Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 146 - The Limit Is Free Food and Lodging

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Chapter 146: The Limit Is Free Food and Lodging

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“You’re her bail guarantor?” The Gnome looked at Sherlock and gave him a form.

“Fill in the form and post bail over there.”

“Lord Sherlock…” Evelynn looked tearfully at Sherlock.

“Shh, don’t be afraid,” Sherlock said firmly as he raised his finger. Then he extended his hand to pull Evelynn up.

Sherlock placed Evelynn’s handcuffs neatly on the table.

The Gnome was stunned by Sherlock’s behavior. He immediately shouted, “What are you doing? Where are you bringing the criminal? Pay the bail! Pay the bail over there!”

“I didn’t bring the bail money. I’ve said I’m leaving with her.” Sherlock frowned and said, “Didn’t I make myself clear?”

“What are you treating the Winterfell Garrison Guard Station as? Do you think you can do what you want as a superior Devil? I…”

Before the Gnome finished talking, he was given a slap.

The Gnome flew out and crashed into the third table from his location. He landed with a loud “Pom.”

The Garrison Guard Station became silent as everyone turned to look at the commotion.

The Orc Garrison Guard looked stunned at his own hands. The slapped Gnome got up with difficulty and yelled at the Orc, “D*mn! Why did you slap me for no reason!”

“It wasn’t me! I just walked by!” the Orc Garrison Guard shouted. Then everyone looked at Sherlock, who was standing casually.

That was Mana!

The Garrison Guards wielded weapons as they gathered forward.

“I’m leaving with her. Let’s see who can stop me,” Sherlock said calmly.

A group of Garrison Guards looked at each other. None of them dared to attack the superior Devil first.

Two Orc Garrison Guards carried a handheld Magical Cannon and hurried over. They aimed it at Sherlock and Evelynn.

“Wait a moment.”

As both sides were about to fight, a capable and experienced Werewolf walked out from the Garrison Guard Chief’s Office with a cup of freshly brewed bloody chrysanthemum tea.

The Werewolf Chief walked over to Sherlock and put the bloody chrysanthemum tea down politely on the table in front. He said, “I didn’t know you were visiting our Garrison Guard Station. If my subordinates were rude to you, don’t let them off. As long as you’re happy.”

“Wait, Chief. Even if he’s a superior Devil, he can’t create trouble in the Winterfell Garrison Guard Station. Chief, you’ve always taught us never to let them off. Why are you relenting…”

The Gnome, whose face was slapped swollen, didn’t have the chance to finish speaking. The Werewolf Chief raised his hand… and put a dismissal letter into the Gnome’s hands. He said, “I won’t hit you since you could file a complaint. Take the dismissal letter and leave.”

The Gnome looked at the letter in his hand and bawled.

The two Orcs who were carrying the Magic Cannon put it down and shouted, “Let’s warmly send the Lord out!”

“Thank you, and see you again!” the group of Garrison Guards shouted as they bowed to Sherlock.

The Succubus was astonished and didn’t know what happened. She was pulled out by Sherlock as he made his way towards the exit.

The gathered Garrison Guards made way for Sherlock after the Werewolf Chief nodded at them.

“Chief, what’s going on?” an Orc with heavy makeup asked as she looked strangely at the Chief.

“As the superior Devil entered our station, I received two letters.” The Werewolf Chief wiped the sweat on his face as he said fearfully, “One of the letters was from Director Senior Beast from the Winterfell Business Unit asking me to release them. The other letter was from the son of the Grand Duke, Alexandria…”

Night had fallen upon Winterfell during the commotion.

Sherlock pulled Evelynn along and stopped at a public Beetlemon stop that was full of creatures.

“How did you get arrested at the Garrison Guard Station? Is life so difficult that you resorted to stealing?”

Sherlock stood beside Evelynn, who was only as tall as his shoulders.

“No, I wouldn’t resort to stealing. In fact, I donated to three Hamsters who were buskers. I was mistaken as an accomplice and was arrested together with the three Hamsters,” Evelynn said softly.

“Buskers without a license? Tsk, it’s a tricky crime. What about the three Hamsters?”

“They were captured. They were given the death sentence. With immediate execution,” Evelynn said with pity.

“I see.” Sherlock nodded and turned his face away so that Evelynn couldn’t see his expression.

