Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 192 - The Highest Priority Mission

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Chapter 192: The Highest Priority Mission

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At the Winterfell temporary camp.

Dragonborn dragged a large pile of equipment noisily as he ran towards the camp.

He followed the Springfield Flower Kindergarten Guild to Winterfell to salvage equipment. After running halfway, a gamer shouted, “Check out the forum!”

Dragonborn browsed the forum and saw a post by LeatherBear:

[Ancient Gods believers are attacking the camp with a thousand troops. They are very well equipped. Everyone, please hurry back to defend the camp!]

Though he wasn’t sure of the details in her post, Dragonborn quickly left the forum and ran back to the camp once he saw the title.

Fortunately, they weren’t far from the camp since they were salvaging near the Dungeon gate. There were many sleeping Garrison Troops with Pikes and Axes that were very good weapons. Especially the Pike!

This kind of a weapon with a long handle was very rare in Eternal Kingdom.

The gamers were unable to appraise the weapons’ attributes and qualities. They thought the weapons looked awesome and carried them back. They would be able to check the attributes at the Rune Mana Formation on the Airship.

For example, Dragonborn ran back to the camp and stood on the Rune Mana Formation to appraise the equipment on his body. He used some Reputation Points and coins to check the attributes.

[Winterfell Standard Pike (Green Excellent equipment)

Damage: 0–20

Weight: 20

Durability: 5

Forger: A Winterfell Blacksmith who doesn’t want to be known.

Item Description: Winterfell’s standard Pike has good damage ratings and a large attack radius, but it’s not good for very close combat.

Equipment Requirement: Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom Reputation Level 2.]

[Winterfell Garrison Guard Captain’s Long Sword (Blue Superior Equipment)

Damage: 0–30

Weight: 20

Durability: 10

Forger: A Winterfell Blacksmith who doesn’t want to be known.

Item Description: The weapon of the Garrison Guard Captain. The quality is very good.

Equipment Requirement: Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom Reputation Level 3.]

Most of the armor was for the Orcs, so the armor had to be reforged to be used. Their quality was very good though.

Dragonborn changed his weapon and placed the salvaged equipment from the Garrison Troops on the Airship. Then he followed the gamers to the front of the camp to defend against the first wave of attack from the Ancient Gods believers.

It wasn’t the first time the gamers participated in this troop battle. Though they were badly beaten at Area No. 10, they had progressed from random charging to the current troop formation. Though the formation was ugly, with clustering, their killing efficiency would be higher.

The gamers didn’t want to die and revive repeatedly. Who didn’t want to have an enjoyable game experience? Only a small number of gamers liked to be killed.

There were gamers who were carrying equipment at the Dungeon gate and running back to the camp. The gamers were occasionally summoned back on the Airship. Then they ran half-naked to the cabin to equip themselves with new equipment by paying Reputation Points and coins. They were the gamers that ventured deep into Winterfell and were killed.

The thousand Ancient Gods believers whose eyes were shining with red brilliance charged from the Winterfell gate.

A battle between the Ancient Gods believers and the gamers was about to begin…

In a large manor at the outskirts of Winterfell, NotWearingPants and his group completed the mission assigned by Yoda. Then they accepted a new mission.

The details were as follows:

“Greetings! We’re not bandits. Your husband, Yoda, assigned us to find you. Where are your 31 kids? Winterfell isn’t safe. Come to our camp for your safety!”

“What? Twenty of my kids are in the Winterfell kindergarten! I have to save my children!”

“Don’t worry. Give this mission to us. Right, what are the rewards? Winterfell is very dangerous, and it’s not safe for us to enter. If there are no rewards, it’s hard for us to risk our lives!”

“I can provide Magic Stones! Is 100,000 Magic Stones enough? I can give you the Magic Stone card without a secret code!”

[Ding! Congratulations on triggering the hidden mission—Gnome mother’s request. The priority is the highest. Please complete this mission first. After completion of the mission and submission of the Magic Stone card, everyone will be rewarded a Blue Superior Equipment and a Purple Legendary Equipment!]

“Gosh! We’ll set out now! Do you have pictures of your kids?”

“Yes! This is our family photo!”

After the veteran gamers obtained the family photo and a detailed map of Winterfell, they entered Winterfell from the nearest gate.

Before completing the mission, NotWearingPants browsed the forum to check the current situation.

Many gamers had entered Winterfell to look for treasures. There were gamers who posted on the forum to earn experience points. Though NotWearingPants didn’t enter Winterfell, he was able to understand the situation in Winterfell from the posts.

NotWearingPants was right. He got to know the situation in Winterfell after browsing through the forum.

A group of Ancient Gods believers appeared in Winterfell. Using the Teleport Portal Reception Hall as their origin, many of the believers streamed out continuously.

The believers consisted of Gnomes, Orcs, and Werewolves that were very different from the strange Ancient Gods army.

No matter what, they were monsters, and that required caution.

NotWearingPants had to complete the rescue mission and not the killing of the BOSS mission, so it would be beneficial to evade the BOSS.

After formulating their strategy, the gamers followed the mission tips and set out for the kindergarten—Winterfell Gangleader Kindergarten.

There was chaos, fresh blood, and bodies filled with grotesque wounds.

In the camp at the northern part of Winterfell, an intense battle raged.

The hasty formation made by hundreds of gamers was dispersed by the 1,000 charging Ancient Gods believers.

After that was a wave of massacre.

The gamers had an unyielding trait and an unlimited number of revivals from the Rune Mana Formation.

The Ancient Gods believers had only killed the first wave of gamers.

The gamers who wanted to fire the Magic Cannons were prohibited by the system. The Mana usage of a Magic Cannon shot was equivalent to the gamers reviving ten times. Since the battle didn’t require them to be revived ten times, it wasn’t beneficial to use the Magic Cannons. Moreover, the cannon shots would damage the equipment on the ground.

To the gamers, the three intact Magic Cannons were in the “Prohibited” condition.

The gamers felt it was a shame that they couldn’t fire the cannons.

After Dragonborn revived for the third time, he wielded a Short Sword and fought all the way to the location where he perished. The Winterfell Garrison Guard Captain’s Long Sword was on the ground. It wasn’t easy for him to obtain a piece of Superior Equipment. If he were to lose it, it would be painful for him.

Dragonborn stabbed an exhausted Orc to death. Then he did a roll and evaded a Werewolf’s attack. He recovered from the roll beside the piece of Superior Equipment.

He picked up the Long Sword and wielded both swords at the charging Orc. However, he was stabbed to death by TakeASpearHit’s Pike from behind.

Dragonborn stood up. The battle was coming to a close. The Ancient Gods believers had dwindled in numbers. With heavy casualties, their combat power became very weak…