Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 180 - I Said It Twice

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Chapter 180: I Said It Twice

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With a black stone thrown into the fireplace of the Winterfell Dungeon Lord Main Hall, the flames burned more ferociously.

“Too extravagant. They attacked the Ancient Gods army with a thousand Magicians. Eternal Fire is too strong,” Beast said thoughtfully as he read the battle reports.

“Eternal Fire is the largest Dungeon in the Northern Underworld. We can’t ignore this fact.” Dungeon Lord Onionhead sat at the helm seat and asked, “What’s the battle situation at the front line?”

“Ancient Ruins No. 85 is surrounded by troops of Winterfell and other major Dungeons. We’re waiting for the final battle. The threat of the Ancient Gods has been diminished. The finance department has started calculating the remuneration of the various Dungeons,” Beast reported as he perused the battle reports.

“Hmm, very good. The situation is better than I expected.” Onionhead nodded with satisfaction. Then he said, “The Dungeon Lords’ remuneration will be calculated according to the agreed rate. Is there any complaint from Eternal Kingdom?”

“Complaint?” Beast was taken aback.

Onionhead said, “We didn’t deploy them at the front line to fight against the Ancient Gods army. Instead, we sent them to protect Underground Forest No. 3. Give Lord Sherlock some benefits. We can’t afford to antagonize Lord Sherlock.”

“I understand, I’ll send more discount coupons to Lord Sherlock,” Beast said solemnly as he nodded.

“Good, send those coupons that give free gifts after a purchase quota is reached. After he has spent money, then give him discount coupons. After spending at 10 shops or a total of 100,000 Magic Stones, there will be a member card. It will give a 5% discount in Winterfell, 10% if the card is preloaded with Magic Stones.”

Onionhead continued speaking, “Remember Lord Sherlock’s birthday. On his birthday, give extra benefits… like a box of bloody chrysanthemum tea.”

“You’re indeed my smart father-in-law,” Beast said. “Shall I send someone to check the situation at Underground Forest No. 3? He’s a superior Devil after all…”

“Don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any problems at Underground Forest No. 3!” Onionhead said confidently.

“Father-in-law, I have a question for you.” Beast pondered for a while and inquired, “Why are you treating Lord Sherlock differently? Is it because Lord Alexandria is concerned about him? Or is it because he’s a superior Devil? I’m unable to understand.”

Beast continued speaking, “There are also other creatures with powerful backgrounds and capabilities, but I don’t see father-in-law treating them that well.”

“Beast, you’ll understand once you take up my position.” Onionhead looked wise as he said. “This Lord Sherlock is different from the rest.”

At the Winterfell Bazaar.

“Are we done purchasing things?”

Evelynn, who was in the strange battle dress armor, held the shopping list in her hand. All the items on the list had a tick.

“Hmm, I don’t think there’s anything left to buy,” Sherlock nodded and said.

“Does Lord Sherlock want to have some tea? We’ve walked for half a day without anything to eat…” Evelynn said shyly.

Sherlock looked at the passing crowd. Evelynn was feeling shy because of their stares.

“No, a superior Devil doesn’t need to eat.”

Sherlock shook his head. As he was about to speak, he looked behind Evelynn’s back and was stunned.

“Ah, let’s go back…” Halfway through Evelynn speaking, Sherlock pulled her hand and walked towards a cafe.

“Let’s go, I’ll treat you to tea.”


Sherlock pulled Evelynn and walked along the road.

It was in the afternoon, and there weren’t many patrons in the cafe. Sherlock brought Evelynn to the entrance of the cafe, and they perused the menu at the door.

“What drink would you like?” Sherlock asked. Evelynn squatted down and examined the menu carefully.

“We’ll have two cups of bloody chrysanthemum tea.”

“Please wait a moment!” the Orc shopkeeper shouted and ran into the kitchen.

Sherlock and Evelynn went in to find a place to sit down. Sherlock looked at a creature on the road.

The tall creature had a huge robe. His pace was slower than all other creatures. His body was tightly bound.

“Where did Lord Sherlock study? For a superior Devil, was it the best Devil College?” Evelynn was trying to strike up a conversation while waiting for their tea.

“Hmm, we all went to that college, including myself.” Sherlock turned his head and gazed at Evelynn.

“Ah, that’s good. If a Succubus intends to enroll, she has to go for the difficult entrance examination…”

Evelynn said enviously, “Lord Sherlock is so capable. Are your results very good?”

“Not very good, I was failing,” Sherlock said casually.

“Ai…” Evelynn was feeling awkward, and she didn’t know what to say.

Fortunately, the Orc served two cups of bloody chrysanthemum tea to Sherlock and Evelynn.

Evelynn cupped her bloody chrysanthemum tea and sipped it slowly.

The atmosphere became awkward.

Outside the window, the tall figure with the long gray robe walked past the cafe that Sherlock was in. He wandered aimlessly towards the middle of the Bazaar. Then he looked at one of the shops—it was the Don’t Have the Most Expensive Stuff Blacksmith Shop.

“Welcome! Today’s our second anniversary. Our shop has discounts…” the Stone Golem shopkeeper said proficiently but was stunned when he saw the tall figure.

“Have we met before?”

“Met before? How can that be? We’ve just been released from prison. No, we came from other places to Winterfell.” The voice came from the hair of the tall figure.

“That’s correct, we’ve just arrived.” The voice came from the stomach.

“I’m tired and hungry.” The voice came from the crotch.

“The… If you’re looking for Lord Sherlock.”

The Stone Golem said, “I already told you twice, Lord Sherlock is at the Eternal Kingdom Dungeon, which is a ten days’ journey from Winterfell.”