Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 209 - Level A and B of the Graduation Examination

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Chapter 209: Level A and B of the Graduation Examination

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Besides the video of the Gnome making an explosion, Madam RawVegetables also used the Adamantine Rock to show the Gnomes setting traps, digging through the ground and smearing oil so that the BOSS and even they themselves were unable to stand upright while they tried to slide and kill the BOSS. The Adamantine Rock also showed the Gnomes using Mana Fireballs and various Mana Skills to kill the BOSS.

“Lord Sherlock! Are those your common Gnomes, Goblins, and Houndhead Men?”

Madam RawVegetables gazed authoritatively at Sherlock without fear of the superior Devil’s status. Eggface was at the side, drinking a new cup of bloody chrysanthemum tea noisily.

“Madam RawVegetables, I’d like to ask a personal question. How many years has it been since you’ve been to the outside world? I mean, how many years have you taught in Specter College?” Sherlock asked, not at all intimidated.

“Is that a relevant question?” Madam RawVegetables frowned.

“Lord Sherlock, Madam RawVegetables is a Professor with hundreds of years of teaching experience. She has always been cautious and conscientious,” Professor Bacon said.

“Like I thought. A dedicated Professor like Madam RawVegetables isn’t in touch with the outside world. Like we’ve always said, times have changed.”

Sherlock pointed at Eggface and said, “Even the small Black Dragon is coming out to work, it’s not hard to understand Gnomes, Goblins, and Houndhead Men learning some Mana Skills. There are many Gnomes who are great Magicians. Goblins and Houndhead Men are less intelligent, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn. Millions of years ago, wasn’t the Underworld a place where everyone was killing each other? And aren’t we sitting down having a meeting now?”

The meeting room erupted with another round of discussion.

“Quiet, quiet,” the principal shouted. When it was quiet, the principal said to Sherlock, “Hmm, what Lord Sherlock said is reasonable, but if the combatants are too powerful, the college will face difficulties. As you know, the parents aren’t as easy going as previous times. It won’t be easy to pacify them.”

The principal sighed, and Sherlock felt empathy.

After defeating the Ancient Gods, there was a period of chaos. The Liches used to be on the side of the Ancient Gods. All the Dungeons were in conflict, and they resorted to using Liches as the main battle force. Hence, the Liches were rapidly accepted by the Underworld.

The Lich students were being recruited even before they graduated, and they participated in a real battle for their graduation examinations.

“Professor RawVegetables, Principal, and all Professors.”

Sherlock stood up and said, “I have the same thinking as you. That is to let the Lich students graduate as soon as possible after studying for tens of years, to allow them to contribute to society as a useful Skeleton. But reality is cruel. If the college is like a normal school that goes after profit and a high graduation rate, then the quality of the Liches will be questionable. Even if the Liches graduate, they will harm the reputation of the college that has been established for millions of years.”

Before the Professors started discussing, Sherlock said, “I feel that the current situation is a good thing. Every graduated Lich will be capable and be praised by every Dungeon Lord. That will undoubtedly raise the reputation of Specter College!”

“As for the protests of the parents, I studied the issue before coming. I don’t think it’s because of the low graduation rate or the loss of equipment. The parents simply don’t know what the college is doing. When the students went home, they conveyed the wrong message to their parents.”

Madam RawVegetables asked doubtfully, “Is Lord Sherlock saying that the low graduation rate and loss of equipment aren’t the reasons for the parents’ protests? But the parents raised these points whenever they came to the college.”

Madam RawVegetables spoke gravely.

“On the surface, it seems so, but we have to understand the parents’ worries. They are worried that the money spent on their kids wasn’t able to let their kids graduate and get a good job,” Sherlock said.

“This is due to the college not doing enough publicity, so the parents are perplexed. We feel that it’s necessary to obtain a classic example to publicize. I am willing to volunteer for this advertisement.”

“Lord Sherlock is saying…” Professor Bacon narrowed his eye sockets.

“Isn’t Brainiac working in my Dungeon? I’ll bring Brainiac to Specter College to create an advertisement. It’s to publicize that although the graduation rate is low, the graduates have the best benefits. You can also prepare similar videos to advertise. The main point is to show that Brainiac obtained a job easily after graduation and with great benefits. I believe Brainiac will accede to the request.”

The principal slammed excitedly on the table and said, “This is a good solution. The last time I attended the Spiritual Education Conference, I mentioned that we can’t just concentrate on academic teaching. We have to take note of publicity. I feel that Lord Sherlock has a valid point.”

“Wait, wait. Are the issues resolved just like that?”

Though the principal supported Sherlock, Madam RawVegetables wasn’t happy.

“Of course not, it’s not sufficient to depend on publicity alone,” Sherlock said as he took out a plan and spoke to the other Liches.

“I prepared a new graduation plan for Specter College. Times have changed. Isn’t it time for a change?”

Sherlock explained his plan in detail.

The content was simple. It was to separate the examination into Level A and B. Level B candidates would follow the previous rules and take part in the Training Grounds examination.

Sherlock would adjust the level of his gamers to be suitable for the Level B candidates.

The Level A examination was for the most outstanding students in Specter College. They would face the strongest gamers.

Level A candidates would be allowed to use Skeleton Magicians and more advanced Skeleton Soldiers.

Students of Specter College could choose between Level A or Level B for their examination.

The students who wanted to graduate could choose Level B, while students who wanted a high salary, benefits, and reputation could choose the Level A examination.

For Sherlock, he could roll out a new Instance Dungeon!

Sherlock and the Professors had a fierce debate. Finally, they decided to implement it.