Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 170 - Cauldron Stewed Eggface

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Chapter 170: Cauldron Stewed Eggface

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[Who Is Not Afraid Of Female Bandit: Hahahaha, that is so silly. I am falling to the ground laughing.]

[Salted Fish Fork: The Airship has a magical look! It feels like a ship used by pirates. It has a proportion of 19.8 and numerous blue grains on the body. It looks extremely cool.]

[SpiritualSpellcaster: The modeling of the BOSS looks ugly.]

[FallenAngel32123: The lousy picture is full of dust. There is nothing to be seen.]

[SeekingMysticalWhite: Why are the pictures unable to load? Is anyone having the same problem?]

[BurningChestHair: D*mn! I looked so ugly in the picture.]

[Sylvanas: What the heck? You had a hidden mission? If I knew, I wouldn’t have become the commander! I want to join in the hidden mission.]

[Peasant: We completed the mission, but the ally didn’t reward us. Don’t tell me that Gnome Yoda is the reward?]

[Ice-sealed Luochen: Master Yoda? Can I play with his lightsaber? Ah! The Force!]

[CarefreeCutey: Another nutcase. Who has urine to splash on him? Let him sober up.]

[PeleWang: My urine is sweet. I won’t do it. I can’t let him have a taste of sweetness.]

The gamers and forum members were talking on the forum enthusiastically. The gamers boasted of their loot in their posts.

The gamers had brought along their lousy standard equipment to battle. The salvaged Winterfell equipment and the Eternal Fire equipment were at least of excellent quality.

Hence, the gamers had a level upgrade of their equipment.

Though the hundred hand-held Magic Machine Guns were retrieved by Winterfell at the first instant, tens of thousands of pieces of Winterfell standard equipment were left behind. Together with the gamers’ loot, Eternal Kingdom had about 40,000 sets of armor.

Though the gamers had lots of equipment, many of them had negative Reputation Points. They were unable to auction and purchase equipment. They were even unable to challenge the Instance Dungeon.

Sherlock was ready for such a situation. He let Bru open up a new exchange function. Within two days, high prices were set for the exchange of the Winterfell standard equipment.

The gamers understood that the game officials wanted to balance out the negative Reputation Points, so they were accumulating the equipment from the gamers.

Some veteran gamers made an analysis—if they followed the game officials’ instructions and exchanged their Winterfell equipment, they obtained the best benefits!

One: Negative Reputation Points would cause inconveniences. They had to carry bricks for seven to eight days to make their points positive. Then they could challenge the Instance Dungeon, go to Marsh Inkspewer Town to exchange for items, or upgrade their Reputation Level. Those things were more important than holding on to the equipment.

Two: The Winterfell equipment would be on sale. Because Eternal Kingdom’s warehouses were full of Winterfell standard equipment, they would be put on sale very soon.

Most of the time, the equipment was put on sale right after being forged.

Most gamers had about ten sets of equipment. Even if they perished, they wouldn’t need that much equipment. Since the exchange rate was high, it was worthwhile to exchange the equipment for Reputation Points and coins. They could also profit by buying it from the NPCs at low prices in the future!

The gamers were in a hurry to exchange their equipment. The warehouses became extremely crowded. Even the empty space at the Commerce Area was being used.

Eternal Kingdom was bustling with activity.

An unspeakable horror was occurring at the plaza in front of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall!

A cauldron from Area No.10 was set up with magic flames burning underneath.

The gamers obtained the fuel and ignition materials from Mufasa. The detailed information was as follows:

“What? Lord Sherlock’s going to stew the small Black Dragon? Ah, I have the fuel and the ignition materials, but I haven’t stewed a Black Dragon before! Oh, you are stewing the Dragon yourself? That’s easy.”

After obtaining the ignition materials and the Diamond Seam fuel, the gamers set up the cauldron and filled it with underground water.

The remaining problem was putting the small Black Dragon into the cauldron…

The Gnome Yoda, who had awakened in Brainiac’s Burial Hall, walked towards the Dungeon Lord Main Hall as he wanted to visit Lord Sherlock. He saw a group of Goblins and Houndhead Men gathering in front of a cauldron. A small Black Dragon sat in the cauldron that was boiling with water.

The Black Dragon wasn’t in pain, he was even enjoying the experience.

A Gnome was stirring the boiling water using a wooden plank. As he stirred, he said, “Eggface, endure for a while. The dark forces of the Underworld will accumulate in your body as long as we complete this ritual!”

Someone shouted, “You’re too much. Eggface is so cool, and you’re stewing him?”

“Bro, that’s a mission for a gamer. If you don’t let him complete the mission, aren’t you being difficult?”

Yoda walked over and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Can’t you see that we’re stewing Eggface?” a Gnome with green words said. Then he was taken aback when he noticed Yoda had no words above his head.

“Gosh! An NPC talked to me! I am having a Strange Encounter!”

When he shouted, the gamers who were watching the stewed Eggface looked over and started talking.

“What NPC?”

“Who is this Gnome?”

“It’s Yoda! He’s the Gnome NPC that NotWearingPants wrote about in his posts!”

“Is he the engineer who flew the Airship?”

“Is Eggface responsible for triggering the hidden mission?”

“It’s highly possible that it’s a chain mission!”

“Newly added NPC? The lousy game producers are adding content secretly again!”

Yoda was puzzled by the discussion of the gamers. Did the nutcases mention stewing Eggface?

“We’re stewing this small Black Dragon, Master Yoda! Do you want to eat Black Dragon meat?” a Gnome shouted.

“Go to hell! Eggface is so cute. Whoever eats him will be my enemy!”

“Your cute Eggface is already in the cauldron!”

The gamers started shouting again.

Yoda didn’t understand the situation. Didn’t they know that the Black Dragon wasn’t afraid of the boiling water? Even if they used fire against a Black Dragon, he wouldn’t be harmed. It was the same for the young Black Dragon!

The door of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall opened abruptly. Lord Sherlock walked out and exerted his dominant aura, causing all of the gamers to enter Plot Animation mode.

Sherlock looked at Eggface, whose fat body filled the entire cauldron. He looked so comfortable. It was as though he was soaking in a hot spring.

He extended his hand and grabbed Eggface’s wings. Then he pulled the wet Eggface out of the water. Sherlock pondered for a while. He used his cloak to dry Eggface before surveying the dark water in the cauldron.

Sherlock frowned and asked, “Are you dirty or losing color?”


Eggface was puzzled by Sherlock’s words.

“You must be Lord Sherlock. Greetings, I’m Winterfell’s engineer, Yoda! Thank you very much for your assistance!” Yoda said to Sherlock.

Sherlock looked at Yoda, then opened the door.

“Come in and talk, Master Yoda.”