Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 117 - The Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena Welcomes You

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Chapter 117: The Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena Welcomes You

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“Gosh! Did you receive the mission?”

“What mission?”

“I received it! The Calling of the Gladiator Arena: The Start of the Tournament! The mission reward has a title!”

“Why did you get a mission, but I didn’t?”

“I guess it’s assigned based on looks.”

“Perhaps those with Knight Rider and Godly looks will have priority?”

Arthur looked at the mission in his mind as the gamers at his side conversed.

[Mission Title: The Calling of the Gladiator Arena: The Start of the Tournament!

Mission Description: The Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena is the famous tournament center in the North, and it has always been a sacred place of Gladiators. Many Gladiators dream of having the chance to showcase their superb skills in the arena!

Mission Objective: Proceed to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall to look for Lord Sherlock and follow him to the Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena. There will be a selection test at the arena. (There is no death penalty for this mission)

Mission Reward: Gamers who completed the mission will obtain the title “Gladiator.”

Mission Start Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes]

At the First Beta Gamers’ Living Quarters, more and more veteran gamers received this special mission.

The gamers who didn’t receive the mission were feeling sour.

The veteran gamers who received the mission gathered together to discuss it.

The mission objective was vague and the contents general. What should they do if they lost?

The reward was a title!

Though Arthur was reticent, he listened to the gamers who voluntarily gathered around him to talk.

Since the mission hadn’t started, there could be clues to be collected. Though there weren’t many NPCs, they could still try asking.

After their discussion ended, they ran towards the Kitchen.

“Mufasa! Do you know about the Northern Gladiator Arena?”

“What? You don’t want clay? I just deducted the cost of the clay. Can… can you pass me your Magic Stone card? Let me give you a refund. Sorry, what did you say just now? Sausage? I don’t have such food!”

“No, we’re asking you if you know about the Northern Gladiator Arena.”

“What? You want clay now? Didn’t you say that you didn’t want it? Did I deduct your money? I just took your Magic Stone card. You aren’t buying? Okay, okay, I’ll refund you the money… Sorry, what were you saying again?”



A gamer called NotDoingNotDying, who was in underpants, fell to the ground. He gradually disintegrated and vanished.

The gamers saw a system announcement in their minds.

[The gamer “NotDoingNotDying” flouted the Dungeon rules by cheating Lord Sherlock of 10 bronze coins. His account was terminated.]

The gamers at the side became silent.

The First Beta Gamers arrived at the Blacksmith Shop. They saw Simba being surrounded by the novice gamers, and the green veins on his temple were about to burst.

They went to the Training Ground and saw Moroes conducting training.

“Make haste! You are the worst trainees that I have ever taught!”

They didn’t obtain any information after they made their rounds. As for Little Fairy, she didn’t have any other communication methods aside from spitting saliva and cursing.

The mission was about to start.

Sherlock looked at the tens of gamers gathered at the entrance of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. There were some First Beta Gamers and many Second Beta Gamers spectating at the sides.

The spectating gamers didn’t receive the mission. They were just watching.

They were discussing this PVP preparatory mission. They only chatted for a while before they couldn’t speak.

Sherlock walked out from the Dungeon Core Main Hall and exerted his dominant aura so that the gamers couldn’t speak.

“Are you the chosen warriors?”

Sherlock looked at the gamers who were standing before him and said, “Very good, you look like worthy warriors. The Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena invited us to participate in their tournament, or rather… performance? This is a good chance to increase the reputation of Eternal Kingdom. You have to buck up.”

Sherlock finished speaking and walked towards the Teleport Portal.

“Follow me, warriors.”

The dominant aura of the Devil vanished, and the gamers followed behind Sherlock. The gamers without the mission also followed. What if they managed to slip in?

“Come close to me, warriors.” Sherlock stood at the Teleport Portal and ordered as the gamers edged closer.

Dragonborn was being squeezed in the group. TakeASpearHit, who was at the side, said excitedly, “Gosh, let’s squeeze over to Sherlie’s side. What if we are teleported too?”