“Pa ta, pa ta, pa ta…”

At this time, a Beetlemon with four rows of long benches arrived. The armored shell was covered like a metal can, and at the sides of the seats were circular windows.

The Beetlemon slowed down at the Beetlemon stop before coming to a halt.

“Board the Beetlemon.”

Sherlock got up together with the crowd.

Evelynn followed behind. She noticed that Sherlock didn’t pay with his Magic Stone card before sitting down at the rear.

Evelynn was stunned. She reluctantly took out her Magic Stone card from her slanted bag and waved it at the magic fare deducting device.

“Dee—low card balance!” The magic fare deducting device emitted a warning tone.

Evelynn waited for a while before trying again.

“Dee—out of money! Poor creature!”

“Why did you deduct twice?” The Gnome driver looked at Evelynn as though she was a fool.

“Eh?” Evelynn turned her head to look at the emotionless Sherlock, who was at the rear. Then she looked at the Gnome driver again.

“Aiyo, even if you deduct twice, I won’t give you a refund. Hurry to the back. Don’t block the way.”

Evelynn went to the back reluctantly and sat beside Sherlock.

The Beetlemon started running.

“Lord Sherlock… are you an invisible Spirit?” Evelynn asked warily as she sat prim and proper beside Sherlock.

“Did you pass Mana classes when you were in school?” Sherlock turned his head to look at Evelynn and asked.

“I didn’t pass…” Evelynn lowered her head.

“As a Succubus, aren’t you naturally inclined to Mana? What about other subjects?” Sherlock asked again.

“I didn’t pass…” Evelynn’s head dipped lower.

“I see.” Sherlock kept quiet after asking.

They remained silent throughout the rest of the journey.

“This is my home. Thank you, Lord Sherlock, for helping me! The five Magic Stones that you owed me is waived. Take it as my thank you gift.”

Evelynn stood at a dilapidated two-story condominium. She bowed to Sherlock to express her gratitude.

There was a faint stench of trash from the surroundings.

Sherlock remained silent. Evelynn pondered and said, “Don’t worry, Sherlock. I don’t mean to thank you with only five Magic Stones. Because I’m not paid until tomorrow, I don’t have much money with me…”

“Not necessary. I’m very satisfied with the Dungeon that you sold me. Take that as my return gift to you.” Sherlock removed his hat and said, “I shall take my leave. Wishing you a happy life.”

Evelynn looked at the back view of Sherlock and muttered to herself, “Lord Sherlock’s a good Devil.”

Evelynn took out her Magic Stone card. She felt remorseful that she had paid twice for the bus fare.

“If only I knew, I would have learned Mana Skills. Then I could make myself invisible and not pay a fare…”

The pitiful, sad, and helpless Missy Succubus turned and walked back into the condominium.

Sherlock didn’t leave. He watched Missy Succubus open her door and walk inside silently.

“She’s a useless Succubus, Lord Sherlock. I take back my suggestion. We shouldn’t recruit her. Though cute and useless are attributes that the otherworld’s gamers like, our Dungeon has just developed, it’s not a good idea to have a burden,” Bru said seriously.

“Let’s publish a recruitment notice. We’ll look for a pretty, capable, self-aware, and a streetwise Missy Succubus. Though the salary is going to be higher, at least she’ll be productive.”

“What do you think Evelynn will want for her salary?” Sherlock turned around and asked as he walked on.

“Evelynn? The upper limit is free food and lodging,” Bru said solemnly.

“I see.” Sherlock’s figure blended into the darkness.

“You’re fired! Evelynn!” A wobbly Slime was in the cafe yelling at a messy-haired and panting Succubus whose face was covered with sweat.

“You missed work yesterday, and you were late today! Arrested by the Garrison Guard? No money in your Magic Stone card? I pay you a transportation subsidy punctually every month! This morning, you would have had enough money to take the public Beetlemon to work!”

“No, Boss, I really ran all the way…”

“Enough! You’re fired, Evelynn! Salary? There’s no salary for a fired worker!”

In the busy city…

The Succubus carried her slanted bag and walked along the busy streets. She stood at the public Beetlemon stop and remembered that she had no money.

She found a corner, squatted down, and hugged her knees. After recalling her work experiences, she cried in silence.

Another sad creature.

A tall figure stood in front of her.

Sherlock gazed down at her.