Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 126 - Crowd-Funded Chapter Name

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Chapter 126: Crowd-Funded Chapter Name

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Sherlock’s post attracted many passionate replies from the gamers.

[Ic_mizuki: This BUG is too serious.]

[GreenLanternBitterBamboo: Lousy game producers, come out to receive a beating.]

[MeetingYouAtTheDeepEndOfMyLife: DIY? I want the Frostmourne!]

[PYKing: The commentator above is a DOTA gamer.]

[Nameless: What an update… (╯°Д°)╯(┻━┻ What the heck.]

[xiaocelao: The update logs of other games remove BUGS, but you are different. Interesting.]

[|Tune|: I can foresee that when a gamer is forging a piece of epic-level equipment, their Mana will be gone!]

[Ice-sealed Luochen: Hehe, the resourceful veterans will come up with a method to increase the Mana Limit!]

[EasterlyBreezeBlowsOnThePoplarByTheMilitia: Within the limits of the law? Make a row of homemade mortars, then tie them together. It becomes a homemade 107 rocket launcher.]

[BuIsObsessedWithYou: The previous commentator is 6666.]

[Hemp Rope Technology: Just wait. I will try.]

Sherlock felt that the gamers were mostly pleased with the new updates, but he had some doubts.

Sherlock was puzzled and asked, “Bru, why are they still thinking of bombing my Dungeon?”

“Er, they aren’t going against you. If possible, they’ll want to bomb Arad, Stormwind, and Orgrimmar.” Bru was helpless, but he quickly said, “Lord Sherlock, since you’ve officially introduced the concept of Mana in the update, I feel that there is a need to put Mana Skills in the schedule.”

“Mana Skills? I’m able to provide a Mana pool for the gamers’ use, but Mana Skills…” Sherlock spread out his hands and said, “Are you expecting me to spend money to buy a lot of Runes and then carve them on their bodies so that they can shoot out fireballs?”

“I’ve considered the Runes, but the cost is too high. Hasn’t Lord Sherlock thought about Dragon Speech Mana Skills?” Bru asked.

Sherlock pondered for a while and replied, “Have you duplicated Eggface’s Dragon Speech Mana Skills?”

“That small Dragon didn’t have any Spiritual defense. After leaving the protection of Huge Dragons, it’s not difficult to enter his mind and duplicate the Dragon Speech Mana Skills. The gamers won’t be able to use the Dragon Speech Mana Skills directly. Coincidentally, the Mandarin language of the otherworld is quite similar to the Dragon Speech, which has Mana potential. Of course, we’ll have to refine the language and Mana. Using the Mandarin language will result in a weaker manifestation of the Dragon Speech Mana Skills, but it’s a good replacement for the lengthy training of Mana Skills.” Bru said.

“The gamers only need to come to me for the duplication of the Dragon Speech Mana Skills incantation and memorize the corresponding Mandarin incantation. Then the gamers can use Lord Sherlock’s Mana to execute Mana Skills. This is a convenient method. Most importantly, the Huge Dragons won’t be able to understand and discover that we’ve stolen the Dragon Speech Mana Skills and come after us.”

“The otherworld is more powerful than I thought. How many Dragon Speech Mana Skills does the little Dragon have? He’s only two years old, so I don’t think he knows a lot.” Sherlock asked.

“He doesn’t know many, only a hundred different Dragon Speech Mana Skills, but for the gamers, they will be sufficient. On this basis, we can create a skills diagram, skill titles, and put a description on the forum. We can add damage values and Mana usage to help the gamers understand better.”

“This sounds good.” Sherlock nodded.

“I believe that with Mana Skills as a new skill set, it will propel the Dungeon to the next level of construction.”

“Actually, I’m quite satisfied with their construction progress…” Sherlock pondered deeply. Then he said, “What you’ve said makes sense. If I can stimulate them to work harder, why not? Just a few seconds ago, I had a concept for them to work even harder.”

“Did Lord Sherlock have another excellent strategy?” Bru asked.

Sherlock stood up, and one of his hands moved as though he was drawing a diagram.

“To create the feel of a game, there must be a ritual. Let them work hard and complete the missions to obtain more Reputation Points that they can use to buy Mana Skills. Hmm, you may create a Mana Skills list with different categories. Put in the Reputation Level and Reputation Points requirements.”

“You are indeed very smart, Lord Sherlock!” Bru complimented.

“But there’s another problem, Lord Sherlock.”

“Hmm? What’s the problem?”

“Because of the young Dragon, once I translate the duplicated Dragon Speech Mana incantations, there’s a bit…” Bru hesitated for a while, then he gave up and said, “I think it’s better for Lord Sherlock to take a look.”

A row of words appeared above the Dungeon Core:

“The hidden Wind Fairy in the air, hark my summoning and come to my side!”

“Fragments of the Nightmare King, liberate the world’s prohibition. The black, frozen, and formless blade shall merge with my power and body to destroy the Godly Spirits!”

“The key of hidden dark powers! Show me your true power. Between our contract, I command you to destroy the seal!”

“Disintegrate, reality! Blossom, synapse! Banish this world!”

Sherlock was silent for a while. Then he said, “These are what the Dragon created as Dragon Speech Mana Skills?”

“From the incantation style, that is so. The more than one hundred Dragon Speech Mana Skills have a similar style.” Bru sounded helpless.

“Will the gamers be able to accept this?” Sherlock sounded awkward.

“Considering their preferences, it shouldn’t be a big problem.” Bru sounded uncertain.

Sherlock nodded and said, “We try it out on a gamer.”

Peasant stood in front of the Dungeon Core.

He was excavating in the Ancestral Ruins and had almost upgraded his Reputation Level to become a Gnome, but a mission notice gave him a shock.

[Hidden Mission, The Way of the Mana Skills

Mission Description: You have been awarded Mana Skills while working hard. Proceed to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall and listen to Lord Sherlock’s suggestion.

Mission Reward: You will learn a Mana Skill.]

Peasant was full of hope as he stood at the Dungeon Core Main Hall. Bru duplicated a Dragon Speech Mana Skill in Peasant’s mind.

[“The hidden Wind Fairy in the air, hark my summoning and come to my side!”]

It was Peasant’s first time learning a Mana Skill. He followed Bru’s instructions and used his Otherworld’s common language to execute the variant Dragon Speech Mana Skill.

“The Wind Fairy hidden in the air, hearken my summoning and cometh to my side!”