Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 207 - Update Log Version 0.22

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Chapter 207: Update Log Version 0.22

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[“Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom” Update Log Version 0.22]

“‘Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom’ Version 0.22 Official Update:

Warriors! You have successfully beaten back the Ancient Gods army and saved Winterfell at a critical period. The Underworld is cheering your names!

We have a period of precious peace in Eternal Kingdom. Your pace of advancement will not slow down…

Added many pieces of new equipment—Winterfell Series Equipment: Eternal Kingdom received large amounts of equipment from Winterfell. Gamers can buy Winterfell Standard Equipment from the Blacksmith Shop and Carpenter Workshop.

Amended the Winterfell Equipment prices: We lowered the Winterfell equipment prices as the warehouses are overflowing with the equipment.

Added a new area, the Industrial Area: The Industrial Area is near the Commercial Area. It’s currently being excavated. All future equipment smelting and forging and other metal and wood product creation will be concentrated in the Industrial Area.

Added a new structure, Large Furnace: The impressive structure of Eternal Kingdom, which spans a height of 10 meters. It will be opened in the near future. The Large Furnace occupies the entire middle portion of the Industrial Area. The Mana Engineering and forging activities will be carried out at the Large Furnace. Gamers do not need to queue up at Simba’s Blacksmith Shop.

Added a new area, the Mana Area: Mana usage is getting popular in Eternal Kingdom. Gamers are able to use Mana Skills to facilitate daily activities like cultivation, forging, and cooking. In the Underworld, Mana Skills are part of a gamer’s life. In the future, you will encounter Mana Formations, Mana powder with various functions, Magical Items like Magic Wands that increase Mana Skills, Magician Robes, special Mana Oils that add magical effects to weapons, and short-lived Mana released from Mana Scrolls and healing potions. They will be produced in the Mana Area.

Added a new structure, Medicine Concoction Platform: The products derived from plants can be made into various potions. If you are friendly with Little Fairy, you can learn how to make potions before a Potion Specialist comes on board. The Medicine Concoction Platform is located in the Mana Area.

Added a new structure, Alchemy Platform: The products derived from plants and other raw materials can be used to make alchemy products. Brainiac will teach you simple Alchemy skills. Perhaps you will be able to use Magic Powder to send information to each other.

A gamer added a new structure, Eggface’s Nest: Eggface will be staying in the area between the Commercial Area and Industrial Area. To accommodate his rapid growth, please excavate a larger nest.

A gamer added a new structure, Succubus’s Little House: Please construct the house according to Evelynn’s requirements. She is the only Succubus, please take care of her.

A gamer added a new structure, Beast’s Little House: Just build a simple house for Beast since Orcs are easily satisfied.

A gamer added a new Building, Sacred Light Worshiping Chapel: We are not very sure of the details. Get the instructions from Beast for the construction.

Added new Legendary Equipment—Winterfell Mysterious Loot: The equipment of the Werewolf commander. Gamers can reserve the equipment via the auctions. There are only three reforged pieces of equipment, which are a Breastplate, Short Sword, and Plate Leggings.

Added new functional flying device, the XX Airship: As seen by the gamers, this is the Airship that made its debut in Winterfell! We have not thought of a good name. We are asking all gamers and forum members to suggest a good name.

Added a new profession, Sacred Knight: It was originally called Grand Priest, but everyone seems to prefer Sacred Knight. Gamers can perform daily construction missions to be the top gamers for either the daily or monthly tally. That will obtain them a chance to go through the Sacred Light test. If you are successful, you will be able to obtain the Sacred Light blessing and power!

The currently known test is various examination questions. I hope that everyone can obtain 100 marks.

As for the usage of the power, gamers have to find out for themselves.

Added a new BUG—Eggface on a Strike: As Eggface isn’t satisfied with the recent food quality, the Houndhead Man reincarnation project will be subjected to a BUG. If you completed the Houndhead Man mission but are unable to be reincarnated, please give Eggface a good treat to solve the BUG.

Added a new group effort —: I’m not sure of this. I will leave it blank. When I think of it, I will add it.”

Like before, Sherlock’s post garnered lots of enthusiastic replies.

[MillionYearOtaku: I don’t believe you, you bad old man! I’m about to become a Houndhead Man when suddenly you have a BUG?]

[AbnormalSupervisingResearcher: I’m very excited, the Legendary Equipment is going to be auctioned!]

[SeekingMysticalWhite: It has nothing to do with us. It’s an auction for the rich.]

[Kressfire: Can you add an alias system to the game?]

[PigeonExpertChopperHeavenlyRetirementOfficer: When is the PVP system going to be updated? Weren’t ladder tournament, group, and personal PVP mentioned in the previous updates? But now we only have Guild PVP!]

[alwaystrust: I know the reasons. Is there a date for the Third Beta Testing?]

[WillBefriend16To25YrOldBeautifulGals: Look at my name.]

[Meili_Invincible: Sherlie’s awesome! I saw NotWearingPants’ post. Sherlie’s cool!]

While Sherlock was browsing his post, there were three letters being thrown out by the flames in the Dungeon Core.

Sherlock didn’t expect to receive three letters. The first letter was:

“To Eternal Kingdom’s Dungeon Lord Sherlock—Northern Gladiator Arena”

“Dearest Lord Sherlock:

Old friend, I haven’t heard from you for a long time. I thought you forgot about our agreement, then I heard that you courageously led the Gladiators to save Winterfell. That is exhilarating news.

We can use this gimmick for advertising—the warriors who defeated the Ancient Gods army to fight in the arena!

If you are willing to let your warriors be our models for the new advertisement, then many spectators will be enticed. Of course, there will be remuneration in Magic Stones for the job.

The board of directors has come up with new gimmicks for the arena. If you have time, do visit us.

—Love from Northern Gladiator Arena.”

“To Eternal Kingdom’s Dungeon Lord Sherlock—Professor Bacon, Specter College”

“Dearest Lord Sherlock:

Old friend, I haven’t heard from you for a long time. I thought you forgot about me, then I heard that you courageously led the examination combatants to save Winterfell. That is exhilarating news.

But Lord Sherlock, those Gnomes, Goblins, and Houndhead Men have become outrageously strong. There were many strange behaviors, like using Mana. We recorded the scenes using Adamantine Rocks. I hope that Lord Sherlock will visit Specter College so that we can discuss the issues.

Send my regards to Brainiac. I hope that he is working well in the Dungeon.

—Love from Professor Bacon.”

This was the last letter. The workmanship was very exquisite.

“To Eternal Kingdom’s Dungeon Lord Sherlock—Baron Nicolas”

“Dearest Lord Sherlock:

Thank you, Lord Sherlock, for saving Winterfell and all of us from the Ancient Gods.

I am not representing the Merchant Alliance in this letter. As the earliest merchant to deal with Eternal Kingdom, I should have visited Lord Sherlock to discuss the Merchant Band route. But I was busy recently. In the coming future, I will bring my Merchant Band to visit Lord Sherlock. I hope we can establish a fixed Merchant Band route.

I prepared an unexpected gift for you.

—Love from Baron Lassie.”

Sherlock looked at the three letters and put them aside grudgingly.

Things were piling up.