungeon, ‘Specter College: Troops Training Ground’. Gamers will encounter countless Skeleton Legions. At the Troops Training Grounds, the Instance Dungeon map is larger with more BOSSES. The rewards obtained will also be correspondingly larger.

We will provide revival for perished gamers in the new Instance Dungeon. However, there will be a time limit that lasts for a day. Gamers have to defeat all the Skeleton Warriors in a day, or they will have failed to conquer the Instance Dungeon.

The difficulty level of the Instance Dungeon ‘Specter College: Troops Training Grounds’, the number of monsters, and the power and skills of the BOSSES are all random.

‘Specter College: Troops Training Ground’ entry requirements:

Member count of 0/15.

Weapon Level 3 and above.

Reputation Level 3 and above.

Completed preparatory mission:

[‘Specter College: Training Grounds’ Instance Dungeon.

Mission Description: Your capabilities have to be vetted by Lord Sherlock before challenging the Instance Dungeon.

Mission Objectives:

Completed construction-related Daily Missions: 0/30

Completed construction-related Monthly Mission: 0/1

Completed collection of raw materials missions: 0/100

Completed ‘Specter College: Training Grounds’: 0/5]”

Sherlock checked through the contents of the update before publishing it.