Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 157 - Troop Formation?

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Chapter 157: Troop Formation?

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The Merchant Alliance was gathering all its resources to block the advances of the Ancient Gods army.

In the Eternal Kingdom Dungeon.

“Zi, zi, zi…”

A Blackiron Dwarf was smoking a red hot metal stick on a comfortable rocking chair.

He was Eternal Kingdom’s Blacksmith and Trainer—Simba.

Beside him was Mufasa, who was stirring the mixed clay in the cauldron.

“Cousin, where did you say the green-skinned monsters went? They all disappeared. Nobody’s forging.”

“I… I don’t know. I heard they were fighting the Ancient Gods,” Mufasa replied.

“Fighting the Ancient Gods? Are they using that to entertain themselves? Forget it, there’s no fun without my apprentices, but an occasional moment of peace is most welcome,” Simba leaned on the rocking chair and said comfortably.

The nearby Brainiac stood at the Teleport Portal in a daze.

Succubus Evelynn sat in the Commercial Area, trimming her nails. There were very few creatures in the auction transaction area.

Moroes held two cups of bloody chrysanthemum tea and walked towards Simba and Mufasa.

In the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, Eggface was busy looking for the computer device. Sherlock left with the gamers, and it wasn’t easy for him to sneak in. He wanted to take a look at the rolling Undead computer game.

It was a peaceful and serene day in Eternal Kingdom.

At Fortified Area No. 10, which was the Eternal Kingdom’s Co-defense Area.

“Great Lord Sherlock, I’m in charge of Area No. 10 during the war period. I’m in charge of supplying Eternal Kingdom. You may call me Logistics Officer,” a Sludge Monster with a wet cloak and a matching style of the Underworld said softly to Sherlock, who walked out of the Teleport Portal.

Behind Sherlock, a continuous stream of Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men walked out in a mess.

Occasionally, there were some who were fighting and fooling around, but most of them were jovial.

There were some who were particularly serious, and one of those gamers shouted, “Be serious! It’s war! Don’t disgrace Sherlie!”

These words fell on deaf ears.

“Thank you for providing troop supplies, Logistics Officer. Tell me, what supplies are you providing in this area?”

Sherlock put his hands behind his back. He didn’t notice the chaotic gamers raiding the fortified area.

“We have fresh clay, 100 hand-held Magic Machine Guns, 20,000 sets of armor… etcetera. Your troops… they are moving the cooking cauldron?” the Sludge Monster, who was introducing the troop supplies, shouted anxiously.

Sherlock turned his head and looked in the direction that the Logistics Officer was pointing and saw a few gamers rolling the cooking cauldron on its side towards the Teleport Portal.

“Oh, they are showing their valor and fearlessness. Think about it, a group of ambitious creatures who are fighting for the Underworld and peace don’t need cooking cauldrons,” Sherlock said without emotion.

“Please continue.”

“Oh… I see. Then there are… wait, are they removing the tents?” the Sludge Monster shouted in shock.

The empty space behind Sherlock was lined with rows of tents, which were prepared by Winterfell.

The gamers were removing the tents and the ground pins that were used to fasten the tents. They carried the items in convoys to the Teleport Portal.

After gazing at the gamers, Sherlock said confidently, “They don’t expect to survive the war, so sleeping is an insult to them. They are doing this to show their frustration. More or less.”

Beefballs stood on high ground and observed his temporary allies. At the fortified area of Eternal Kingdom, outrageous acts were occurring.

The army was in a chaotic formation without any discipline. They were like a touring group of creatures.

Why were there Goblins and Houndhead Men in this serious and dignified war against the Ancient Gods army?

It was best not to mention the Houndhead Men, who would bite other creatures like mad dogs. But Goblins were useless trash who would shout “Waaaaaagh!” in their charge and then scream “Waaaaaah!” in their retreat.

Beefballs was starting to get worried. With such allies on his flank, would the morale of his troops be affected? Thank goodness that their numbers were only about a thousand.

Did Eternal Kingdom not attain Level 2 Dungeon within three months? They even had a small Black Dragon as a servant and a once-in-a-thousand-year genius Lich.

What was going on with this motley army? Why were they employed by Winterfell? The war hadn’t started, but they were moving their supplies to the Teleport Portal?

Before Beefballs, those Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men carried all removable supplies like tents and cooking cauldrons away from the fortified area.

They were diligently transporting the items to the Teleport Portals. They looked more like movers than warriors going for a war.

For the supplies that were unmovable, such as the huge storage chests containing fresh clay, the gamers would remove the clay using small bags before transporting the storage chests.

The fresh clay wasn’t the priority of the gamers since there was enough food to eat. Their main priorities were the wooden chests and tents, which weren’t found in Eternal Kingdom.

However, the combat supplies weren’t removed. For example, the hand-held Magic Machine Guns and the 20,000 sets of armor.

Because Sherlock had already tagged them with the words “Lord Sherlock’s private items.”

The gamers ran the risk of losing their accounts if they dared to touch them.

Beefballs didn’t know all of this. In his eyes, they were a bunch of bandits who robbed Winterfell blind.

“Commander Beefballs…” The adjutant looked worriedly at Beefballs.

At Fortified Area No.10, Eternal Fire and Eternal Kingdom were supposed to be supportive allies.

The adjutant was worried after realizing the quality of their allies.

“No problem, they won’t affect us. This kind of motley army will flee the moment the war starts.”

A thunderous “Boom—!” sound pierced the air.

Sparks erupted in the adjacent areas.

A few Goblins were familiarizing themselves with the Magic Machine Guns, but they misfired, and the shots landed on their own comrades.

Besides making a small pit, they blew up tens of Goblins and Gnomes.

Eternal Kingdom’s army fell into chaos, and faint laughter could be heard in the commotion.

Beefballs shook his head. He must have been mistaken. In this circumstance, the motley army should be crying or cursing, but laughing? Incredible.

When Beefballs had lost all confidence and hopes in his ally and denounced them as the trash of the trash, a Wyvern flew in the distance.

The Wyvern swooped past Area No. 10 rapidly and flew off into the distance.

Beefballs lifted his head only to see the Wyvern shrink into the distance. Then he recovered himself and heard booming sounds coming from the dark areas of the distant tunnel.

In the dimly lit tunnel, he saw densely packed monsters, which instilled fear as they charged forward.

The entire tunnel was filled with the charging army of the Ancient Gods.

“Full battle stations—!”

War horns bellowed from the Eternal Fire camp.

Twenty thousand troops started to assemble in battle formation. The heavy war machines were placed into position with the direction of the Gnome adjutant. The scene was somber.

At the Eternal Kingdom camp.

The gamers formed their battle formation noisily.

From a distance, the dense army could be seen advancing towards them…