Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 161 - Second Phase Battle Plan

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Chapter 161: Second Phase Battle Plan

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Just as Fishballs finished shouting, the Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men began to discuss loudly.

“Who’s the highest ranking commander? Is there such an NPC at our side?”

“No, I don’t think so. Can it be Sherlie?”

“Sherlie is back at the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. There is a prohibition sign on the door. I don’t think it’s Sherlie.”

“I know, we’re supposed to elect a representative to be our highest ranking commander.”

“Stop dreaming. We don’t have an election system. Isn’t it hilarious for us to choose? We won’t have a representative even if we spend the day electing!”

“Listen to my suggestion. Kill the NPCs and take their equipment.”

“There are only a few NPCs. How do we split the loot?”

“Gosh, I can’t hack them. They are on the list of allies!”

Fishballs looked at the crazy gamers who were talking and was puzzled. What was the situation? Did they not have a highest ranking commander? Why were they thinking of hacking him? Did they not know it would cause a conflict between Eternal Fire and Eternal Kingdom?

While Fishballs was puzzled and losing his patience, the sound of discussion became soft. Then he heard them shouting among themselves.

“Choose me! Choose me!”

“Cast your vote and choose me!”

“Gosh! Who voted for Sister Vanas? She can’t be the highest ranking commander! We’ll get blown up!”

“This is hilarious. They are choosing Sister Vanas! Do you like to see your allies being blown up?”

“Vanas Bro has the highest popularity.”

“Steady, steady.”

“Shucks! Do you want Sylvanas to be the General? Isn’t she going to be the Ranger General? The FLAG is too big!”

“666, wait for the Death Knight.”

A Gnome, Sylvanas, who had a Longbow and a Short Bow at her back, walked out. Both sides of her waist had quivers full of arrows. A small shield hung at her chest, and her thighs had a dagger each. A Short Sword hung by her waist, and her hands held a hand-held Magic Machine Gun.

She was a Gnome who was armed to the teeth. She looked clean compared to the other creatures.

“I’m the highest ranking commander, Sylvanas!” the Gnome shouted.

At the Dungeon Lord Main Hall in Eternal Kingdom.

“So they chose Sylvanas? Is she very popular? I thought they would choose either Pants or Arthur.”

Sherlock looked at the screen that dimmed gradually. His Undead character perished.

“This gamer is rather popular in some sense. And her name is auspicious for a commander. I guess that’s what everybody’s thinking.”

“Is that so?” Sherlock shut down the computer and put on his black cloak that had a red underside as he stood up.

Sherlock opened the door and saw a small Black Dragon sitting by the door. His buttocks was on the ground with his two rear legs extended. He was gnawing his two front claws, and his black tail was sweeping the ground.

Eggface stood up immediately and said, “My eternal foe! Are you accepting a new challenge?”

Eggface was peeping into the Dungeon Core Main Hall while he spoke.

Sherlock pondered for a while and grabbed Eggface’s wings. Then he placed him in his arms.

“You follow me.”


When Sherlock walked through the Teleport Portal and arrived at Fortified Area No. 10, the gamers were shocked by his appearance. Some gamers quickened the pace they were sending their equipment back. They said, “Gosh! A new Plot is starting! Send the equipment back to the Dungeon and then return to see the Plot!”

Sherlock wasn’t bothered by the gamers. He looked at the Ancient Gods army camp. Eggface flapped his wings and followed behind Sherlock as his short rear legs were unable to catch up with him. It was easier for him to fly rather than run.

At the other end of the underground tunnel, the dark group of the Ancient Gods army was amassing. The empty space in the middle was full of pits made by the Magic Cannons.

Just by looking, it was easy to imagine the ferocity of the prior battle.

The gamers were equipped with a set of superior equipment, green excellent equipment being the minimum. Most of the equipment was Winterfell standard equipment.

The gamers’ Reputation Points weren’t in good standing. Some of the revived gamers would pick up the dropped equipment from the battlefield, but most of the gamers bought Short Swords before charging out. If they wished to live longer, they would buy a full set of armor. As they were purchased on credit, they didn’t care how much they owed.

Many of the gamers had negative Reputation Points.

With the appearance of Sherlock, more and more gamers gathered. Like previous times, they were unable to get too close to Sherlock.

Sherlock walked to the middle of their camp, where Sylvanas and a group of gamers were talking using a map. Tens of veteran gamers were maintaining order, but the scene looked chaotic.

Fishballs had returned to his camp.

“… hmm, we’ll act according to the discussed battle plan,” Sylvanas said to the gathered gamers as she gestured to the map.

Peasant was stunned, and he looked puzzled as he said, “What? How do we fight?”

“Silly dude, I said it just now. Fight here, here, and then here!” BurningChestHair shouted.

“Gosh, Sherlie’s here!” a gamer shouted. Sylvanas and the others noticed Sherlock.

Sherlock walked towards them and noticed the map on the ground. On it were several bars, attack routes, and professional annotations.

The map was provided by Eternal Fire.

“Warriors, you’ve done well by repelling the first wave of attack. Subsequent, more ferocious waves are coming. You have to buck up,” Sherlock said to the gathered gamers. Then he asked Sylvanas, “Can you explain the battle plan?”

When Sherlock visited the Eternal Kingdom Fortified Area to find out about Eternal Fire’s battle plan, NotWearingPants published a post at the earliest opportunity:

[“Sleeping Valley” Battle Campaign Map. The battle is going into phase two!]

“Hello everyone, I’m NotWearingPants (⊙o⊙)

The Sleeping Valley map was officially opened today. Every gamer received a mission:

[Mission Title: Guard Area No. 10]

Detailed Content with map:


I will not elaborate on the contents. I will discuss some fine details of the Battle Campaign map. First, we appeared in a Fortified Area. These are pictures of the original area:

(Picture) (Picture)…

When we arrived at the area, we carried off all removable items. This is what I like best about the game. We can interact with the props, and you can take any items you like. The other game, ‘Brave Hero’, is not that interactive!


Then a group of the Ancient Gods’ monsters attacked us. The mission stated that this was the first wave of attack. The scene was incredible. I will let everyone take a look at the picture of the charging enemies. I was standing at the fortified wall taking the pictures. There were at least tens of thousands of creatures in the battle:


More battlefield screenshots:

(Picture) (Picture)…

I am going on to the main point! The second phase mission!

The ally from Eternal Fire contacted us after the first wave of attack. An NPC called Fishballs gave us a mission and a battle plan.

The details of the battle plan are on the map:


As detailed on the map, our second phase mission is to defeat the Ancient Gods’ army!

Do you understand?

I am going back to the game. Continue fighting for the besieged Underworld! Equipment, here I come!”