Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 120 - The Tournament Starts

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Chapter 120: The Tournament Starts

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In the dark and damp room, only two horizontal benches were placed at the walls.

The walls, which were made of bricks, were crawling with strange vines and a layer of green lichen.

A rusted metal door was at the room entrance, and outside the room was a tunnel that shimmered with some lights. There was faint shouting and clapping coming from outside the tunnel.

“It’s the five of you. Are all of you present?”

The Gnome holding a script looked at the Goblins, who didn’t respond. He said impatiently, “Okay, I know you’re not so smart. I’ll say it once, so listen up. When you go out and see Metal Devourer, don’t be afraid. Attack for a while before fleeing. Of course, it’s best if you don’t flee.”

The Gnome said, “If you can last until the end without fleeing, once it ends, each of you gets a clay chicken.”

“Wait, can I have a clay chicken now?” a fully armored and helmed “Goblin” raised his hand and asked.

This “Goblin” looked strange. From the gap in the helmet, black and white fur peeped out. It looked like a furball was stuffed into the helmet.

Who would do such a thing?

Another Goblin pulled his hand down and said firmly, “No, you can’t.”

The Gnome glared at the Goblins and said, “You’re here for a Gladiator fight, not crosstalk!”

The Gnome muttered softly, “How can I do my job? Goblins are being used as Gladiators…”

The crowd started roaring as though someone was cheering. The host started speaking.

“Ladies and gentlemen! The next wrestling match is the most anticipated event. After Metal Devourer defeated Big Rock Johnson, he has to face more challengers without time for rest and healing. He doesn’t even get the chance to go to the toilet! He will be fighting continuously against 50… what? It’s not continuous? Let me see. Oh, oh, it’s like this…”

The rowdiness outside erupted again.

The host quickly said, “He’ll battle 50 Goblins at once! For Metal Devourer and the Goblins, whoever defeats ten contestants will receive a sizeable prize! A high-end, custom-made, and rare piece of equipment! Gladiators! Fight hard!”

The Gnome unlocked the chains and said to the five Goblins, “Good! It’s your turn! Fight courageously! With more violence! The spectators love that.”

The Gnome opened the metal door.

Two Goblins unsheathed their Short Swords and advanced as the other three Goblins trembled in fear.

They walked out of the dark tunnel, and the lights became brighter as the noise became louder.

It was the cheering of the crowd.

Arthur instinctively grasped the hilt of his sword tightly, and NotWearingPants inhaled deeply.

“I didn’t expect the game’s PVP to be so realistic. My blood’s boiling…”

“Don’t forget our Strange Encounter Mission,” Arthur said to NotWearingPants.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. When the others see the three NPCs without names, they won’t attack us.”

Arthur shook his head and said, “That might not be the case.”

The three wobbling “Goblins” behind Arthur and NotWearingPants were three Hamsters stuffed forcibly into armor. The Hamsters walked slower and slower.

“Koo loo…”

The three Hamsters swallowed hard.

When they arrived at the end of the tunnel, they were met with bright lights. The five of them squinted their eyes at the eye-piercing brilliance, and they were unable to see the spectators.

The cheering by the side of their ears indicated what the arena was like…

Where was their opponent?

NotWearingPants became used to the bright lights. He blinked.

In front of him was a circular Roman Gladiator Arena that could accommodate tens of thousands of creatures. In the spectator stands were tens of creatures dispersed all around.

The spectators looked so tiny, like the floating bubbles of the ocean.

But the cheering was very clear and distinct.

“Hey, why are you standing there like fools? Fight, we’re getting tired.”

In the corner of the spectator stand was a Skeleton wearing a shirt. He was shouting at the dazed Goblins.

In front of the Skeleton was an object similar to a crystal ball. NotWearingPants was sure he had seen that before in the Ancient Ruins, but the actual details were different.

Those noises seemed to emanate from the crystal ball.

“Ka cha, ka cha…”

NotWearingPants heard the strange sounds. The particles of clay fell in front of them.

He lifted his head and gazed at the nearby spectator stand.

