Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 129 - Novice Dragonborn's Ambition

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Chapter 129: Novice Dragonborn’s Ambition

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A black hammer hit a Short Sword template.

“Kuang Dang—!”

Sparks flew out, bellows hummed, and Goblins shouted in the background.

“Kuang Dang—!”

Another hammer smashed down and broke the sword template.

A Goblin picked up his broken sword template. He looked stunned. “PeleWang” was above his head.

Looking at his weak body, he didn’t have the imposing aura of his name.

Tens of Goblins like him were queuing behind.

“The Mana infusion’s too much! Aren’t you tired using that much Mana? Next!” Simba shouted and beckoned PeleWang to go to the back. The next Goblin was the excited TakeASpearHit. He moved forward and took over PeleWang’s hammer. Then, he selected the metal materials before adjusting the Magic Furnace’s temperature.

The Magic Furnace suddenly extinguished.

Simba was shocked when he saw the extinguished Magic Furnace, and he asked, “How much Mana did you infuse?”

“Ah? No, no, I haven’t started infusing Mana yet.”

TakeASpearHit was taken aback. Simba thought for a while and said, “The furnace is most likely broken. Let me fix it. All of you, stop queuing!”

The gamers who queued up to learn forging went away.

“No! Coach! Let me have another chance! This time, I’ll make it good! Coach! Believe me!”

Another gamer came up behind TakeASpearHit, grasped his throat, and covered his mouth. After controlling TakeASpearHit, he said softly, “Shh, why are you shouting? Don’t you want your equipment?”

“Come out quickly, come out quickly.”

A group of gamers dragged TakeASpearHit out.

TakeASpearHit made muffled noises, and his eyes were full of tears.

Ten minutes later…

“That’s frustrating! I’ve bathed and fasted for a day! I even polished my leather shoes like a mirror and offered ten years of my classmates’ lives in my prayers. Then I went into the gaming capsule, thinking I could make it with a hammer strike and become the Blacksmith’s apprentice! Why is that so difficult? I thought I had succeeded, but the Magic Furnace had to break down! Why did the lousy furnace have to break down?”

At a location near to the Blacksmith Shop, TakeASpearHit punched the stone slabs on the ground in frustration.

At his side were two Goblins, SealHeadLingChong, who was wearing underpants, and Dragonborn, who had a Breastplate, a small round shield, and a Short Sword.

“Try again next time. Simba will recruit more apprentices in the next few days.” SealHeadLingChong consoled TakeASpearHit.

TakeASpearHit was full of regrets as he looked at SealHeadLingChong and said, “Shut your seal mouth! You were selected based on your looks. I queued up for a few days before it was my turn. It must be you who caused the Magic Furnace to break!”

“Tsk, tsk, you’re incapable. How can you malign me? I didn’t do anything. I’m puzzled too.”

Both of them were about to bicker when Dragonborn lifted his hand and said, “Enough, stop quarreling. The two of you have been carrying bricks for two days. Do you have money? Why don’t you buy some equipment?”

Dragonborn showed off his equipment.

“Ah! Shut up! You’re a lucky dude! Fancy being chosen to participate in a Gladiator Fight with the veterans! I’m staying away from you!”

TakeASpearHit shouted and nibbled his finger.

Dragonborn looked embarrassed, and he didn’t know how to reply to him. SealHeadLingChong grabbed TakeASpearHit’s throat.

But TakeASpearHit managed to free himself of the throat lock, and both of them wrestled with each other!

Dragonborn saw that they didn’t have weapons, so he didn’t bother with them.

“Give way! Give way! I’ve succeeded. I’ve succeeded!”

The Goblin Hemp Rope Technology, whose name had the word “Pioneer” beside it, walked excitedly past Dragonborn and towards the two Gnomes in front.

That was correct, two Gnomes!

Dragonborn looked at the nearby Gnomes, who had superior equipment.

They were NotWearingPants and Arthur.

They were the elites among the veteran gamers and the first two gamers who converted to Gnomes. The first Gnome was Arthur, and NotWearingPants was the second.

Gnomes were much taller than Goblins, though they had the same colored skin. Looking at the figure and flesh, Gnomes were far superior to Goblins.

As such, no matter where they went, gamers would gather and take screenshots of them.

Dragonborn looked at them from afar and gazed at SealHeadLingChong and TakeASpearHit who had stopped fighting. He asked them, “Isn’t there a tournament? If we meet Arthur’s team during the tournament, do we have a chance to win?”

“You must have five gamers in a team,” TakeASpearHit said firmly.

“Fight Arthur? Stop dreaming. He’s a rich gamer with superior equipment. Does the PVP require five gamers in a team?” SealHeadLingChong asked a practical question.

“I’m not sure, but when I was doing the arena mission, there were five gamers in a team.” Dragonborn recalled something and said, “The veteran gamers are powerful. They used a shield and knocked me unsteady. They then stabbed me to death without hesitation. Frankly speaking, it’s my first time experiencing such a pathetic defeat.”

“Nonsense. Didn’t you visit the forum? You’re not able to understand what the veterans have gone through!” TakeASpearHit said in exaggeration.

“Do you know Cramer? He was the most powerful leader of the Houndhead Men. And the Void leader who’s called Bacon something. I can’t recall his name. The veterans fought with him before! I can feel their power by looking at the posts!”

Dragonborn nodded and remained silent.

“Let’s go, let’s go and carry bricks. I’ll reach Reputation Level 2 soon. Then I’ll train like mad, kill Spiders, improve my equipment, and reach the pinnacle of my life!” SealHeadLingChong said as TakeASpearHit commented, “Yes, do you intend to learn Close Combat or Mana Skills? The lousy game producers put up a notice. Veteran Peasant learned Mana Skills. When will the skills be available to us…”

A large group of gamers was searching the Ancient Ruins for treasures.

There weren’t many treasures left as many gamers had searched for long periods of time. Only the floor tiles weren’t completely dismantled.

The gamers were, in fact, diligent, but there were simply too many floor tiles.

As the gamers were focused on prying the floor tiles, a gamer suddenly shouted, “I’ve made a discovery. Take a look!”