Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 197 - Our Luck Is Really Good!

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Chapter 197: Our Luck Is Really Good!

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In the pile of debris, there was a bundle of flesh that belonged to a creature. More than half of the body was buried in the debris, with two legs sticking out.

Half of the body melted, and it was emitting green smoke while it convulsed.

Under normal circumstances, it would be a confirmed death.

But Octopus Ball didn’t die. His flesh healed rapidly. As Sherlock walked slowly towards him, Octopus Ball moved his convulsing body and pushed away a large pile of debris.

Octopus Ball’s body was full of tentacles, though the face looked faintly like his own.

“You’ve sold your soul and flesh to the Ancient Gods.” Sherlock walked in front of Octopus Ball, who slowly stood up and grew larger.

“Tsk, tsk. He looks disgusting. Lord Sherlock, you have the courage to beat up such a disgusting creature. I’m in awe of you,” Bru said.

“Octopus Ball should have a way to connect directly to the Ancient Gods. Lord Sherlock, do you think that Octopus Ball will become a superior Devil with the help of the Ancient Gods?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t do any research.” Sherlock shook his head. Octopus Ball had already stood up.

Sherlock felt quaking underneath his legs.

“Pom, pom, pom—!”

Numerous tentacles broke out from the ground underneath Sherlock’s legs. Each tentacle was as thick as a Giant, and they wrapped tightly around Sherlock.

Octopus Ball dragged his immense body and walked to the group of tentacles that were tens of meters tall. He clenched his fist as he enjoyed the feeling of controlling the tentacles. He could feel Sherlock’s bones being crushed by his great strength.

Before long, the smell of burning came from the tentacles, and sizzling sounds were heard.

From top to bottom, tens of Mana Formations appeared around the tentacles.

Then, the tentacles burst into flames after a violent explosion.

The tentacles wiggled and released their hold while being swallowed by the flames. They were burnt to ash. When the flames extinguished, the emotionless Sherlock was left standing with his burnt Tuxedo.

“Is there anything else? Are you only able to enlarge your small tentacles to large tentacles?”

Octopus Ball was dumbstruck when he saw the intact Sherlock. After a moment, he shook in shame before laughing loudly.


Before he completed his laugh, he was punched in the stomach by the charging Sherlock.

This time, Octopus Ball wasn’t sent flying. Sherlock’s fist stuck to Octopus Ball’s stomach while Octopus Ball’s legs were lifted off the ground. Then, Sherlock changed the direction of his fist as his body inclined forward. His fist was in a hook position while a series of Mana Formations appeared on Sherlock’s wrist.


His strengthened fist hooked onto Octopus Ball’s stomach as Octopus Ball was smashed onto the ground.


With Sherlock and Octopus Ball as the origin, the ground cracked open, and fissures snaked out like spider webs.

Sherlock stood up and looked down at the pool of blood that was seeping into the cracked ground.

“Let’s go and take over the Dungeon Core.”

Sherlock turned and walked towards the Dungeon Core Main Hall.

Meanwhile, the gamers charged wildly into the Winterfell Dungeon Lord Main Hall. The Ancient Gods believers guarding the hall were unable to provide any resistance.

With 2,000 gamers charging in like floodwater, who could survive such a calamity? The Ancient Gods believers weren’t like the Ancient Gods army that had endless streams of attacks. The believers were raised up as Underworld natives who weren’t accepted by the mainstream inhabitants. Hence, there weren’t many of them.

The first thing that the gamers did wasn’t shutting off the anti-Mana shield. How would they know about the shield? Their priority was to look for loot.

Though they didn’t know what items were valuable, they went for the equipment first. Then they went for things like wooden chests and furniture.

Once the Winterfell Teleport Portals were connected to Eternal Kingdom, their efficiency in clearing out the Dungeon Lord Main Hall became higher. They carried their loot directly to the Teleport Portal Main Hall and returned to Eternal Kingdom!

The situation was a bit out of control.

After Brainiac set the coordinates of the Teleport Portals to Eternal Kingdom, he walked without emotion to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. Lord Sherlock was conveying instructions to him via the green-skinned creatures. He was to shut off the anti-Mana shield.

As a Lich, he wasn’t affected by the Murmurs of the Ancient Gods. The living and the dead had a fundamental difference, just like the Spirit World and the Underworld.

Brainiac stood at the Teleport Portal Main Hall entrance. He looked at the green-skinned creatures, who could revive an unlimited number of times, as they transported various pieces of equipment and furniture. There was a group of gamers carrying a Devil with an unknown status. That was definitely not a superior Devil.

“Wait a moment, what are you doing?” Brainiac asked as he stopped the gamers who were carrying the Devil.

“Ah? We’re unable to strip his equipment. We’ll carry him to Eternal Kingdom first,” one of the gamers explained to Brainiac.

Though the Devils and Underworld inhabitants were trapped in the Nightmare, it didn’t mean they wouldn’t wake up. The situation was under control by Eternal Kingdom.

Brainiac had no objections to looting, but abducting a Devil Lord was too much. What if the Devil was sent to Eternal Kingdom and then woke up? How was he going to explain that to Sherlock?

In order to prevent a diplomatic conflict, Brainiac examined the equipment and discovered the seal binding the equipment. He spent some time to dispel the seal before saying, “You may strip the equipment now.”

The gamers were taken aback by Brainiac’s actions. The gamers tried to remove the Devil’s Breastplate, and it was successful!

As long as they could strip the equipment, the gamers would do it. They immediately stripped all the Devils of their equipment and threw them aside.

Brainiac looked at the leaving gamers, who were extremely happy, and then walked towards the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

When Brainiac walked into the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, all the Devils who were trapped in the Nightmare were naked. The critical areas were covered with mosaic.

Besides equipment, the gamers also looted the furniture.

The gamers also went for the tuxedos in the closets, kitchenware, some practical tools, Magical Items, and scrolls.

They looted everything that looked valuable, regardless of its function.

The gamers were extremely efficient. Before long, the 2,000 gamers cleared the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

Brainiac was in the Mana Control Room of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, where he found the Magic Chargers for the anti-Mana shield.

It was a floating crystal ball within the Magical Machines.

The gamers watched Brainiac at work as they thought it was a Plot Animation.

After Brainiac finished shutting down the shield, the gamers asked, “Has it ended?”

“It has ended.” Brainiac nodded.

The gamers were dumbfounded. They charged in and carried off the Magic Machines and the crystal ball. They said, “Gosh, our luck is really good. We triggered the hidden mission while watching Plot Animation!”