A fat Gnome was sitting in a nearby spectator stand. He was holding a bucket of clay and was eating and making “Ka cha” sounds. In the two seats beside him were various tidbits.

There was a small gnome to the side. On his head was a handmade green cap, which was made of beast skin. He was wearing bell-bottomed pants and holding an unknown red beverage.

“Dad, why are there Goblins?”

“Ah… perhaps they have cash flow problems since the Gladiator Arena hasn’t been popular for the past few years. However, the arena has its charm,” the fat Gnome said listlessly.

“Father, I don’t want to watch. It’s not exciting. It’s fake. Can we play with other stuff? It’s not easy for you to have a holiday with me. Dad, I want to play the Sky Dragon!”

The little Gnome made a racket.

“Ai? But Dad likes wrestling… Okay, okay. Let’s go and play Sky Dragon.”

The fat Gnome wanted to watch the Gladiator Fight, but the little Gnome insisted, so he stood up reluctantly and started putting away his food.

There were two less spectators.

NotWearingPants lowered his head, and the shouting and cheering of the crowd rang in his ears. They were created using Mana since there were only tens of spectators.

All of this made NotWearingPants confused. The more he thought, the more terrified he felt. The more he thought, the more he felt—anger!

He discovered a truth of this realistic game!

“Are the game producers toying with us? Creating such a scene and making a Lich play music in front of us. Are they taunting us as ‘Silly Goblins?’ You’re such weak creatures and want to have millions of spectators? Go and fly kites! It must be like that. D*mn!”

“I don’t know…” Arthur looked dumbfounded.

In the arena, the gamers continuously shouted.

“Lousy game producers! D*mn you!”

“D*mn you! My blood’s boiling!”

“Is it meaningful to create such a scene to taunt us?”

“Be humane! Lousy game producers!”

“I’m going to the discussion forum to smear you to death, you silly dude!”

And other similar curses.

The three Hamsters heard the shouts that were filled with killing intent. They squirmed their necks in their helmets… They were unable to squirm any further.

Though the gamers were unhappy to see the dismal spectators, the Gladiator mission was still ongoing, so they were unable to go offline and post on the discussion forum.

Who knew if the mission would be ongoing if they went offline? It was a mission with a title reward. Only 50 of them were selected from the 2,100 gamers.

According to the presenter, if they defeated ten opponents, they could obtain a special and custom-made piece of equipment!

Custom-made equipment! Could it be Purple Legendary equipment?

The gamers were unhappy with the scene production. If it wasn’t the only Virtual Reality Online Game, they would rage quit! Lousy game producers! At least, that was how they felt. However, they yearned for Purple Legendary equipment.

Everyone was preparing for a bitter battle.

At that instant, a Wyvern flew by, and his screeching reverberated in the entire arena.


The Wyvern bellowed and swooped down rapidly. A strong and fully armed Gnome jumped down from the back of the Wyvern.


The Gnome landed using the most effective method—with knees on the ground.

“I’m—Metal Devourer! Nobody can defeat me! Ao!”

If his knees weren’t on the ground, it would be a very imposing entrance.

The cheering of the crowd became louder.

The fat Gnome who was putting away his food laughed a few times before sighing.

“Ai, I’ve seen this show for tens of years, yet I feel it’s interesting. The youngsters nowadays like violence, bloodshed, and excitement. It’s…”

“Dad! Let’s go! I want to play Sky Dragon!” The little Gnome urged his father.

Then, the fat Gnome left the arena with his son.

“Ladies! Gentlemen! The most anticipated moment has arrived! Will the Goblins have the final victory? Or will our Metal Devourer wipe them clean? Let’s wait and see!”

“Make haste and fight!”

“Make haste!”

“I want to see bloodshed! Bloodshed!”

“Fight! Don’t waste our tickets!”

With only four shouts from the spectator stands, the other spectators seemed rather civilized.

A few gamers started shifting. There were three teams, and they shifted towards Arthur.

“Be careful. They’re going to get rid of us,” Arthur grasped his Short Sword and said to NotWearingPants.

“Zi—?” The three Hamsters let out nervous cries.