Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 121 - Learn Blacksmithing From Me

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Chapter 121: Learn Blacksmithing From Me

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“Spectators! We can see how the short Goblins in full armor appear comical. They charge at each other and don’t dare to antagonize Metal Devourer, who is standing in the middle like a victor. Nobody dares to get close to him as he swings his wooden club… Oh? The Goblins are fighting. They use their swords… Er, to stab each other?”

A male Lizard Man presenter, who was standing on a high stage, overlooked the Goblins killing each other.

The arena became a grotesque massacre ground.

Random voices came from the spectator stands.

“Bro! Impressive!”

“That’s more like it. The Orc and Gnome battle was trash! The Orc lifted his own scalp and flew up! It was too fake.”

“Where did they find such Goblins? Interesting!”

The Lizard Man was stunned. Being a professional, he suppressed his fear and continued speaking.

“We’re seeing a Goblin hack another’s arm and biting the Goblin’s ear. Oh my God, is that a head? It’s flying up? Metal Devourer is leaving the arena! He’s walking towards the resting area. He spoke to the referee and left with him! I have to report this to security! The situation is out of control!”

The tens of spectators were excited by the bloodshed.

The fighting in the arena wasn’t that bloody, at least not spiritually speaking.

The three teams charged towards Arthur and NotWearingPants. They had only run halfway when they noticed that three Goblins didn’t have green names. That meant they were NPCs!

NotWearingPants charged out and shouted to the other gamers, “Please stop. We’ve received a hidden mission. The three of them are Winterfell’s death row inmates. They’re thinking of escaping the prison and finding Sherlie.”

The gamers responded excitedly after hearing NotWearingPants words.

“Why are you so lucky?”

“Where did you receive this mission? What are the rewards?”

“Call me Daddy, otherwise, I’ll kill both of you and your mission will be gone.”

“Wah! That’s vicious. I like it!”

“Let me see if I can hit your mission NPC.”

A gamer hacked at a Hamster with his weapon.

“Zi!” The Hamster was shocked. He wobbled in the loose armor and ran behind Arthur for protection.

Twenty-odd Goblins chatted while the other gamers were still performing a massacre and providing entertainment to the spectators.

Soon, a team of fully armed Orcs rushed into the arena and subdued the fighting gamers.

“Don’t move! Kneel down and hug your heads!”

“Stand there! Did you hear me! Stand right there!”

“Don’t resist!”

“Lord Sherlock…” The fat boss of the arena, the Poison Toadman, looked at the grotesque corpses being carried out of the arena. He was dumbfounded as he looked at Sherlock and said, “What’s this about?”

“Like I’ve said, my Goblins are excellent Gladiators. They’ll bring sizable profits to your arena.”

Sherlock smiled as though he didn’t see his servants’ grotesque corpses.

“No, it’s not about the profits… If someone investigates… the Underworld Labor Union…”

The arena boss looked worried.

Sherlock took a Uranium stick from the boss’ chest pocket. He used Mana to light up the stick and then put it into the boss’ mouth.

“The Underworld was such a wonderful place once. Chaotic and without order. Innovative art erupted everywhere. The rowdy Gladiator Arena was a symbol of unlimited wealth. But now, look at the pathetic Gladiator line. Ai… frankly speaking, I’m a passionate lover of Gladiator fights. I’m in the Dungeon daily, thinking of new and innovative gimmicks for the arena.”

Sherlock pointed at the grotesque corpses of the Goblins and said, “But they’re different. They’re the new age darlings and the hopes of the Gladiator world. Think about it. The Goblins, which are like rapidly multiplying ants, can provide new stimulation to the senses. The spectators will like it. How’s that? My price’s fair, ten Magic Stones for each Goblin. Nobody will lodge complaints and sob over deaths. Nobody will sit on the Beetlemon’s head and harass you.”

The boss took a few puffs of the Uranium stick and spat out a mushroom cloud.

“But the death compensation…”

“Don’t worry, I know your difficulties. Don’t worry about death compensation. But the Goblin’s equipment…” Sherlock lifted up a piece of damaged armor at the side.

