Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 15 - Special Talent

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Chapter 15: Special Talent

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“Respectable Lord Sherlock, our Special Talent Market has many registered elite talents. We don’t have a combat-skilled servant who is only paid twenty Magic Stones per month.” Missy Succubus behind the glass window tried her best to stay calm and cordial as she said, “The Abomination which is a Stitched Giant already costs twenty Magic Stones per month. As you know, we only have the elites of the elite. Twenty Magic Stones is too little.”

“I don’t need a combat-skilled warrior. I am looking for a servant who can make my Goblins skilled in combat. You could say he’s a coach. Don’t look at me like that. I know it’s strange to train Goblins to fight, but this is also a special talent, so I’m here to seek help. Please help me to publish this recruitment notice. The talent who is confident of training my Goblins and is willing to do so for twenty Magic Stones per month can contact me,” Sherlock said patiently.

“Lord Sherlock, according to the rules, we can’t publish a recruitment notice with a salary of twenty Magic Stones. The lowest limit is two hundred Magic Stones.” Missy Succubus looked like she was in a dilemma.

“Let’s not talk about the rules. With our previous dealings, those rules are not worth talking about.” Sherlock looked gently at Missy Succubus, and she felt embarrassed by his gaze. She turned her head, and her cheeks were flushed as though blood was going to drip out.

“But Lord Sherlock, this is only the second time we’ve met…”

“The first time we met, you sold me a Dungeon with an abandoned core. I don’t think it’s too much to ask you to publish a recruitment notice for our second meeting!” Sherlock slapped the table and said in a matter-of-fact tone, “Why are you working as a receptionist instead of selling Dungeons? The salary for selling Dungeons should be higher.”

“It is if I manage to sell Dungeons. The only Dungeon I managed to sell was the one to you, Lord Sherlock. Though the Dungeon property market is very hot, I can’t figure out the hidden rules. My Dungeons are either raided by the Surface World or abandoned for a long time. Only Lord Sherlock would buy such a Dungeon! Because I’m unable to sell a second Dungeon, I can’t earn commissions, so I don’t have any source of income. This job as a receptionist is my only livelihood!” Missy Succubus said as her eyes were welling with tears of grievances.

“Since I’m your only customer, shouldn’t you help me?” Sherlock said as he pretended not to see Missy Succubus’ tears.

Missy Succubus noticed that Sherlock’s expression was neutral and soothed her emotions. She ensured that nobody was looking and said in a low voice to Sherlock, “I can help you, but I can’t openly publish a recruitment notice. If the Guild discovers the notice, I’ll lose my job. I’ll keep a lookout for you discreetly. If there’s a suitable candidate, I’ll send him over to your Dungeon.”

She saw Sherlock’s pleased face and said, “Lord Sherlock, why are you training the Goblins to be warriors? Besides mining and carrying ores, are they capable of other things? If you need warriors, new Dungeons can go for Gnomes. They are close relatives of Goblins, but they are better than the Goblins in all aspects. The price is also reasonable.”

Sherlock knew that she was dissuading him from wasting time on the Goblins with good intentions. However, his Goblins were not normal Goblins. They were gamers from the otherworld. They were hardworking and did not require pay. These free Goblins were gifts from God. If only twenty Magic Stone were needed to obtain a hundred Goblins’ worth of free labor, Sherlock was more than happy to do it.

Sherlock did not answer Missy Succubus’ question but thanked her for the good intentions. He reminded her to keep a lookout for suitable candidates before leaving the Special Talent Market.

As he was about to return to the Eternal Kingdom, he heard Bru say, “Lord Sherlock, as your loyal servant, I have to make a suggestion.”

“Say it!”

“I feel that you need to find an assistant in Winterfell to help you settle the trivial matters such as purchasing materials or recruiting workers for upgrading structures. Currently, you need to travel so frequently. Isn’t it troublesome?” Bru said.

“That makes sense, but a capable assistant requires a salary. I have to rent a house for the assistant and take care of their meals. I feel it’s better to use the Teleport Scroll or just travel here,” Sherlock said solemnly.

“You are indeed… thrifty.” Bru sounded helpless and he said, “We could try cheaper ways like hiring part-timers. What about Missy Succubus who sold me to you? I think she’s suitable. Perhaps you could sound her out to see if she’s willing to help?”

Sherlock considered Bru’s suggestion and felt that it was feasible. If he could find a Winterfell resident as a part-timer, it would be more convenient than traveling. However, the part-timer needed to be on good terms with the shopkeepers to allow cash on delivery. Missy Succubus was a good choice. This matter was not urgent, so Sherlock kept it inside his heart and did not discuss it further.

When he returned to the Dungeon, the gamers who were badly injured by the Spiders and those who were still working hard quickly gathered around him.

“When can we start learning skills?”

“Any requirements for learning skills? Do we have to choose our profession?”

“The first time is free. Do we pay for consecutive times?”

The gamers asked nosily.

Sherlock listened to their questions and asked Bru, “Did you tell them that I went to look for a Skills Trainer?”

“I made a public announcement informing them of training and that the details would be in the official website. They misunderstand that you are teaching them combat skills. In the Dungeon, you’re the only one who can fight,” Bru explained.

Sherlock understood the situation and exerted his authority to make the gamers remain silent. He said, “Because of the lackluster combat performance, I’m getting a Combat Trainer, but it will take time. Those who are injured, I’ll heal you for 10 bronze coins!”

The healthy gamers dispersed in disappointment. The wounded gamers sought treatment for their injury. As Simba completed the chisels and hammers, Bru assigned missions to make stone slabs and to pave the ground and the walls. Soon, the gamers were absorbed in their missions. As for exploring the Spiders’ Lair, they put it aside as the mission was too difficult. They looked forward to learning combat skills before challenging the Spiders again.

Sherlock went to the Dungeon Core Main Hall. He accessed the official website on the “Computer” Magical Item and wanted to publish information regarding skills training.

Suddenly, he felt a series of Mana ripples coming from the Dungeon Core which emitted some flames. A letter was thrown out from the flames.

Someone sent me a letter?

Sherlock picked up the letter and opened it. The letter had a few lines of words that read, “Lord Sherlock, after you left, I found you a suitable Special Talent to train your Goblins. He was pleased with a monthly salary of twenty Magic Stones. I purchased a Teleport Scroll to let him travel to the Dungeon. Please kindly pay me five Magic Stones as commission when you return to Winterfell. Thank you! The Teleport Scroll is free~ (Love)—Lord Sherlock’s salesgirl, Evelynn.”

“Seems like she’s rather concerned about the trainer recruitment and she’s capable. I’m proposing employing her as part-time Winterfell’s Eternal Kingdom ambassador.” Bru smiled.

After teasing Sherlock, there was another Mana ripple and Bru said, “Dungeon Lord, a person requests for using the Teleport Scroll to our Dungeon. I believe he’s the Special Talent sent by Evelynn. Do I let him in?”

“Let him in.” Sherlock nodded.

A Teleport Portal opened outside the Dungeon Core Main Hall. The gamers who were busy doing their missions were given a fright and gathered around noisily.

A Gnome with two bloody bandaged ears walked out from the portal.

“That many Goblins?! The Dungeon Lord must be a rich man. My chance to become famous is here!”

The Gnome looked at the surrounding Goblins and was moved to tears.

Sherlock felt that the Gnome looked familiar and he was trying hard to recall when NotWearingPants pointed at the Gnome and shouted, “That Gnome is the security guard for Winterfell’s Teleport Portal Reception Hall! I saw him the last time at Winterfell!”