Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 200 - Interested In Watching My Mana Skills?

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Chapter 200: Interested In Watching My Mana Skills?

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The battle against the Ancient Gods ended in victory.

The investigation lasted many days. After that, there was an initial investigation report. Sherlock received a copy of it.

“Battle of Winterfell and Ancient Gods Investigation Report”

“Senior management of the Merchant Alliance and various Dungeon Lords, not long ago, due to mismanagement of Winterfell and outside infiltration, the Ancient Gods corrupted Winterfell. Finally, after everyone’s efforts, especially Eternal Kingdom’s great sacrifices, we managed to stop the Ancient Gods’ plot. However, we have to be vigilant.

Winterfell decided to restructure the management and strengthen the management and background checks.

As one of the Dungeon Lords of Eternal Fire, Octopus Ball was the incident perpetrator. Though he was destroyed by Lord Sherlock after much effort, he brought great calamity to Winterfell. After losing many excellent warriors, countless pieces of equipment, and a precious Dungeon Core, the Merchant Alliance will deal appropriately with Eternal Fire for a resolution.

Remnants of the Ancient Gods believers were still hidden deep within Winterfell. In the following days, we will be…”

Sherlock put down the report.

He was together with some Dungeon Lords, the Winterfell management, and Dungeon Lord Onionhead.

“Dungeon Lords, the Merchant Alliance has invited you here to thank you for your outstanding contributions in this battle.”

The Devil Lords braced their chests.

Onionhead looked at Sherlock and said, “Especially Lord Sherlock. Without you and your warriors, we wouldn’t be sitting here having this meeting.”

Sherlock looked at Onionhead’s awkward expression and said, “It’s nothing much. As the neighbor of Winterfell and a collaborative partner of the Merchant Alliance, it’s what I should do. But it’s a pity for my warriors who shed blood and sacrificed their lives for the battle. Their families will be mourning. After losing their sole breadwinners, they may have to live in hunger.”

“Lord Sherlock, don’t worry, your death compensation application has been submitted. The compensation for 20,000 Gnomes, 10,000 Goblins, and 10,000 Houndhead Men will be processed. It’s the first time that Houndhead Men fought for the Underworld inhabitants, so we don’t have precedence for the compensation,” Onionhead said with embarrassment.

“No problem, I can understand your difficulties,” Sherlock nodded and said.

It was understandable that the efficiency was low for a huge organization like the Merchant Alliance.

“Next, I’ll discuss with all of you the details of the remuneration…”

Onionhead looked at the various Dungeon Lords.

The remuneration was about Magic Stones and business benefits. The main points were to assist in creating Merchant routes, allowing the sale of Dungeons’ products, free use of the Merchant Alliance’s tunnels, and other benefits.

Besides that, Sherlock also received other benefits like half a year’s logging rights for Underground Forest No. 3, which was proposed by Sherlock.

The Merchant Alliance agreed without much hesitation since they thought Sherlock wouldn’t be able to cut down many trees. Were those trees able to be cut by normal creatures? Without being severely decadent, there was no way to get close to the trees.

Sherlock was also compensated for the equipment damaged during the battle.

Winterfell was now without a Dungeon Core. With the Merchant Alliance being the largest merchant organization in the Underworld, it wasn’t a problem to obtain a Level 4 Dungeon Core, though it would require some effort. The transportation issue in Winterfell became a problem. There was no energy source for the Teleport Portals, so everyone had to depend on primitive methods for transport. When Sherlock returned to Eternal Kingdom from Winterfell, he used the Airship, which required only one day’s journey.

After the meeting in Winterfell, Sherlock returned to Eternal Kingdom. Everyone in the Dungeon was celebrating as if there was a festival because of how greatly they had profited. Each gamer had about four to five sets of spare equipment.

The private land of each gamer was limited. Even if 100 gamers bought 100 square meters of land and built a multi-story building, each gamer would only have 10 square meters of private space. Besides placing a bed, the rest of the space was stuffed with equipment.

Though it was crowded, it was blissful. As long as the gamers were happy.

When Sherlock returned to Eternal Kingdom, the gamers were packing their loot. The carcass of the huge python was coiled and placed at the plaza. Many gamers were using their weapons to cut the meat.

The gamers gathered around Sherlock, not wanting to miss any Plot Animation. They followed Sherlock to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall before dispersing.

Sherlock opened the main door and looked at the sight of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

There were three beds and a nest.

And three Hamsters and a small Dragon.

“What? I missed out on such exciting events? It’s a pity that a King of Darkness like me was unable to participate in the battle and instill fear,” Eggface said as he finished the bloody chrysanthemum tea in a jar. Then he saw Sherlock at the door and greeted him warmly, “Ah! My eternal foe!”

He spoke as he walked to the shelf and grabbed a tea box. He then poured the bloody chrysanthemum tea leaves into the jar and started brewing the tea.

The three Hamster noticed Sherlock and quickly jumped down. They started speaking immediately.

“Lord Sherlock, we’ve finally found you! Our Lady is looking for you!”

“Why did Lord Sherlock set up a Dungeon here? Did you forget the agreement with our Lady?”

“The Dungeon’s clay is delicious!”

Eggface blinked his eyes as he looked on and kept quiet.

“In regards to this…” Sherlock clenched his fist and raised it from his back.

“Are you interested in watching my Mana Skills?”