Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 151 - That Is My Prisoner

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Chapter 151: That Is My Prisoner

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“Lord Sherlock, Lord Octopus Ball.”

Sherlock and the octopus head were about to ignite fire sparks with their glaring.

A tall Vampire came from behind and said, “Seems like both Lords are already acquainted. I thought I was going to introduce both of you to each other.”

When the Vampire walked between Sherlock and the octopus-headed Devil, NotWearingPants started chatting.

“Lassie is here!”

“There’s going to be a series of Plots!”

“Lassie! Do you remember me?”

“As if the NPC remembers you!”

Baron Nicolas was called his nickname by the excited gamers, and he appeared embarrassed.

Sherlock exerted his dominant aura on the gamers to force them into Plot Animation mode.

“Baron Nicolas, in regards to the setting up of the commerce routes of the Merchant Band, I’ll arrange for my servants to contact you,” Octopus Ball said to Nicolas. Then he brought his twelve Werewolves and walked past Sherlock.

Once Octopus Ball had left, Baron Nicolas said softly to Sherlock, “Lord Sherlock, I don’t know what feud you have with Lord Octopus Ball, but his Dungeon has collaborated with Eternal Fire. I suppose you know about the Eternal Fire Dungeon? Lord Octopus Ball is the representative for Eternal Fire.”

“I see.” Sherlock nodded his head.

Nicolas thought Sherlock would mind Octopus Ball’s collaboration with Eternal Fire, but Sherlock seemed indifferent.

Nicholas said, “I came back yesterday. I thought of contacting you immediately to invite you to my manor as a guest, but I didn’t expect Winterfell to encounter such problems…”

“This problem… is it related to the Ancient Ruins No. 85 excavation site?” Sherlock edged closer to Nicolas and asked.

“That’s correct. Did Lord Sherlock hear the news?” Nicolas frowned and said, “The problem is very serious…”

Nicolas surveyed the surroundings as a creature came over and nodded to Sherlock before leaving.

“I have an important meeting to attend. Lord Sherlock, we’ll talk after the meeting.”

Sherlock nodded at Nicolas and entered the Meeting Hall.

The Meeting Hall had a large round table that was seated with twenty various Devils. Their servants stood behind them.

Each Devil had a name card in front. Sherlock found his name card—Eternal Kingdom Dungeon Lord Sherlock.

He went over and sat down.

A Devil attempted to chat with Sherlock, but Sherlock ignored him.

The gamers behind Sherlock engaged in chatting. Though they spoke softly and restrained themselves, since everyone was quiet, the Meeting Hall was filled with their chatting voice.

“Gosh, look at that model. It’s awesome.”

“Why is he so ugly?”

“Let’s see if we can bring the sword with us. The one hanging on the wall.”

“Every one of them wanted screenshots. I’ll post many screenshots on the forum later.”

“Give that sh*t face Octopus Ball a feature article.”

“Keke!” As the gamers continued chatting, a loud coughing sound interrupted them. Then, an elderly Orc walked over from the door.

The elderly Orc was dressed in majestic clothing, and he held a scepter. His weathered face was full of creases. Intelligent brilliance shimmered in his deep eyes.

Sherlock exerted his dominant aura to force the gamers into Plot Animation mode.

The elderly Orc surveyed all the Devil Lords in the room and shouted, “Let’s welcome the Northern Merchant Alliance Management Member, Winterfell Dungeon Lord Onionhead!”

A Gnome was dressed in a long flowing robe. His height was at the Orc’s hip. Compared to a normal Gnome, this Gnome was considered short.

The Green Gnome wore a white onion-head wig. He put his hands behind his back and looked serious. Wearing long pointed shoes, he walked briskly, which made thudding sounds.

“Da, da, da, da.”

Dungeon Lord Onionhead arrived at an empty spot at the round table. He then sat on the chair noisily.

A bundle of onions appeared above the tabletop.

He looked like he was used to such situations. His seat emitted creaking sounds as he adjusted the seat handle that raised him up. He was now able to see the Devil Lords’ eyes.

Onionhead looked at all the Devil Lords and said, “Great Noble Devil Lords, I’m the Northern Merchant Alliance Winterfell Dungeon Lord. Contrary to my Dungeon Lord title, I’m more inclined to Decision-Maker. I’m a merchant and have collaborated with many Devil Lords on shady transactions. In short, let’s get to the main point!”

Onionhead clapped his hand, and numerous meeting reports were placed on the round table.

A yellow helmet with burn marks was placed in front of Onionhead.

“Everyone, please take a look at the report and this safety helmet.”

Sherlock took up the report with the words:

“Safety in excavation sites cannot be neglected. The safety helmet did a great job. The Goblin guard had a heart attack from the Huge Dragon’s breath. The Dragon sent the Goblin to the indicated Fatality Hospital for emergency treatment based on the medical insurance symbol on the helmet. The Goblin was successfully buried.”

“Good, the formal matter is settled.” Onionhead threw aside the safety helmet and report and looked at the Dungeon Lords.

Onionhead stood up and placed both hands on the table as he said, “We’ll discuss some miscellaneous matters. Which one of you Dungeon Lords picked up a Black Dragon kid? Please return the kid as soon as possible. Otherwise, we’re in big trouble.”

Sherlock extended his leg and hooked Eggface, whose buttocks was on the ground with his two legs curled together. Eggface was biting his front claws. Then he pulled Eggface under the table.

Eggface gasped, “Chi—”

This kind of a sound.

All the Devils looked over.

“I’m not kidding. Dungeon Lords, the Huge Dragon has given a war notice. If the lost Dragon is not returned within the stipulated time, the Huge Dragon is going on a rampage,” Onionhead said again.

“Huge Dragon?” Something underneath the table hit against the table and made a “Pom” sound. Then Eggface’s head smashed through the table. Stone fragments were on Eggface’s head.

“Is a Huge Dragon coming?”

Onionhead frowned and asked the aged Orc beside him, “Why is a Devil Lord bringing a young Black Dragon to the meeting? Why didn’t I receive notification?”

“We informed you, but you said that a creature must have disguised himself as a young Dragon. You also said that Dungeon Lords in such a meeting would try to make themselves look good and that there was recently a joke of a Giant who disguised himself as a young Dragon!”

“I see.” Onionhead straightened his body and looked at Sherlock as he said, “Sherlock… Lord Overseer, please explain.”

“From a technical viewpoint, the creature that I brought is a Dragon. But from a legal viewpoint, the small Black Dragon is not a lost Black Dragon. In fact, he robbed my private gold vault and is serving his sentence in my Dungeon. I can guarantee that the lost young Black Dragon that the Huge Dragon is looking for is not this small Black Dragon.”

Sherlock said with composure, “As everyone knows, the Huge Dragon and his young Dragon have a mysterious relationship. If the parent of this small Black Dragon is looking for him, do you think we would be sitting here comfortably?”

Suddenly, there was a booming sound. The entire building shook violently.

Then there was another booming sound, and a huge claw broke through the wall. Razor-sharp claws left deep marks on the ground.

The claws retracted, and a large pupil of a Huge Dragon peered through the hole.

“Who dares to steal my child?” the Huge Dragon bellowed and asked.