Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 12 - Little Fairy (Part One)

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Chapter 12: Little Fairy (Part One)

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“Is this a Fairy? Can we choose this race?”

“I don’t think so. According to NotWearingPants, this is a Surface World’s race, so we won’t be able to select it.”

Who? Who is speaking?

“I heard that this Fairy will be our future life skills tutor!”

“Life skills? Which one?”

“Horticulture. Didn’t you see that the excavated areas were filled with a well and greenhouse? We received the ‘Take care of the Fairy’ missions. Arthur and NotWearingPants completed the chain missions before Sherlie brought back the little Fairy.”

“How do we take care of her? We don’t know what she eats. Does she eat soil?”

Chain mission? Life skill tutor? Who are these people? Where am I? Ah, yes… I was taken to the Devil’s Dungeon…

“Sherlie said she feeds on flowers. A lot of us had missions to find flowers.”

“Hope she does not starve to death. If she dies and the mission fails, won’t we be unable to learn life skills?”

“Possibly… the gamers are back! Quickly, make haste! The little Fairy is not going to make it!”

Am I dying? It is better to die than to be tortured by those Dungeon monsters…

The little Fairy felt her consciousness slipping away. Someone put shredded things into her mouth and she was surrounded by people who were chatting. She could not think anymore as she slipped into a deep coma.

As the night was getting late, more and more gamers bid farewell to each other and went “offline”. They went to go find a good spot to sleep. Their bodies were sleeping, but their souls returned to the otherworld. Bru called this “offline”.

Sherlock walked around his Dungeon that had doubled in size in two days with the gamers’ effort. They had excavated the food storage room and were in the initial cleaning stage. The room was not paved with stones yet. Neither were the walls covered with bricks. Once Simba completed the hundred sets of equipment, he would make some chisels and hammers. Then, the gamers could use these tools to pave the ground and roads with stone slabs and create brick walls.

Though his Dungeon looked rundown, he could envision his Dungeon becoming as grand as Winterfell, perhaps even grander.

Besides building the Main Hall for storing food, Sherlock intended to construct a Rest Chamber for the gamers as it was not a good sight to see them lying all over the place. The original space for the Rest Chamber was used for the flowerbed and the well. The Stone Golems would be spending two days constructing the facilities.

The Winterfell Fairy’s condition deteriorated. Since arriving at the Dungeon, she had been in a coma. According to the Gnome shopkeeper, she was trying to kill herself through starvation.

Sherlock had assigned ‘Take care of the Fairy’ missions through Bru. Some gamers fed her water, while others looked for flowers. Some even performed full body massages on the Fairy according to instructions from a gamer who was a professional masseur with an advanced masseur license.

Though the little Fairy was still in coma, her condition steadily improved. She would awake very soon.

As for the Fairy’s unwillingness to cultivate herbs and make medicines, it was a small issue for Sherlock. He had lots of time to spend with her. Persuasion was his specialty! It was a basic course for a Devil!

Sherlock put aside the issue of the Fairy and went to Simba to arrange for making chisels, hammers and pickaxes. The hammers and pickaxes required wood for its handles. Wood could be obtained from underground forests, the Surface World’s forest or bought from the Bazaar. Though it was only a day’s journey to the Surface World, Sherlock did not want to take the risk to venture out in the Surface World. If the Humans discovered him and sent an army or adventurers to the Dungeon, he would be in great trouble.

Sherlock’s Dungeon did not have much defensive capability and the entrance maze had not yet been constructed to repulse invaders. Sherlock had combat power, but he was unable to repulse tens of Grand Priests. He bought the Dungeon with a lot of money so he had to be careful and avoid trouble.

Sherlock intended to spend a few days to look for Underground Forests. If he could not find any, he would not produce the pickaxes. Instead, he would produce chisels and hammers without handles. It would be more tiring for the gamers, but it would help him save money!

There were only tens of gamers working late into the night in the Dungeon. Sherlock made the necessary arrangements and returned to the Dungeon Core Main Hall. He used the computer to access the official website and discussion forum. Yesterday’s post on the new opened area had garnered 80,000 replies, while the forum’s posts had attained 200,000 within two days. It was impossible for him to read all the posts.

Sherlock only browsed through the first few pages of posts which contained the gamers’ speculation of the Dungeon. Some were begging for the Beta Tester status. He found NotWearingPants’ latest post, which was called [“Dungeon:Eternal Kingdom” Future possibility of releasing the hidden location: Winterfell!]

NotWearingPants was a Beta Gamer and a famous Upload Master. The posts he published had garnered a lot of views. Within an hour, there were thousands of replies.

Sherlock started reading NotWearingPants’ post.

“Greetings, I am the Beta Gamer NotWearingPants. ╰(*°▽°*)╯

As everyone knows, ‘Dungeon:Eternal Kingdom’ opened up a new area: Spiders’ Lair. Let’s talk about this new area. Only I, Arthur, BurningChestHair, Sylvanas, and Sakuranomiya Cat Demon ventured into the Spiders’ Lair. Within ten minutes, we were annihilated.

With Arthur’s bravery, he killed an Underground Spider and unlocked a hidden mission.

