Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 111 - What Am I Doing?

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Chapter 111: What Am I Doing?

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In the spacious Main Hall, candlelights that were lit up by Mana were hung from the rough walls.

Stretched shadows formed on walls that were constructed from rocks. Rowdy chattering voices mixed together to form intelligible noises like a group of flies buzzing around.

Mana simulated candle lights lit up a Skeleton with a gray cloak. The shadowed skull was a classic textbook illustration.

As the camera edged closer to the eye sockets, one could feel a strange emotion…

“Is the Skeleton crying?”

A Goblin, TarotTraitor, whose height was at the Skeleton’s thigh, asked a nearby Goblin who was wearing armor and wielding a Short Sword.

The Goblin, Peasant, looked at TarotTraitor and said, “Novice, your silly behavior has attracted my attention, but there’s a long queue behind you. Do you want to die?”

The Goblins in the queue looked and shouted out loud.

“Make haste, make haste!”

“Make haste and die! Don’t take your sweet time to die! I’m thinking of taking pictures with Blacksmith Simba!”

“What pictures? The veterans said the Blacksmith Shop wasn’t one of the items in the introduction tour. Don’t you intend to improve your equipment in the future?”

TarotTraitor quickly said, “Die, die, die, quick, quick, quick.”

“Adjust your pain threshold to zero, otherwise, don’t blame me for the pain.”

After Peasant finished speaking, he stabbed his sword at TarotTraitor.

TarotTraitor didn’t struggle. He merely moaned for a few seconds before he fell to the ground dead.

“Brainiac, please help to revive him,” Peasant said to the Skeleton.

Brainiac lifted his hand, and Mana filled TarotTraitor’s body. The fatal wound on his back was healed.

Within a few seconds, TarotTraitor climbed up swiftly. He looked dazed at the pool of blood on the ground. Before he had a chance to speak, the Goblins behind shouted some more.

“Gosh, this Revival Mechanism is very cool!”

“How did the game pass the censorship screening?”

“I can’t see from the back. What’s the situation?”

“Don’t be impatient. It’ll be your turn to die soon.”

The buzzing sound of the chatting gamers became louder in the room.

Brainiac turned his head and looked at his grave. Two Goblins were using their hands to dig at his tomb.

A Goblin was using all his might to bite his locked chest.

A few Goblins were examining the rock walls as though they were searching for something.

The Goblins were wandering around inside the house. Together with a queue of Goblins waiting to die, it presented a strange scene.

“Brainiac, please help to revive him,” Peasant shouted once again.

Brainiac lifted his hand while his listless eye sockets gazed at a faraway place.

He took out his journal silently and wrote:

“40: All behavioral and mental research and conclusions are invalidated.

41: What am I doing?”

“Get lost—! Devils—!”

Little Fairy screamed at the surrounding Goblins and spat violently.


The saliva flew and landed on SealHeadLingChong’s head.

“Am I considered lucky?”

TakeASpearHit stood at the side and glanced at SealHeadLingChong.

None of the Goblins dared to get within 20 meters of Little Fairy. Little Fairy’s mouth was like a water gun that could fire up to tens of meters away.

Who knew how that petite body could shoot that far?

But there was an exception. And that was the veteran gamer, Raintea.

She was different from other First Beta Gamers. Some of them were famous for their combat prowess, some were notable for their detailed Strategy Guides, some were popular for their ingenious inventions, but Raintea was famous for her plant cultivation.

A Goblin who could depend on her own capability to cultivate plants and stand intact next to Little Fairy, who was one of the ten Dungeon mysteries. She was a qualified veteran, indeed.

Raintea stood at the flowerbed and looked at the surrounding gamers who were chatting about her, Little Fairy, and the precious plants in the Dungeon.

On the discussion forum, Raintea was thought to be the only Goblin who could trigger the hidden Fairy’s Plot.

Little Fairy didn’t despise Raintea. Otherwise, she would have been drowned by saliva at that proximity.

“Ai, it’s a pity that I don’t have a weapon to slash at Little Fairy,” a Goblin called LeatherBear said with regret.

“Even if you had a weapon, these NPCs can’t be slashed since they don’t have a health bar. Why do you think that Simba, the Blacksmith, is still intact? If they had health bars, even Sherlie could be slashed!” a Goblin with a Short Bow, Sylvanas, shouted firmly.

“Sister Vanas!”

“A friend of the enemy!”

“Sister Na!”

The new novices were familiar with the name Sylvanas since they were active on the discussion forum for the past two months. Sylvanas was a rich gamer and had the character setting [Double Zero Beauty Queen (?) Fragrant Breath], so she attracted lots of fanboys.

Many people accused her of being a man in disguise. One of them was NotWearingPants.

If she was truly rich and beautiful, who wouldn’t want a rich Lola? A person could work for a hundred years less!

Sylvanas’ appearance relieved Little Fairy’s “Pressure.” Many gamers fawned over Sylvanas and asked to take pictures with her.

The feeling was similar to doing a mission in an online game, abruptly noticing the rich Guild Leader of the most power Guild, and realizing he was sitting dazed on the only ride in the game.

While Sylvanas was interacting happily with the gamers, Raintea was at a loss. There were too many gamers.

Arthur was tapping his shield nearby.

The sounds of colliding metal made the chatty gamers quiet down.

Arthur said to the crowd, “Go, go to the kitchen.”