Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 187 - A Passionate Superior Devil

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Chapter 187: A Passionate Superior Devil

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The three Hamsters looked forward and backward. They were trapped.

Big Boss straightened his fat body and shouted, “No matter what you’re doing, recruit us! We can do many things!”

Second Boss said, “I’m very sensitive to Mana.”

Fat Otaku stood up and said, “I can eat a lot!”

Those Orcs charged towards them.


Ruptured rocks fell with a loud boom as the walls of the abandoned sewer cracked open. Dust that looked like smoke filled the sewer.

A tall figure appeared between the Hamsters and those strange Orcs and Werewolves.

After the dust settled, the three Hamsters could see clearly who that figure was.

A half Giant’s body that was motionless, and beside the half Giant stood a man in a Tuxedo.

Dust settled on the man’s shoulders and peppered the exquisite Tuxedo with small speckles.

“Lord Sherlock!”

“We’re saved!”

“I can eat!”

The three Hamsters shouted at Sherlock.

Sherlock also noticed the three Hamsters and was taken aback. He said, “Why are you here? Weren’t you executed?”

“Lord Sherlock, we escaped from prison!”

“We didn’t commit any crimes!”

“The prison meals were delicious!”

The three Hamsters shouted again.

The three Hamsters wanted to say more, but the current situation was not ideal for chatting. Behind the ruptured wall, a cloaked man walked out. Behind him was a huge wiggling figure.

A large python followed the cloaked man, its bright red forked tongue emitting frightening hissing sounds, and its black pupils gazing at the Hamsters as though they were delicious desserts.

The cloaked man made hissing sounds as the large python wiggled its body and edged close to Sherlock. The python ignored the three Hamsters as it raised its head and bared its sharp fangs.


The large python bit at Sherlock, but before the fangs touched Sherlock, a black figure charged and knocked the python against the wall.

It was a black goat.

The sharp horns penetrated the python’s head and pinned it on the wall. Bright crimson blood flowed down the goat’s horns, and the sewer was filled with a chilling stench.

“Aiming a sharp spear coated with bile at the night howling Hades Hound and spreading death as you walk. He who possesses the strength of Samael, since when did you start helping the Ancient Gods?” Sherlock looked at the man in a long robe.

“Superior Devil, aren’t you scared when you invoke the name of Satan?” The long robed man quivered strangely, and his body continued to expand.

“All of you decadent superior Devils have long forgotten about the glory of the Devils. Your act of aligning with Order is more disgusting than those white-winged Angels.”

The voice of the gray-robed man became more irritable. The cloak’s cape was supported by a flat head. He had sharp teeth and a long slender scaly neck. The gray-robed man was transforming.

Before long, a large python appeared before Sherlock. This was a python that was too large for a black goat to deal with.

Sherlock raised his hand to call back the black goat. Then, he somersaulted and sat on the back of the goat. The three Hamsters leaped on the goat and grasped Sherlock’s clothing tightly.

The black goat ran fast in the sewer with the speed of a Hades Horse.

The abandoned sewer quivered with the movements of the huge python, and hissing sounds reverberated in the sewer.

Sherlock lay prone on the goat’s back. Darkness wasn’t his obstacle. Faint quaking came from underneath his legs. He pressed on both the goat’s horns and stopped it from running. Right after, a large python broke through the ground and spat its forked tongue as it hissed and narrowed its eyes.

“Lord Sherlock!”

“Let loose your killing Mana!”

“We are becoming its food!”

Sherlock wasn’t in a panic, but the three Hamsters behind him were screaming in fear.

The black goat started running as the large python charged wildly behind. Sherlock gazed in a certain direction and maneuvered the goat.

They reached the end of the sewer, which was the way to the outside. The large exit was blocked by a metal grille, but to a superior Devil, it wasn’t an obstruction.

Sherlock raised his hand, and the metal grille distorted as though a hand was grabbing it. Then it was pushed out, and Sherlock charged to the desolate grounds outside. Behind him was Winterfell.

The large python charged out behind as its massive body crashed and damaged the sewer.

Sherlock didn’t continue running. He stood his ground as though he was waiting for the snake.

The large python came out from the sewer. It had a 100-meter long and incredibly powerful body that made the ground quake with a slam.

The large snake gazed down at Sherlock, then it bit at Sherlock.

Sherlock raised his hand and clenched his fist, hammering on the head of the snake.


The snake curled up in a bundle. The great force landed on the snake’s head and made the snake crash against the wall. Cracks that looked like a tortoise shell started appearing on the wall.

Then there was the booming sound of the wall’s collapse.

The large snake became motionless. Half of its face was missing, and the smell of blood permeated the air.

“Is Lord Sherlock bald-headed? One hundred push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometers of running daily. Aren’t you a passionate baldy?” Bru asked and then said, “No, I’m not insulting you, I’m complimenting you.”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Sherlock dismounted from the black goat. The goat shook its head in a daze and bleated, then looked angry and ran off.

The three Hamsters weren’t surprised by Sherlock’s actions. They gathered around Sherlock as though they were looking for protection.

Above their heads, they heard faint rumbling sounds as a large shadow was cast on them.

A large, strange Airship appeared in Sherlock’s view.

The three Hamsters gaped in astonishment as they gazed at the Airship. They were impressed by the Airship rather than Sherlock’s defeat of the pythons.

“Bru, record the location. Let them transport the snake back. It’s going to last Eggface for a long time,” Sherlock ordered.

“Yes, Lord Sherlock. Wait, you let them fly the Airship here just to transport the large python? The Airship is crowded. It can’t carry such a large python,” Bru said with regret.

“No, I didn’t know that there was such a large python in Winterfell.”

Sherlock frowned and pondered without saying a word.

The large bat wings behind him extended out, and the three Hamsters climbed up his clothing to his shoulders before Sherlock flapped his wings and flew towards the Airship.