Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 159 - Area No. 10 Battle Reports.

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Chapter 159: Area No. 10 Battle Reports.

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When Sherlock returned to the Dungeon, Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men were reviving. Then they walked half-naked towards the Teleport Portals to rejoin the battle.

The rewards in the Sleeping Valley mission were attractive. Besides receiving high-quality equipment from Winterfell, killing enemies, carrying supplies, and guarding rewarded Reputation Points.

The Winterfell standard equipment could also be bought on credit! After dying, they revived, re-equipped themselves on credit, and dove headlong into battle. There was no sense of fear.

Sherlock walked past the revived gamers and returned to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. He noticed Eggface, whose buttocks was sticking out as he searched under the computer table.

Sherlock walked over and grabbed Eggface’s wings. Eggface’s moving buttocks came to a stop.

“What are you looking for?” Sherlock raised Eggface to eye level and asked.

“Er, I followed the Dark Flames and discovered an unspeakable cordoned area here. The flames of the otherworld are about to be extinguished and require Soul of Cinder…” Eggface’s gaze was shifty as he spoke.

“You wanted to play Dark Souls?” Sherlock frowned and said, “The game is unhealthy and isn’t good for your mental development. Go and play with Brainiac.”

Sherlock put Eggface on the ground and kicked his buttocks using his toes. He shooed Eggface out of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

Eggface turned to look back many times as he shifted his plump body and left reluctantly.

Sherlock pulled out the screen from the Dungeon Core and activated the computer. Then he retrieved various tidbits and beverages from the chest behind and placed them on the table.

“The frequency of gamers’ deaths will be very high. I’m calculating their usage of Mana Skills and the Magic Machine Guns. Is Lord Sherlock’s Mana sufficient?” Bru asked with concern.

“It’s not a big problem. Only 2,000 of them. Can they possibly die thousands of times in a day?” Sherlock said indifferently. Then he clicked on an icon on the computer.

Dark Souls! Activated!

Beefballs looked at the moving and tragic scene, which should instill deep veneration, but he felt weird. He was unable to use words to describe the strange feelings.

A group of insane creatures who raided their own camps and then charged recklessly without any formation.

It was easy to understand that they weren’t afraid to die. But later, they aimed their guns at their allies on the front line before they fired on the enemies.

After which, half-naked creatures charged out from the Teleport Portals, picked up Short Swords, and killed the Magic Machine Gun operators.

The events were out of Beefballs’ sphere of understanding.

Perhaps Lord Sherlock had cast spells over these pitiful Gnomes, Goblins, and Houndhead Men. Would Sherlock not invite the Union’s investigation and negative reactions from his servants? But that was the only plausible reason he could think of.

“Commander!” the Gnome at the side shouted.

Beefballs recovered from his daze. In the Underworld tunnel in front, the Ancient Gods army was advancing rapidly. Those jovial creatures from Eternal Kingdom were engulfed by the enemy.

“Let’s begin!” Beefballs shouted, and the Gnome relayed his order.

The gigantic Magic Cannons aimed at the densely packed Ancient Gods army in the tunnel.

Mana was infused in the Magic Cannons.

“Open fire—!”


The gigantic Magic Cannons heated up the underground tunnel. The rippling energy created by the Magic Cannon shells decimated a large portion of the enemy.

The Magic Cannons were more powerful than the hand-held Magic Machine Guns used by the Eternal Kingdom’s gamers.

After two volleys of the Magic Cannons, the charging army of the Ancient Gods clashed with Eternal Fire’s troops…

“Emergency broadcast! Emergency broadcast! Request immediate reinforcements!”

“They have too many creatures! This time, the Ancient Gods army is different! It’s not a ragtag army!”

“Area No. 11 has fallen! Area No. 11 has fallen. We are retreating to the valley entrance!”

“Area No. 8, we are holding the line. The enemy is greatly weakened!”

“We’ve held the first wave of attack, but the enemy is still coming strong!”

“They are preparing for the second wave of attack.”

“What’s that? Is that the commander of the Ancient Gods army? Nightmare Devil! Oh my God!”

“Area No. 1 requesting reinforcements! Requesting reinforcements!”


In the Merchant Alliance Battle Command Center located in Winterfell.


Beast punched his knuckles on the stone table. The table didn’t move an inch, but he felt pain in his knuckles.


Beast’s eyes became red.

“Calm down, Senior Beast. Though the situation is beyond our expectations, besides Areas No. 11, No, 8, and No. 1, the other areas are intact and in good positions.”

A fully armored Orc said, “According to experience, if we delay the war for a period of time, the Ancient Gods army will collapse once the time and space gap becomes unstable without a Dungeon Core’s support .”

“That’s correct. As this commander said, only a few areas were overrun. It’s nothing to be worried about.” A superior Devil who was wearing retro ceremonial clothing with dual buttons sat in a chair. His face was hidden in the shadows, and he said, “To support the time and space gap at Ancient Ruins No. 85 requires a Dungeon Core the size of that at Eternal Fire or Winterfell. We only need to delay for time and seal the time and space gap.”

“Lord Alexandria is correct.” Onionhead, who was seated at the helm, nodded.

“I’m interested in the situation at Area No. 10. Can you tell me about the battle reports?” Alexandria leaned forward, but his face was still hidden in the shadows.

“Area No. 10… found it.” A Gnome searched the related battle reports and said, “Only Eternal Fire submitted battle reports. There is no news from Eternal Kingdom except for a logistics request, which is an additional 20,000 sets of armor.”

“What!” Beast stood up abruptly and was about to hammer the table with his fist. He hesitated and punched his palm instead. Then he said, “That is too much of a request.”

“Let’s take a look at Eternal Fire’s battle report.” Onionhead didn’t object at the first opportunity.

The Gnome picked up the report and read it.

“Is the Merchant Alliance… becoming silly? Treating us as fools? Giving us such an ally? If we lose Area No. 10, it’s the fault of the Merchant Alliance.”

The Gnome felt embarrassed as he turned the page.

“Battle Report No. 2: It’s hilarious. Are you using Eternal Kingdom to provide pre-battle entertainment? These creatures are indeed entertaining. Hahahaha!”

“Battle Report No. 3: The enemy has arrived. Our ally, Eternal Kingdom, didn’t have any coordination. The first wave of their creatures perished. The hand-held Magic Machine Guns provided by you became the killer of their allies. Thank goodness they died fast. I must say, I respect their fearlessness. We retract the insults in the two previous reports. But they are really green and inexperienced!”

Everyone’s expression was weird. Eternal Kingdom was deemed to be a strong and capable Dungeon. Moreover, Lord Alexandria was very concerned about Eternal Kingdom. From Eternal Fire’s reports, Eternal Kingdom wasn’t strong, and the entire contingent was annihilated.

As everyone was silent, another battle report arrived in flames.

The Gnome picked it up and looked around.

“This is the latest battle report from Eternal Fire. It says, ‘Please send Eternal Kingdom supplies. Armor is not required. Only Short Swords. They only need weapons to kill the enemy. By Satan’s wrath, I have never seen such reckless Goblins before.\'”