TakeASpearHit was still a distance from Sherlie. Dragonborn was even further away.

Sherlock’s Mana engulfed the 50 gamers. After a flash of brilliance, Sherlock and the 50 gamers vanished. They had left Eternal Kingdom via the Teleport Portal.

TakeASpearHit was disappointed and sighed with dissatisfaction like the rest of the gamers. Then he said, “Aiya, I thought there would be a loophole. I didn’t expect the Teleport Portal to be that precise. Then, creatures will not be able to… Dragonborn?”

TakeASpearHit discovered something was amiss because Dragonborn was not at his side.

“Who are you? Where’s Dragonborn?”

“I’m SealHeadLingChong! He was teleported, you silly dude!”

Sherlock and the 50 Goblins appeared at the Winterfell VIP Teleport Portal Main Hall.

Of the 50 Goblins, 49 of them had been there before, though it was only for a few seconds.

But it was the first time for one of the Goblins.

A Second Beta Gamer in underpants with the word “Dragonborn” above his head.


Dragonborn looked awkwardly at the surrounding veteran gamers.

He was the only Goblin in underpants in the group of fully-armed veterans. It was very embarrassing.

“Little Bro, what’s the situation…”

“Do you have the mission, or did you slip in?”

“Is the selection for the mission based on looks?”

“Impossible, the rest are all First Beta Gamers. He’s the only novice gamer.”

The group of gamers talked noisily. They felt there was a problem, but Sherlock didn’t think that there was an issue.

The NPCs didn’t care about this!

That was what everyone thought.

Everyone believed that Dragonborn didn’t receive the mission and that he slipped in accidentally due to a BUG. The atmosphere became more relaxed. The group of gamers started talking in front of Dragonborn.

But Dragonborn quickly explained, “No, I received the mission.”

The veteran gamers were stunned, but they quickly accepted the fact since there was no rule that excluded the novice gamers.

Sherlock didn’t say anything. He led the gamers out of the VIP Teleport Portal Main Hall and walked to the Winterfell Beetlemon Rental Center.

There were a few gamers who would wander around exploring, but if they left Sherlock’s side by more than ten meters, a notice would appear in their heads.

[You are deviating from the Mission Location. The mission is going to fail. 5, 4, 3…]

The other gamers immediately grabbed the lost sheep and followed closely behind Sherlock.

Bru had a reason for selecting Dragonborn.

“This gamer received professional wrestling training and is a wrestling lover. His Weapon Level is exactly at the 50th position. Moreover, his name is pretty good, and he is suitable as a model Gladiator.”

A huge Beetlemon darted rapidly in the tunnel and emitted “Pa ta, pa ta” sounds.

Occasionally, other Beetlemons overtook it and vice versa.

A group of 50 Goblins sat on the seats that were on top of the Beetlemon. They were fastened with safety belts.

In front of the seats was the emotionless Sherlock. The 50 Goblins were chatting by his ears.

“What? You’re a mathematician? IT is a promising career.”

“Graduation is a failure. According to my seniors in the same career path, there aren’t many doing this after graduation.”

“It’s the same for my career path too…”

“What’s your career?”


“The career prospects are dim.”

“Are you graduates? Am I the only weak gal with nothing?”

“I don’t believe your crap. I almost believed you.”

“Vanas Bro, stop talking. Nobody believes you.”

“Arthur Bro, look at them! They’re bullying me.”

The group of gamers chatted while Dragonborn sat at the side obediently. Nobody knew him, and nobody chatted with him.

The veteran gamers didn’t know him and didn’t speak to him.

Arthur and Sherlock didn’t speak a word either.

Arthur had been reticent. As for Sherlock, he was tired, emotionally tired.

Look at Arthur, he hasn’t said a word. If only every gamer was like him, that would be wonderful. Sherlock couldn’t help thinking about it.

The good thing was that they had arrived at their destination.

The Beetlemon ran towards a Roman Colosseum-like building with a huge sign that said, “The Northern Underground World Gladiator Arena welcomes you.”