Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 169 - NotWearingPants’ Battle Report Post

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Chapter 169: NotWearingPants’ Battle Report Post

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At the Winterfell Fatality Hospital.

“Give way! Give way! All give way! This is an emergency for a patient!” a Gnome doctor shouted as he pushed a bed.

In the hospital, there were lots of wounded Orcs, Gnomes, and Werewolves from the battlefields.

They were all moaning.

“Ah… I don’t want to seek treatment here. I can still fight…”

“I’m next on the waiting list…”

“Let me return to the battlefield. I can still fight…”

“I fought for the Merchant Alliance with my blood. I want to see the Dungeon Lord!”

While they were wailing in pain, an Orc nurse walked out and yelled in a hoarse voice, “Patient No. 444, get ready for surgery!”

“No! I don’t want it! Release me! I’m not injured! I can still fight!”

An Orc whose chest was impaled with a Short Sword struggled to get up. He was spilling blood on the floor.

“You can’t fight anymore! If you don’t seek treatment, you’ll die of blood loss in two days and three hours! You have to be treated immediately!”

A few strong Orcs held down the struggling patient. Finally, one of them knocked him out using a surgery knife before pushing him into the operating theater.

The Dungeon Lord Onionhead, who was in a long robe, put his hands behind his back. He walked worriedly along the hospital corridor. The patients were all seriously wounded, but they still had fighting spirit. He felt grateful to them and said to Beast at the side, “Son-in-law, take notes of what you saw. Let the Winterfell Daily Digest write a report.”

“Do we present the warriors’ courage and fearlessness?” Beast asked as he took out a small book and a pen.

“No. Report on the doctors’ excellent skills and Fatality Hospital’s professionalism and its comprehensive services.”

Beast nodded and said with appreciation, “I understand. This kind of publicity will have a better effect on the morale of the warriors. The troops on the front line will fight harder.”

“Yes, the main point is to increase everyone’s combat efficiency and reduce the casualty rate,” Onionhead said and brought the group of creatures behind him out of the Fatality Hospital. He was relieved to see the wounded properly treated.

“Yes, are there any new battle reports?” Onionhead asked.

“We received a new battle report from Area No. 10. Eternal Fire and Eternal Kingdom have defeated the Ancient Gods army in Area No. 10. But there is bad news.”

Beast stopped for a while, and Onionhead quickly asked, “What’s the bad news?”

“Winterfell’s Airship was destroyed,” Beast said gravely.

“What? Destroyed? How was it destroyed? Was the wreckage salvaged? Is the Airship Core still intact?” Onionhead frowned and asked.

“According to the report, the Airship was shot down by the Ancient Gods Devil. It crashed and broke into many pieces without exploding. When the Eternal Fire commander, Beefballs, arrived at the wreckage, only the Dragon bone structure was left.”

Beast took out another battle report and said, “As for the Eternal Kingdom battle report… there isn’t one. From the start of the battle until now, there has been no communication with our Unified Battle Committee.”

At the Dungeon Core in Eternal Kingdom.

A group of Gnomes used a rope made of Killer Vines and Spider Silk and tied it to a large machine. They pulled the machine with much difficulty to Bru. They were submitting their mission, which was to salvage the Airship.

This was the last huge machine salvaged from the Airship.

The Magic Cannons and the Magical Core were all transported back to the Dungeon.

The only regret was that only three Magic Cannons were intact. The rest of the Magic Cannons were all damaged to varying degrees.

The materials used to produce the Magic Cannons were all precious and fetched high prices. They were useful even if damaged.

As for the Magical Core, the gamers were reluctant to give up such an item with Mana potential.

But to complete the mission, they had no other choices.

Bru added an item to the description of the Magical Core:

[Magical Core – Mission Item – Time before vanishing: 1 hour 11 minutes.]

When the gamers saw the time before vanishing condition, they gave up all thoughts of keeping it. They could exchange it for Reputation Points and coins if they submitted the core. Otherwise, they would lose everything.

The salvaged parts of the Airship and tens of thousands of pieces equipment filled up the empty warehouses of Eternal Kingdom.

There were other trash items that came along with the salvage mission.

“Gosh! Why were the items salvaged from the Airship trash?” a gamer yelled out loud and threw a useless metal piece on a pile of trash.

Of course, there were other delighted gamers who obtained useful items from the Airship.

There were ornaments, strange and rare pieces of equipment that could be exchanged for Reputation Points and coins. Even the metal Dragon bone structure could be made into weapons.

The gamers had bountiful rewards.

Sherlock was exhausted for some reason. He thought of returning to rest, but upon seeing the computer, he couldn’t help but play Dark Souls to perk himself up.

Sherlock intended to chase Eggface out of the Dungeon Core Main Hall, but Eggface appeared right beside the computer and started talking.

“Aiya, why are you so inexperienced? Why did you perish?”

“Why don’t you roll and dodge? You have to roll and dodge at this moment.”

“Where’s your two-handed overhead slash? Yes, that’s the one!”

“Ewww, you’re lousy. How can you perish three times?”

“I can’t bear to watch any longer.”

“Isn’t it better to upgrade your level before fighting the BOSS?”

“Ewww, how can you level up without fighting the BOSS!”

Sherlock grabbed Eggface’s wings, opened the door, and threw him out. Pom.

“Gosh! I received a mission to stew Eggface in a cauldron! How do I stew a small Black Dragon? I don’t have the recipe!”

Sherlock looked at the serene Dungeon Lord Main Hall and sat down in front of the computer. He gazed at the screen that showed a lonely Undead sitting in front of a bonfire. Then he shut down the game and browsed the forum.

On the discussion forum, the gamers and forum members were discussing the Battle Campaign Scenario enthusiastically. There were many quality posts:

[Records of the contributions of the Dragon Raja Guild in this Battle Campaign and the mercenary behavior of the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance Guild.]—[LeatherBear]

[Dragonborn killed the Ancient Giant single-handedly. Pictures for everyone to see!]—[SealHeadLingChong]

Besides these posts, there were many posts from NotWearingPants, who was the most popular member of the forum.

[Records of the second phase of the Battle Campaign and the hidden mission—Airship! It was really cool and awesome!]

“Hello everyone, I’m NotWearingPants *(੭*ˊᴗˋ)੭*ଘ

It’s time to post about the game Plot. I won’t publish the gorgeous pictures of the two opposing armies as I wasn’t a spectator, I was a participant! Therefore, I will publish some live pictures of the battlefield. This is the picture of our pre-emptive strike:


Next is the main point of the post, which is the Airship:


It was really cool. The modeling was awesome!

The Airship crashed after being airborne for some time. As I was at the crash location, I managed to take the astonishing picture of the crashed Airship. Please take a look:


The crashed Airship became the new scene of the Battle Campaign. I gathered eleven gamers and obtained a hidden mission, which was to fly the Airship and bomb the BOSS.

Take a look at the picture:


Finally, this is the picture of Veteran Hemp Rope Technology, who sacrificed himself courageously:


I discovered a hidden trait of the game—the gamers’ behavior will affect the Plot development!”