“Understand, I fully understand. We’ll take care of the equipment. How can we let Lord Sherlock pay for the equipment?”

The arena boss was full of respect for Sherlock and gave his promise.

Sherlock and the arena boss had another round of intimate discussion. They decided to create their terms and choose a date for a formal contract.

The proceedings went smoothly, just as Sherlock had expected.

“I didn’t expect the Gladiator Arena to be in such a pathetic state. During my time, Gladiatorial combat was a very popular sport,” Bru said nostalgically.

“It was out of my expectations too. I haven’t visited a Gladiator Arena for more than a hundred years. The times are different…” Sherlock sighed and saw the gamer NotWearingPants walking to his side.

“Sherlie.” NotWearingPants said secretively to Sherlock, “We’ve received a hidden mission. Please take a look.”

Sherlock gazed at the secretive NotWearingPants and followed him.

Sherlock saw Arthur, three Goblins without green names, and three unclothed gamers standing in a corner.

Though they were wearing Goblin armor, black and white fur was peeping out from the helmets. The eyes were different from that of Goblins as well. They were Hamsters.

The three Hamsters spoke in voices that suggested inhalation of Helium.

“Lord Sherlock!”

“We’re pitiful!”

“Are there things to eat?”

Arthur stood out and said to the Hamsters, “We’ve completed your request. This is Lord Sherlock of Eternal Kingdom.”

“Eternal Kingdom Dungeon?”

“Lord Sherlock has a Dungeon?”

“Where’s the food?”

The three Hamsters spoke at the same time.

“Pom, pom, pom.”

A slim Goblin named Raintea sat on a pile of soil at the flowerbed.

Little Fairy sat on her bed and looked at the sad Goblin who was sitting in front of a wilted flower and wiping her tears.

This Goblin would always cry silently every time the flowers wilted.

The other gamers observed from a distance. They wanted to console Raintea, but they were wary of Little Fairy spitting at them.

Little Fairy stood up and walked towards the wilted flower.

The gamers retreated when Little Fairy advanced.

She squatted down and used her white fingers to touch the wilted flower, which came back to life after that.

Raintea looked dumbstruck at Little Fairy who rose up, shut her eyes, hugged her arms, and looked proud.

“Humph! It’s not because you’re sad. I saved the flowers because I pitied them. Don’t be mistaken!”

Little Fairy waited for a while, but Raintea didn’t respond. She said, “What a rude Goblin! You’re indeed an evil Underworld creature!”

“Sorry! No, thank you!” Raintea said as she returned to her senses.

“Humph! I don’t intend to keep you as my disciple. You look like someone when you cultivate the plants. Cultivation is not done like that! Fool!”

The surrounding gamers shouted in anger, “Why are you scolding her? She’s my Raintea goddess!”

Little Fairy spat saliva.


The furnace was lit with fire in the Blacksmith Shop as Simba worked on the Diamond Seam. Standard equipment was created like a water flow from the Magic Furnace.

There was a long queue outside. They were the novice gamers waiting to buy equipment.

Simba had dark eye rings as he hadn’t rested for three days. He hadn’t even smoked for three days!

He didn’t have time. Since the novice gamers arrived, the stockpiled equipment was all sold. The Goblin worked like crazy excavating and carrying bricks. Once they received bronze coins, they came to him to buy equipment.

They were thin with hunger and looked as though a breeze would blow them away. Why did they not buy food? Why were they suffering from hunger? They should buy food to eat and a bed to rest!

What was the use of buying equipment? Were they able to be Gladiators?


He hammered extremely hard as he felt angrier the more he thought about it. Why did he have to work harder than the Goblins with a pittance?

He looked at the Goblin, SealHeadLingChong, in front of him. He was taken aback.

Yes! The crazy workaholic Goblins!


“Ah?” SealHeadLingChong was stunned as he gazed at Simba who hailed him.

“You look pretty. Why don’t you learn Blacksmithing from me?” Simba asked.


The group of Goblins behind rushed forward.

“Teach me! I want to learn Blacksmithing!”