Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 193 - Scouting for Intelligence

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Chapter 193: Scouting for Intelligence

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On the battlefield were corpses of a thousand Ancient Gods believers.

The gamers were salvaging the battlefield happily. A group of gamers was stripping the equipment from the Ancient Gods believers. Most of the equipment was Green Excellent Equipment, but the quality was varying, unlike the Winterfell’s standard equipment, which was like school uniforms that had a fixed quality.

Some gamers were unfortunate to obtain White Standard Equipment.

“Shucks! Three pieces of White Standard Equipment? Are the Ancient Gods believers that poor?”

TakeASpearHit threw the equipment to the ground. It wasn’t easy for him to bring back the three pieces of equipment, and they looked cool, but they were White Standard Equipment.

This was no longer a matter of luck. He felt he was being blacklisted by the gamer producers.

“I have a piece of White Standard Equipment.” SealHeadLingChong consoled him.

“But you have two pieces of Superior Equipment! Seal, you’re inhumane!” TakeASpearHit shouted at SealHeadLingChong.

Dragonborn watched both of them bicker. Then someone shouted from nearby, “All the Guild leaders, please come for a war conference!”

“Who’s our Guild leader?” TakeASpearHit asked.

“Gosh, you don’t know who our Guild leader is?” SealHeadLingChong said, slapping TakeASpearHit’s head.

“Wait a moment, let me check the Guild website.”

SealHeadLingChong was taken aback. He looked at Dragonborn and said, “The Guild leader is you.”


Dragonborn was stunned.

Dragonborn had unwittingly become the Guild leader of Springfield Flower Kindergarten.

The original Guild leader was employed by Dragon Raja’s Guild leader because he was very capable.

So the previous Guild leader brought his loyalists over to Dragon Raja and passed the Guild leader position to Dragonborn.

Dragonborn became the Guild leader of the 30-member Guild and attended the war conference.

The contents of the war conference weren’t complex. Those Guild leaders who were good at writing posted the details of the war plan on the forum.

They were surveillance, tempting of the enemy, target confirmation, the siege of the enemy to entice enemy reinforcements, bluffing to full-scale attack, and enticing the enemy to attack into deep territory type of tactics. A total of 36 tactics and tens of war plans were posted.

To the Guild leaders, this kind of war was too simple!

But it was a good beginning. Each Guild leader gathered the gamers under their Guild. As for other gamers, they would be asked to join in. For the gamers who weren’t interested, there was no point in forcing them.

After a series of discussions, they decided to act according to LeatherBear’s suggestion to scout for enemy intelligence!

Cruel Malevolence sat outside the Winterfell Teleport Portal Main Hall. The Teleport Portals behind him were still open, but the number of believers that came out from the portals had dwindled.

They had about 10,000 believers, which were gathered from locations near Winterfell.

To prepare for the return of the Ancient Gods to the Underworld, they made ample preparations. With the opportunity of the time and space gap at Ancient Ruins No. 85, the Ancient Gods army enticed all the Underworld’s troops and controlled most of the Dungeon Lords and representatives, including some noble Devils.

Most of the combat power of the other Dungeons was focused on the frontline and for the repair of the time and space gap.

Cruel Malevolence imagined that once he occupied Winterfell, which was to become the Ancient Gods’ stronghold, he would invade the northern Underworld and become the new superior Devil! He would be the Great Marshal of the Ancient Gods army and lead the army to cleanse the… wait, what was that?

Cruel Malevolence stood up and looked at the corner of the distant street. A few half-naked Gnomes walked towards him. And there was a Houndhead Man. Who would expect Winterfell to have Houndhead Men?

They were neither fearful nor affected by the Murmurs of the Ancient Gods. Were they believers of the Ancient Gods?

Cruel Malevolence couldn’t be sure whether a Houndhead Man could be a believer, but once they got close, he was sure they weren’t believers!

“Capture them!” Cruel Malevolence ordered.

This was the third wave, and they were unaffected by the Murmurs of the Ancient Gods. The Gnomes who came to Winterfell the two previous times were tortured to death.

But they would be happily chatting while being tortured. They also mentioned “Strange Encounter Mission”, “Modeling is realistic”, “AI interactivity is awesome”, and “Death being slow”.

Cruel Malevolence felt he was being looked down upon!

Those half-naked Gnomes and Houndhead Men would be captured immediately. They didn’t resist. When captured, they would chat enthusiastically,

“Gosh, I’m exhausted. Finally, I’ve arrived.”

“Bro, why aren’t you salvaging equipment? Why are you here trying to trigger the Strange Encounter Mission?”

“Yes, LeatherBear triggered a Strange Encounter Mission and her Reputation Level upgraded by a level. She also received other miscellaneous rewards. So I want to scout for intelligence too!”

“666, fortunately, it’s all AI. The game is free and making losses. At least, you’re making good progress in the game.”

“Why are you laughing? Aren’t you making progress in the game?”

A few Gnomes and a Houndhead Man chatted jovially. Cruel Malevolence raised his hand and killed the Houndhead Man, whom he thought had the lowest intelligence. He didn’t give the Houndhead Man a chance to speak.

The Gnomes were shocked. They looked at the Werewolf for a long time before a Gnome laughed out loud.

“D*mn, this is cracking me up. Is this game that realistic? Is the NPC discriminating against the Houndhead Man?”

The Gnome had just finished laughing when he was killed by Cruel Malevolence.

Two Gnomes started laughing too while the rest tried to restrain their laughs while maintaining their expressions of suffering. A Gnome smiled and shouted, “D*mn, I’m too tickled. What kind of an AI has the CoderMonkey coded? Gosh, it’s so realistic. Isn’t that immersive? Being killed for laughing out loud?”


The two laughing Gnomes were also killed immediately.

If Cruel Malevolence didn’t have fur, the gamers would have noticed his grave face turning green. After four gamers were killed, the other gamers restrained themselves.

“Who are you? Why are you immune to the Murmurs of the Ancient Gods?” Cruel Malevolence asked fiercely.

“It’s Mana! I don’t know Mana!” a Gnome said.

“Wrong, according to the forum, it shouldn’t be said like this…”

A Gnome tried to correct another Gnome but was killed by Cruel Malevolence.

A few Gnomes tried to restrain themselves from laughing, and their faces turned from green to red. It was difficult for the Gnomes not to laugh.

“D*mn, I can’t control it anymore! We agreed to scout for intelligence and obtain the Strange Encounter Mission and rewards, but you kept making me laugh. And the silly NPC doesn’t allow us to laugh. Why doesn’t he just give the information to us? Hahaha!”

He was killed after laughing. The rest of the Gnomes couldn’t help laughing and were killed.

Cruel Malevolence’s hands and mouth were stained with fresh blood. He was so infuriated that he was about to have a stroke, but before he recovered, another group of Gnomes ran towards him. Like before, they weren’t wearing any clothes.

When the Gnomes got close, they raised both their hands to surrender. Cruel Malevolence shouted, “Kill all of them!”