Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 165 - Airship Series Missions

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Chapter 165: Airship Series Missions

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A huge Trident was impaled in the large Airship, and gray Mana shrouded its body. Even those red-skinned monsters didn’t want to be near the gray Mana mist infested area.

Within the thick mist, a Gnome yelled loudly, “Gather here! We can enter the Airship! Those who hear me, gather! I’m NotWearingPants!”

NotWearingPants shouted with all his might. There were seven Gnomes and two Houndhead Men behind him.

“There are enough people. Let’s enter,” the Houndhead Man Peasant said.

The other gamers also shouted.

“Yes, let’s hurry. I’m almost worried to death.”

“There is nobody else. With such thick mist, they can’t find it. Let’s go in and take a look. If they notice the ship, they’ll come in.”

Arthur also said, “Let’s not wait any further. Ten of us is enough.”

NotWearingPants heard Arthur and stopped shouting. They turned and entered the Airship.

“Wait for me!”

The group of gamers heard a cry within the mist. A half-naked figure came out. He was the Goblin, Hemp Rope Technology, who was laden with Bladder Bombs.

His name had the word “Pioneer”.

“Let’s go. I’ll study the Airship!” Hemp Rope Technology said as he shook the Bladder Bombs on his body.

The large Airship was very quiet. After crashing, there were no explosions. The large Trident was slanted diagonally and touching the ground so that the gamers could climb up into the Airship via the handle.

There were battle cries in the vicinity, but with the thick mist, they couldn’t see how many foes were around.

Peasant raised his Short Sword and Shield as he scouted the damaged part of the Airship. The Trident was deeply impaled into the Airship, and the damaged part was big enough for a Houndhead Man like him to crawl in.

The gamers were feeling surprised.

“The game’s hidden scene and mission are too well concealed. If we weren’t close by, we wouldn’t have discovered it.”

“This scene is, tsk, tsk. When I first saw the Airship, I wondered if I could go on board. Never did I expect myself to be on it now.”

“Wah, it’s all gray and misty. What kind of Mana Skill effect is that?”

The gamers were curious about the Airship, while NotWearingPants was busy taking screenshots. Though a fierce battle was still ensuing, the gamers who discovered the Airship weren’t in a hurry, not until they received a mission notice:

[Time Limited Mission: Find the Airship Control Room

Mission Description: The allied Airship was shot down by the enemy commander. Before the war takes a turn for the worse, find the Airship Control Room and see if the Airship can become airborne again.

Mission Time Limit: Ten minutes. There are no rewards for exceeding the time limit.

Mission Reward: 1000 Reputation Points, 5 silver coins.]

“Gosh! It’s a mission! Let’s find the Control Room!”

“What’s a Control Room?”

“How do I know? We’ll know once we find it and obtain the rewards!”

The gamers were in the thick mist shouting as they searched around.

Dead NPCs were lying all around in the interior Airship cabin. The gamers weren’t bothered by the dead NPCs and treated them as part of the scene design.

Though the Airship was large, the internal structure wasn’t complex. To facilitate the crew to control the ship and convey information, there weren’t many forking paths in the Airship. The sides were filled with functional cabins, and the Control Room was in the middle of the ship that had a protruding cabin.

The gamers found the Control Room within ten minutes. They didn’t require the Mission Reward notice as the words “Control Room” were written on the door.

“Is the Control Room here? Peasant, go in first!” NotWearingPants raised his shield as he said to Peasant.

“Shucks, it’s me again. I’m a Magician!” Peasant said unhappily.

“Your armor and defense skills are the best!” BurningChestHair said.

“Give way. I’ll enter.” Hemp Rope Technology, who was laden with Bladder Bombs, wanted to enter, but the other gamers stopped him.

“Wah, veteran, stop teasing us. Please stay back. With your bombs, if you meet with any mishap, even if we don’t die from the explosion, we’ll be poisoned to death!”

“Yes, Veteran Hemp Rope, just take care of the bladders!”

“Veteran Hemp Rope is our trump card. You’ll only help when it’s our final moment.”

Hemp Rope Technology was being pushed behind.

Peasant kept quiet and stood at the doorway. While the other gamers got ready, he kicked the door open.

A fully armored Gnome stood inside. His gray face looked weird.

The Gnome didn’t believe that anyone would enter. He leaned on a huge machine and was losing consciousness. When he saw the gamers, he perked up.

“You are… warriors from Eternal Kingdom?”

The Gnome noticed the green words above the creatures and knew they were warriors from Eternal Kingdom.

“Do you have missions for us?” Peasant looked at the listless Gnome and asked immediately, afraid the Gnome would be out of breath.

“We discovered the enemy commander’s location. We have to activate the Airship and Magic Cannons! Wait… why aren’t you affected by the Ancient Gods’ contamination?” the Gnome said intermittently and looked in astonishment at the Gnomes of Eternal Kingdom and a Goblin who was laden with bladders.

“Perhaps it’s because we’re the heroes of the Underworld. Is the contamination of the Ancient Gods in the gray mist?”

“Peasant, use your Wind Mana Skill!”

Peasant was taken aback, but he shouted, “The Wind Fairy hidden in the air, hearken my summoning and cometh to my side!”

A Mana activated wind was summoned behind Peasant. The magic wind brought along the gray mist and swirled around Peasant.

“Go outside the door and then close it.”

The gamers gave way and let Peasant stand outside the door. The gray mist in the Control Room diminished by quite a bit.

The breathless Gnome was suddenly full of life. He looked in a daze at Peasant, who was suffering from the contamination of the Ancient Gods alone. He was in awe of Peasant, who was like a hero to him.

So it was because of this great Magician…

That was what he believed.

“Warriors! We have to activate the Mana Core of the Airship and provide propulsion!”

The Gnome stood up with difficulty. Then he placed both his hands on the large machine and the Mana Core as he infused them with Mana, but there was no reaction.

The Gnome tried several times in vain. He punched the machine and said hopelessly, “We are out of luck. There must be a fault somewhere…”

“Give way. Let me take a look.”

Hemp Rope Technology pushed the Gnome away and examined the machine carefully. Then he muttered to himself, “Gosh… is this game so hardcore… isn’t this the motor? Hmm, the propulsion engine seems different. Is it magical?”

Hemp Rope Technology said after a period of examination, “Do you have any tools? Let me try to repair it!”

“Y-you know how to repair an Airship, Goblin?”

The Gnome looked surprised at Hemp Rope Technology.

“Wah, does the NPC look down on Goblins? So realistic?”

“This game is too hardcore.”

“This is hilarious. I’ll post on the forum that the NPC looks down on Hemp Rope Technology.”

After Hemp Rope Technology asked the second time, the shocked Gnome took out a toolbox with strange tools. Hemp Rope Technology rummaged through the tools and started working.

They heard “Hoo loo loo” coming from outside. A mission appeared before the gamers:

[Hidden Mission: Protect the Repair Site

Mission Description: Due to the contamination of the Ancient Gods, those corpses became monsters under the Ancient Gods. Warriors, protect the Control Room until the Airship is airborne!

Mission Reward: Depends on what the ally provides.]