Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 160 - I Charged Your Phone Account…

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Chapter 160: I Charged Your Phone Account…

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In the tunnel at Area No. 10, near Winterfell.

Pits created by the explosions of Magic Cannons peppered the entire underground tunnel.

The first wave of the Ancient Gods army was now stopping for a rest. The corpses of the Ancient Gods army, as well as those of Goblins, Gnomes, and the Houndhead Men, were dragged away.

A red-skinned humanoid creature emitted beastly bellows as he dragged a Goblin corpse that was wielding a Short Sword. The corpse was gradually disintegrated by Mana.

The red-skinned humanoid creature looked at his empty hands in astonishment.

In the tunnel, the corpses disintegrated and vanished.

After the first wave of attack, which was like a Tsunami, the Ancient Gods army retreated to gather more forces.

The Ancient Gods army didn’t salvage the dropped equipment on the battlefield, as it wasn’t useful to them. The sizes of the equipment weren’t fitting, so they were considered trash. The Ancient Gods army depended more on brute strength for fighting.

It didn’t mean that other creatures wouldn’t salvage the equipment.

In the spacious tunnel, a group of half-naked Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men were salvaging the dropped equipment.

Those green-skinned creatures that had strange words above their heads didn’t care whether the equipment was gross or not. As long as it would fit, they put it on.

Beefballs stood on a tall platform and looked at Eternal Kingdom’s creatures. They were happily salvaging in the tunnel, which looked like a massacre ground.

That was correct, it was joy!

It was the first time Beefballs witnessed creatures being so happy on the battlefield.

“Commander, the strength of the troops from Eternal Kingdom is more formidable than we thought. Though the warriors weren’t properly trained, their fearless battle traits make them a dependable ally,” the adjutant commented.

“Hmm, it’s indeed a formidable power,” Beefballs said.

“Since Eternal Kingdom has so much combat power, why didn’t they fully arm themselves and show up in a troop formation? Did Winterfell supply them the additional 20,000 weapons?” the adjutant asked, articulating his doubts.

“I don’t know… perhaps the superior Devil has other plans. Since they have the power to be a dependable ally, I feel that we should meet them.”

Beefballs looked at his adjutant and said, “Fishballs, contact their commander and check if our battle plans are compatible!”

“Yes, sir!”

The green creatures of Eternal Kingdom were without discipline. They accumulated the dropped equipment and transported it back via the Teleport Portals.

Fishballs brought his well-armed personal Orc guards to the entrance of Eternal Kingdom’s camp.

Two Houndhead Men, who were wearing soiled equipment and laden with noisy equipment, dragged their load as they ran towards the camp.

As they ran, they muttered to one another.

“Profitable, it’s profitable. I only had White Standard equipment, but now I have Green Excellent equipment…”

“Gosh, this Battle Campaign Scenario is awesome! My Reputation Points are in the negative zone since I bought quite a bit of equipment though.”

“I’m good. My Reputation Points are positive. Every time I am revived, I just charge and use my fists to fight. When I see a Short Sword, I pick it up and start hacking.”

“Wah, you cheapskate. Aren’t you embarrassed?”

The two Houndhead Men dragged their equipment while they ran and chatted.

Soon, they noticed the Gnome adjutant, Fishballs, and his personal guards.

“Gosh, NPCs from Eternal Fire came over.”

A Houndhead Man elbowed the other Houndhead Man.

“I see him. Don’t elbow me.”

The Houndhead Man kicked his comrade.

“Warriors of Eternal Kingdom.” Fishballs walked up to them and ignored their strange conversation as he said, “I’m the deputy commander of Eternal Fire. I’d like to talk to your commander. We have to cooperate for the war.”

The two Houndhead Men looked at each other in disbelief. One of the Houndhead Men asked, “Are you giving us a mission?”

“Mission? It’s not a mission. It’s more of a cooperation. Of course, if you’re willing to complete the missions, we won’t decline. We’ll provide some rewards.”

Fishballs didn’t expect the Houndhead Men to mention the word “mission”, which was an order given by a superior to a subordinate. Fishballs and the Houndhead Men belonged to different Dungeons.

Perhaps it was due to the low intellect of the Houndhead Men, who would attack all other creatures recklessly.

“Gosh! Is this a Strange Encounter Mission?”

“We’re lucky!”

The two Houndhead Men talked softly before one of them stood up and braced their chest. The equipment clanked noisily.

“I’m the commander of the Eternal Kingdom Dungeon! I’m GreenBeanPreciousLady. Tell me what missions you have for us. We’ll accept all missions. Can you tell us the rewards beforehand?” the Houndhead Man said.

Before Fishballs had the chance to reply, a sharp Short Sword penetrated GreenBeanPreciousLady. The grotesque blood splattered on Fishballs’ face.

GreenBeanPreciousLady’s chest was a mess.


GreenBeanPreciousLady screamed and looked angrily at the Houndhead Man behind them.

“Sorry, GreenBeanPreciousLady, the Strange Encounter Mission is mine!” the Houndhead Man comrade said.

“D*mn, I just lent you 30 yuan to recharge your phone account yesterday…”

GreenBeanPreciousLady didn’t complete her sentence because she couldn’t speak.

She fell down to the ground with a thud.

Fishballs looked stunned at the incredible scene. His eyes almost popped.

The Houndhead Man that had just killed his comrade walked forward and smiled earnestly. His face was stained with the blood of his comrade. He said to Fishballs, “I’m DreamlessInsomniac, the most senior commander of Eternal Kingdom! Even Sherlie has to pay me respect. What Strange Encounter Mission do you have?”

Fishballs was stunned for a few seconds. Then he waved his hand and said, “Arrest him!”

NotWearingPants carried a bundle of equipment. He wanted to transport it to his Living Quarters. This was his second trip.

A few Gnomes ran over and said, “NotWearingPants, come quickly! There’s a mission! An Eternal Fire NPC wants to speak to our commander! Come and do a live stream of the scene!”

NotWearingPants threw the equipment on the ground and followed the Gnomes.

A Gnome and a few Orcs were at the camp entrance. They arrested a Houndhead Man, DreamlessInsomniac. The gathered gamers were talking non-stop.

“Gosh. What’s happening?” a Goblin called CarefreeCutey asked DreamlessInsomniac, who was being restrained.

“I don’t know. I stabbed my comrade and was arrested. Shouldn’t Sister Vanas be arrested and publicly paraded?”

“What nonsense. Without my courageous command, would we be able to repel the Ancient Gods army?” the angry Sylvanas shouted.

Fishballs noticed that more and more creatures were surrounding and touching them. They didn’t know the meaning of propriety.

“Their equipment looks awesome.”

“Hands off the NPCs, they’re here to assign missions.”

“Shall we hack them?”

“Calm down, calm down. Wait for them to assign the missions!”

The surrounding creatures said things that made the adjutant uneasy.

“I want to meet your highest ranking commander!” Fishballs shouted while the creatures from Eternal Kingdom were still sane.