Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 145 - I Am Leaving With Her

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Chapter 145: I Am Leaving With Her

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“Though I don’t know what happened, the Succubus encountered trouble. If she hadn’t sold this Dungeon to Lord Sherlock, we wouldn’t have the chance to meet.”

Bru was full of feelings as he said, “So we pay Evelynn the five Magic Stones that we owe her and break all relationships with her, Lord Sherlock.”

“Your suggestion is constructive, but since when did I owe Evelynn five Magic Stones?” Sherlock put down the letter and asked.

“The last time you investigated Brainiac’s resume, Evelynn helped to check the background records. That was the handling fee, Lord Sherlock.”

Sherlock recalled the incident. The word “owed” didn’t exist in his mind.

What was the spelling for the word?

“Let’s put aside the five Magic Stones. It’s interesting that she indicated Lord Sherlock as her bail guarantor.” Bru smiled and said, “According to my years of experience watching idol dramas, Evelynn likes Lord Sherlock.”

“Bru, do I appear a repulsive Devil who likes to kill?” Sherlock asked calmly.

“No, Lord Sherlock is the most orderly Devil that I have ever met. As for appearances, it’s not important to superior Devils,” Bru said honestly.

“Then why do you always think that I’m popular with the Underworld female creatures?” Sherlock spread out his hands and asked.

“I can’t think of anything to rebuke. Perhaps she was in a bad state and couldn’t find anyone else to help her except Lord Sherlock.”

Bru recalled something and quickly said, “Wait, did she use Lord Sherlock as a spare tire? Wah, I’m feeling disgust for her. Those who are in contempt of Lord Sherlock have to be punished.”

“Though your expression of loyalty is unrefined, I’m still happy. You have finally believed that Evelynn doesn’t like me.” Sherlock stood up and starting changing clothes.

“With her character, she wouldn’t look for a spare tire. If she had such capability, she wouldn’t have to change to progressively worse jobs. What does Lord Sherlock intend to do? Do we burn this letter and blacklist the mailing address?”

“No.” Sherlock changed into his formal clothes with his original black windbreaker.

“Though we’re not close, since she requested my help, she’s probably at her wits’ end. My conscience tells me I should help her. Tsk, my kindness is the greatest shame of a Devil.”

“What you’ve said is convincing. What does Lord Sherlock intend to do? Do you intend to give her a big gift? A contract for selling her soul?” Bru asked jovially.

“I don’t quite understand what you’re saying.” Sherlock put on his tall hat and took out his cane.

“I’ll get her out first.”

Sherlock opened the Dungeon Lord Main Hall’s door and walked out.

“Gosh! Sherlie’s secretly changed his style! Why is he so suave!”

“Ah, I’m dying of love sickness!”

“My eyes, my eyes. Why is the NPC so handsome while the gamers are ugly Goblins?”

“Lord Sherlock’s my hubby!”

“Wait, I’ll mold my Goblin to look like Sherlie. I don’t believe I can’t do it.”


“D*mn! It’s you again! Why are you shouting?”

As usual, it was a busy day in the Winterfell Garrison Guard Station.

“I want all the information on this case now, this instant, immediately!”

“Be honest! Are you the one who’s selling learning materials to students? You’re learning to commit crimes at such a young age! Call the parents!”

“I’m telling you formally. If you divulge where you obtained the knowledge ‘Natural Biology’ and ‘Surface World Chemistry’ contained within this round Adamantine rock, I’ll consider reducing your sentence of a hundred years by a year.”

“Captain, my kid can’t possibly be at a mass learning. He’s obedient and listens to the teacher to perm his bald hair and tattoo himself. He even gets the Uranium stick for the principal and kowtows to evil forces. How can he attend mass learning? It must be a mistake!”

Evelynn grasped her fists as she supported them on her closed knees. She pursed her lips as she sat in a chair and looked around nervously. The simulated sky outside had dimmed, and the red hot sun was setting. It was a stark contrast to the chaotic situation in the Garrison Guard Station.

She was sitting in the Garrison Guard Station for half a day.

The three Hamsters that got her into trouble weren’t sent here.

They were immediately sent out of Winterfell by the Beetlemon. Evelynn saw that and asked the Garrison Guard worriedly, who replied, “Arson and jailbreak and, most importantly, being buskers on the streets without a license. They were sent for execution immediately. Ai, they should have helped us save some arrows.”

Evelynn didn’t dare to probe further.

She didn’t expect the cute Hamsters to do such terrible things. Looks could be deceiving.

Evelynn thought that after recording down her statement, she could leave.

Perhaps she could even arrive at work on time without a penalty to her diligence reward.

But her hopes were dashed.

When she was sent to the Garrison Guard Station, a Gnome in a loose waistcoat asked her related questions and recorded her statement.

After an hour of questioning, she was pronounced guilty.

Then, she tried to find all her contacts who could help her post bail.

From friends, classmates, and colleagues to neighbors since young. Nobody was willing to post bail or be her guarantor. All her relationships with them were in vain.

In reality, these relationships were useless in most situations.

After sitting in the Garrison Guard Station for a day, Evelynn was losing hope.

“It seems like nobody’s posting bail for you,” the Gnome said to Evelynn and stood up.

“Follow me. Prepare to stay in prison for a long time.”

“Wait, wait a moment, I’m really innocent!” Evelynn struggled for the last time.

“Everyone says that.” The Gnome looked like he was used to such stuff.

He took out the chains and handcuffs, intending to restrain Evelynn with them.

Evelynn lowered her head. She could almost envision her prison life.

She had just graduated and was without a stable job. And now she met with such misfortune. Perhaps she might encounter the three despicable Hamsters.

At this thought, she had the urge to bawl.

Who is coming…

Who is coming… to help me…

Evelynn shed a tear of agony.

Who is coming to bail me out—!

“Apologies, I hope I’m not too late.”

Just when Evelynn’s wrists were feeling the coldness of the handcuffs, a tall figure with a pair of folded wings and a black windbreaker appeared before her.

His black leather shoes were perfectly clean, and his long pants were without creases. His hands, which were covered by white velvet gloves, were crossed as they held onto a gray wooden cane. The white shirt was all buttoned up. He had a striped tie, and its end was tucked into the waistcoat.

The Devil was stylishly dressed.

Sherlock held his cane as he removed his tall black hat. His hair was messy, but he appeared suave.

His black pupils reflected the image of Evelynn, who was about to bawl.

Sherlock placed his tall hat on his arm and smiled gently.

“I’m leaving with her, Garrison Guard.”