Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 178 - A Misunderstanding? No, How Can It Be?

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Chapter 178: A Misunderstanding? No, How Can It Be?

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After Sherlock posted on the forum, he received the gamers’ replies:

[RedCheng: I am troubled by Advanced Mathematics. It’s terrifying. It’s another devious plan by the game producers.]

[NineTailedCatCarpenter: I am applying for the Blacksmithing Area to become an Ironforge.]

[InitialDeathHerd: When a person is being forced, he can do anything except mathematical questions.]

[InkPorcelainCamp: I have a question. Why do I not see Missy Succubus go to the bathroom? The other NPCs go to the bathroom.]

[ThereIsAlwaysAFoolTryingToMessWithTheEmperor: Are you not updating the game with Surface Adventurers? I am waiting for the female pastors to fall into my Goblin hands. ヽ(°∀°)ノ Wakaka ~( ̄▽̄~)~]

[OceanSlaughterPond: Why do we not collect Little Fairy’s saliva to make Kuchikamizake?]

[SurvivingBeastKing: We have Guilds. What about sworn brothers and marriage? Please have the Public Beta soon. There are not enough Goblins.]

[Peasant: Is there a sewing class? It’s hard on a Magician to wear armor every day.]

[Hemp Rope Technology: I am publishing a recruitment advertisement to recruit Cartographers, Mechanical Engineers, Aerodynamics Engineers, Aesthetics Professionals, and Construction Professionals for building an Airship. Add to Group XXXXX! The Airship project is officially starting!]

Sherlock didn’t understand some of the comments. For instance, Kuchikamizake.

“Bru, what is Kuchikamizake?”

“In comics, it’s a wine made using the saliva of beautiful girls. We don’t have wine in the Dungeon, so it’s saliva with bloody chrysanthemum tea,” Bru said. “Does Lord Sherlock intend to give it a try?”

Door knocks were heard from the outside.

“Dong, dong, dong.”

“Come in,” Sherlock said.

The door was opened, and Mufasa peered in timidly. He walked in after he saw Sherlock seated inside.

“Lord Sherlock, are you looking for me?” Mufasa asked respectfully.

“Yes, you have been doing well in your job. We received a batch of good quality wood. I’m worried about your workload, so I’m checking in,” Sherlock said.

“Lord Sherlock!” Mufasa’s eyes were welling with tears.

“Carpentry work is starting soon, and you’re also working as a chef. You should be very familiar with chef work by now. The main thing is making arrows, tools, and the handles of weapons which will be used by the Blacksmith Shop. Bowstrings are huge problems. Without suitable bowstrings, do not waste the wood making bows as there are still bows in the warehouse.

“Make some furniture with delicate features, then sell it at high prices that are higher than weapon prices. Start with silver coins. I’ll provide a list with prices. Update the prices on the price signboard.”

Mufasa said, “Lord Sherlock, the citizens are… making processed wood, wooden planks, and pillars…”

“Oh? They have my permission. They exchanged for the materials using their labor.”

“The way they processed the wood is too primitive and wastes a lot of material. It’s also unproductive,” Mufasa said. “Of course, I’m not doubting Lord Sherlock.”

“I understand. This is a big problem. I haven’t thought about that…” Sherlock pondered and said, “You’ll recruit apprentices. Simba is doing quite well with apprentices. Let them do some work to pay for their learning fees.”


“Okay, that will be all. Continue with your work.”

Ten minutes later, Yoda appeared at the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

“Lord Sherlock, are you looking for me?”

“Nothing special. I’m concerned that you might be working too hard. You may start the engineering projects. I noticed some Gnomes and Houndhead Men were interested in making an Airship. You may provide some technical advice. I’ll designate a location to be used for engineering projects. Put the Airship materials over there. The name of the location will be the Mana Engineering Project Hall.

“That will be your work site. Your main job is to help them build the Airship. You may allocate the design assignments to the Dungeon citizens. Of course, you may give your input. Do you understand?”

Yoda said solemnly, “I understand, Lord Sherlock.”

“With regards to Mana Engineering, you may create a list for the required materials, work platform, and tools. I will arrange for someone to make the purchases. Lastly, are you able to mentor apprentices from tomorrow onwards?”

Ten minutes later, Evelynn appeared at the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

“Lord Sherlock, are you looking for me?”

“Yes, Evelynn, are you free for the next few days?” Sherlock studied Yoda’s list and said, “Are you free tomorrow? I’d like to bring you on a trip to Winterfell.”

“Ai! Going shopping?”

Evelynn backed up and said nervously, “I-I know. My clothes… there are no suitable ones…”

“Suitable? Why aren’t your clothes suitable?” Sherlock lifted his head and noticed that Evelynn was not herself. He frowned and asked, “How are you? Not feeling well?”

“No, no…” Evelynn said softly.

“Don’t be nervous, it’s not a big deal, I’ll conceal you. I have a shopping list, and we’ll go according to the list. Time will pass very fast,” Sherlock waved the list and said.

“That… Lord Sherlock, I’d like to ask, why is it me? I’m clumsy and can’t do things well…” Evelynn said softly.

“How can that be? You have your strengths,” Sherlock said solemnly. “Okay, you may continue with your work. I have high expectations for you. Buck up.”

“Thank you, Lord Sherlock! I’ll prepare for the shopping trip tomorrow!” Evelynn shouted courageously and left.

“Lord Sherlock… I’d like to ask why you have chosen Evelynn. Why aren’t you able to shop alone?” Bru asked.

“I have to give her work. I can’t possibly purchase goods in Winterfell every time as I have many important computer games to research. I’d also like to take a look at the comics that you mentioned last time. I’m too busy. Isn’t it good for me to distribute my work?”

Sherlock said casually, “Though Evelynn isn’t that capable, at least she’s able to shop for me.”

“No, didn’t you see that Evelynn thought that it was a date? The expression that she had was like the female protagonist in a romantic comedy!” Bru said excitedly. “You are a popular character in the otherworld. If the gamers discover that Lord Sherlock has a love interest and has a relationship with a Succubus, the repercussions will be huge! With Evelynn’s capability, I don’t think she’s a good match.”

“What are you thinking? Why do you have such strange ideas?” Sherlock frowned and said, “Evelynn thought that we’re going on a date? I don’t believe it.”

“Lord Sherlock, face up to reality! Tomorrow, you’ll see! Evelynn will be all dolled up!” Bru said confidently.