Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 132 - Version 0.18 Update Log

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Chapter 132: Version 0.18 Update Log

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In a brightly lit room that was a stark contrast to the dark alley outside.

A Succubus who had a feather mask and high heels walked with clicking sounds towards Sherlock.

She had a faint perfume fragrance about her. She surveyed Sherlock with interest. Then she asked, “Are you new here?”

“No, I have an appointment,” Sherlock said politely as he backed up to maintain a discrete distance from the Succubus.

The Succubus leaned forwards gently as her red lips opened slightly.

“The first time is free, especially for such a handsome superior Devil like you. I’ll teach you lots of new… know… ledge.”

Sherlock lifted his brow and levitated a cane out of nowhere. The handle of the cane restrained the Succubus who was getting close.

“I shouldn’t decline such an invitation from an alluring lady like you. Apologies, I’m not interested in your ‘knowledge.’ Besides, I’m rather busy,” Sherlock said gently and turned his body to give way. Then, he made a gentlemanly gesture for her to leave.

The Succubus was full of regrets, but she left reluctantly.

Sherlock walked through the room and an aisle before arriving at a circular Main Hall.

Graceful music reverberated in the circular Main Hall. Sherlock looked at the performing band.

A classical piano was placed at a corner, and a Sludge Monster without hands was sitting in front of it. He closed his eyes and indulged in playing.

A Gnome stood in front of the piano and used his excellent voice to imitate the piano music. The two of them had perfect tacit coordination and displayed superior musical talents.

A Lizard Man in a Tuxedo walked over from the other end. He bowed to Sherlock and took out a photograph album that contained the photographs of Succubi, Orcs, Gnomes, Lizard Men, and even Slimes.

“Welcome to Knowledge Seeking Hall. We provide all sorts of learning materials and professional home tutors. You may take a look at the home tutors’ introductions.”

Sherlock stopped the Lizard Man from bringing more introduction photographs. He said, “I’ve made an appointment. Lord Sherlock. There should be a record.”

“Okay, please follow me.”

The Lizard Man took Sherlock to a door in the circular Main Hall.

There was a long corridor behind the door. On the door were the words “High-class VIP area. No unauthorized entry.”

Sherlock followed the Lizard Man and arrived in front of a white wooden door. The Lizard Man knocked on the door.

“Come in.” A hoarse voice came from within the room.

The Lizard Man nodded at Sherlock before leaving.

Sherlock pushed open the door and walked in.

A hoarse voice came from an executive chair that had its back facing Sherlock.

“Lord Sherlock, what good stuff have you brought today?”

“Yes, they’re good stuff.”

Sherlock pushed his black chest into the room.

“Being the friend of a superior Devil is my honor.”

The executive chair turned around gradually. A snake-like creature who was slender at the top and thick in the bottom sat in the chair—Slime.

Sludge Monsters were ugly, but Slimes were cute.

Sherlock passed his goods over to the Slime, whose large eyes were extremely cute as they moved around. The Slime used his wet hands to receive the chest and place it inside his body.

Before long, the black chest dissolved in the Slime’s body. The Magical Items in the chest fell out as though they were suspended in a gelatin dessert. They floated within the Slime’s body.

“Yes, they are superior quality items. I can feel the strong Mana aura.” The Slime spoke in a hoarse voice that was in contrast to his cute eyes.

He said to Sherlock, “The price of the goods…”

Sherlock muttered, “300,000 Magic Stones.”

The Slime quickly said, “250,000 Magic Stones.”

“350,000 Magic Stones.”


Sherlock took out his Magic Stone card and passed it to the Slime, who also took out his card. They completed the sale.

“Yes, Lord Sherlock.” The Slime adjusted his chair slowly and slumped comfortably into it. He said, “The son of the Grand Duke is coming to Winterfell. Don’t you want to meet him? I heard you have good relations with him? He is looking for you. That is the information I received.”

“Which Grand Duke’s son?” Sherlock asked puzzled.

“The son of the Grand Duke, Alexandria,” The Slime said. “They are announcing the coming of Alexandria to Winterfell daily.”

“I’ve read about it in the newspapers. Hmm, I know him. Actually, I’m not that close to him. Is he looking for me? Is there a reward?” Sherlock asked.

“I don’t know about that. You know that my trade is not aboveboard. I don’t usually bother with such news,” the Slime said.

“That’s a pity.” Sherlock took out a round Adamantine rock from his pocket and passed it to Slime as he said, “This is the transaction fee.”

The eyes of the Slime lit up when he saw the round Adamantine rock. He took the rock, and an image appeared inside.

Red Ridge Examination Script—For creatures who love learning.

There was a bunch of data—Underworld Ancient language, biology, chemistry, and Mana nuclear study examination questions.

The Slime inhaled as he looked on with greed. Then he exhaled comfortably and said, “Ah! Learning!”

Sherlock turned to leave and muttered to himself, “Such a decadent creature.”

The black tunnel was illuminated by the faint light-emitting vines, which provided visibility of up to 100 meters. Beyond that, nothing was clear as it was too dark.

A group of gamers gathered at the exit of Eternal Kingdom. It was a newly opened exit.

It wasn’t far from the Spiders’ Lair tunnel, but it had always been out of bounds to the gamers. The gamers could see it, but they were unable to use it.

Previously, a Second Beta Gamer passed by this area. He wanted to see if there were any newly released areas or if there was a BUG that would allow him to exit. What if the development team had installed the exit?

The gamer tried his luck, and he went out of Eternal Kingdom.

The news spread like wildfire, and a new announcement appeared on the discussion forum:

[“Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom” Update Log Version 0.18]

“‘Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom’ Version 0.18 Official Update:

Released new unknown map: Eternal Kingdom was never a safe place. There are various dangerous Underworld creatures and terrifying Magical Beasts. The Spiders’ Lair is only a basic training ground. The citizens of Eternal Kingdom, the heroes of the Underworld, the northern areas of the Dungeon are opened up for you. You may explore freely!

1: The new area map will be updated live according to data submitted from the gamers because we don’t know what is in the area. Really.

2: The new area map is extremely dangerous. Gamers with lower than Weapon Level 3 are not encouraged to explore.

3: Please don’t venture out too far because the Revival System only works within Eternal Kingdom.

4: All of the natural environment can be destroyed and is irreversible. Please don’t make things difficult for yourself by destroying the path permanently.

5: Do not expect to encounter any NPCs. We made a trip. There are only Underworld creatures and Magical Beasts that will devour you.

6: If you discover Magical Beasts, return to the Dungeon and report them at the first instance or make a post on the discussion forum. There will be rewards. The same goes for Underground Forest.

7: I will leave this open. I will add more details when I am ready.

Removed the area, Ancestral Ruins: The citizens of Eternal Kingdom have rescued the Ancestral Ruins, so we removed this game area. Gamers are denied entry.

Added a new skill, Mana Skills: I have already published a detailed explanation in the public announcement.

Updated a new PVP area, Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena: New gameplay, Gladiator Fight, will be officially opened in three days. The details of the gameplay will be displayed on the signboard outside the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. Please keep a lookout for it.”