Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 173 - Underground Forest No. 3

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Chapter 173: Underground Forest No. 3

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In the dim lighting, the shadow of a depressed figure was projected on the rough wall.

Without his Uranium stick, Yoda put a red hot steel stick in his mouth. Sizzling sounds were heard.

Yoda puffed out a mouthful of smoke. The steel stick from Simba was not as strong as the Uranium stick. However, he couldn’t ask for more, given his current situation.

He lowered his head and pondered over the discussion he had with Sherlock.

“Dong, dong, dong.”

Door knocks were heard coming from outside.

Yoda was surprised. After the room was allocated to him, besides Simba, Mufasa, and Moroes, nobody came. The Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men were gathering outside talking, but none of them disturbed him. Their discussion made him feel uneasy.

“What’s the situation? Why aren’t we allowed in this NPC’s house?”

“Perhaps the content isn’t finalized?”

“Do you have any Bladder Bombs? See if we can bomb the house. The NPC might run out.”

“Don’t you know that the previous update patch prohibited the use of Bladder Bombs within the Dungeon?”

Perhaps they were the violent Goblins, Gnome, and Houndhead Men?

Yoda stood up and opened the door. A Skeleton was at the door.

That was Brainiac.

“Sherlock asked me to chat with you. Can I come in?” the Lich asked.

“Please enter.”

Yoda had a good impression of Brainiac as he was his benefactor. He gave way and saw many curious creatures gathering outside. The number had dwindled though.

Brainiac entered the house with two cups of bloody chrysanthemum tea. He surveyed the interior of the house. There was only a bed.

He sat down on the bed and gave a cup of tea to Yoda as he asked, “Do you drink?”

“Ah… thank you.” Yoda quickly took the cup of tea.

Brainiac patted the empty spot on the bed and said, “Take a seat.”

“Oh… okay.”

Yoda sat beside Brainiac. Though Brainiac was a Lich, he felt uncomfortable sitting with a Skeleton.

“Actually, Eternal Kingdom isn’t as frightening as you imagine. Lord Sherlock is an earnest and warm-hearted Devil Lord.”

Brainiac cupped his tea and continued, “Everyone in Eternal Kingdom has a place. The content Simba has his apprentices, while Mufasa and Moroes have good jobs. They are pleased. I’m content to do my research.”

Brainiac sipped his tea without any emotion.

The red tea dripped down his bones.

Yoda felt his pants getting wet. As he was about to stand up, Brainiac said, “Hmm, I believe you’ll be able to find your own niche. Eternal Kingdom is a place for you to fulfill your dream. Lord Sherlock said that more than 2,000 citizens were happily pursuing their dreams.”

Brainiac stood up and bowed to Yoda as he said, “My mission is accomplished. I hope you can find your dream and niche.”

Brainiac left. Yoda was thinking while he smoked his red-hot steel stick.

Dreams… perhaps become a man that doesn’t depend on his wife? Like what Lord Sherlock had called him—Master Yoda?

Yoda smiled. He tried to brush aside his unrealistic thoughts. He looked at his bed, which now had a pool of tea stains. Then he looked outside the window. There was the word “Dream” on the wall. He muttered to himself, “The Devil Lord is very bad…”

Winterfell was still waging a fierce battle against the Ancient Gods. After defeating the enemy at Area No. 10, Eternal Kingdom earned a short, well-deserved rest, according to Lord Sherlock.

Sherlock obtained a large sum of Magic Stones, a large cache of equipment, an Airship Magical Core, Mana Propulsion Device, Magic Cannons, and other miscellaneous loot.

The gamers also had generous rewards.

Besides having two sets of Green Excellent equipment, the greatest benefit was the upgrade of their combat skills.

On the battlefield, they were repeatedly killed and revived many times. The death rate for the past month was equivalent to the death rate for the past two days.

Hence, they gained lots of combat experience. Most of their Weapon Levels had reached Level 3. Some gamers had Weapon Level 4.

The result of the superior equipment and high Weapon Levels was the first challenge of “Specter College: Training Grounds” without any injury!

When this achievement was posted on the forum, more and more gamers were able to challenge the Instance Dungeon without any injury.

This was very bad news for the graduating students of Specter College.

The graduation rate would decline, but not very sharply. With the new contract, if the gamers had four Goblins with either a Gnome or a Houndhead Man in a team, they would fight with two graduating Lichs. If there were more than two Gnomes or Houndhead Men, they would have to fight against four graduating Lichs. That would mean fighting against eight BOSSES.

With such a setting, the graduation rate would soar.

More and more gamers chose to reincarnate as either a Gnome or a Houndhead Man.

But the Lich students’ happy graduation period ended.

Sherlock felt that the war with the Ancient Gods army wouldn’t end. As he had expected, a Winterfell envoy arrived at Eternal Kingdom.

A Gnome who was dressed in a Tuxedo.

“Respectable Lord Sherlock, I brought along the Merchant Alliance’s utmost respect for you and regards from Dungeon Lord Onionhead. Thank you for contributing to the defense of Area No. 10.”

“Thank you. What else do you have for me?” Sherlock asked the Gnome in his Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

“The Merchant Alliance has a new mission for Lord Sherlock.” The Gnome took out a map and said, “Are Lord Sherlock and your citizens able to defend Underground Forest No. 3?”