We found a strange metal ball in the Spider’s carcass. Fortunately, both I and Arthur received the mission to follow Dungeon Lord Sherlie to another new area. That new area is the title in the post: Winterfell!

It’s not the Winterfell from ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. It’s only a coincidence that the names are the same. The Winterfell is such a flourishing town that I am unable to describe it with words. The main point is that I saw unpublished contents of the game. It was a real life Sword and Magic world. The real life does not mean the graphic quality. The different races and the society structure were like that of a real world, especially the NPCs. They were not repetitive AIs and did not repeat the same words or actions. Each NPC was like a real character with his own life. I can’t imagine the number of servers required to store the vast amount of content.

I am guessing that the Winterfell is like our Dungeon in which things can be moved. As I was following the Dungeon Lord all the way, I had no chance to explore the surroundings.

I don’t have much information on Winterfell. I do have several screenshots of Winterfell. Please take a look!

(Picture, Picture, More pictures…)

This game retained its principle of 100% reality. The same goes for Winterfell. With the screenshots, everyone will have some inkling of Winterfell. Trust me, this is only the tip of an iceberg. I hope that Winterfell will be open for us to explore.

I will explain the ways of entering and exiting Winterfell. Only Sherlie was able to bring us there and back. I have not found any direct path from the Dungeon to Winterfell. Those who are thinking of hiking to Winterfell or entering the town via a BUG can forget about trying. Do you think there would be a BUG for you to enter Winterfell in such a stellar game?

That is all I can say about Winterfell as I have only been there once for less than two hours. But I can tell you seriously that there are many more races in the game. It’s stunning. There were also other aspects of the game such as Mana, transportation, buildings, skills and commerce transactions. Though they are not yet available to us, once they are ready, I cannot imagine how it will be like. To me, it is no longer a game. We can experience Sword and Magic as a second life!

To sum it up, I am impressed beyond words.

I will continue to publish my current tested settings. As this is my personal opinion, the final settings should be referenced with the official website’s released settings.

First point: I mentioned attributes yesterday. Regardless of combat status, there is no attribute panel. Strength, intelligence, agility and crit rate don’t exist. After exploring the Spiders’ Lair, I understand why there are no numerical attributes in the game.

The capability of the gamers is not determined by these numerical attributes! It depends on the gamer! For example, the intelligence you have in real life will be the same intelligence you have in the game. The strength of the Goblin in the game depends on your personal strength. To become stronger, you have to carry more bricks and do more work! After two days of labor, I feel that I have become stronger.

Second point: In the Dungeon, besides Simba, there is another little Fairy who will be responsible for cultivating medicinal herbs and producing medicines. However, she was not willing to work for the Dungeon as her race was in conflict with the Dungeon races. I guess it is another hidden mission. Ambitious gamers can try their hands on the Fairy NPC to see if this hidden mission can be accomplished. There might be a huge reward for it. Let’s try our best!

Third point: We could outfit ourselves with weapons and armor today. They are different from characters as they have detailed attributes, including Attack, Defense, Strength and Weight. For details, please refer to the pictures and attributes.

(Picture, Picture.)

[Hiltless Diamond Short Sword (Ordinary White Equipment)

Damage: 0–10

Weight: 10

Durability: 10

Forger: Blacksmith Simba

Required Reputation: Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom Reputation Level 1 (Basic Level)

Dungeon Eternal Kingdom’s most commonly seen weapon. Forged from Diamond Seam.]

An information panel appeared beside the armor:

[Diamond Armor (Ordinary White Equipment)

Defense: 10

Weight: 20

Durability: 10

Forger: Blacksmith Simba

Required Reputation: Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom Reputation Level 1 (Basic Level)

Dungeon Eternal Kingdom’s most commonly seen equipment. Forged from Diamond Seam.]

The equipment was very expensive, and both pieces together cost 600 bronze coins. However, future merchants can earn money in the game as rich gamers can purchase the bronze coins directly.

Fourth point: There is a new Reputation setting today. Besides receiving coins as rewards, one can also receive Reputation. The current Reputation System is used as a requirement for buying equipment. From the above two pictures, I feel that it is similar to the concept of levels. There might be more uses for it in the future. Once the game is in Open Beta, everyone has to work harder in the missions to obtain Reputation. Prepare to sacrifice your soul!

The content above is what I thought of after I going offline in the game. These few days, everyone has been working hard on the missions to earn bronze coins for buying the equipment. I estimate that tomorrow, we will be able to form a group to explore the Spiders’ Lair. If there are only a few of us, we will not be able to defeat the Spiders. It was extremely terrifying since the Spiders are so realistic. I still have goosebumps.

I am going to sleep as I have to continue my missions tomorrow morning and earn coins for my equipment. I want to join the next expedition group to explore the Spiders’ Lair! I also want to see if the little Fairy has a hidden mission for me. Everyone, rest early. I will take a look at your replies tomorrow night. Goodbye!”

Sherlock finished reading the opening post and was about to read the comments when a gamer ran excitedly to the outside of the Dungeon Core Main Hall and shouted, “Dungeon Lord! The little Fairy is awake!”