Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 11 - Purchases

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Chapter 11: Purchases

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After appraising the metal ball, he put it on the table. NotWearingPants carried the metal ball carefully in his arms as though he was protecting a treasure. He did not mind the fact that the ball had been licked by the shopkeeper.

“This item is actually an Ancient Ruin’s key. I didn’t expect us to trigger the preparatory mission for our future Instance Dungeon conquest,” NotWearingPants muttered to Arthur. “I must add this point in tonight’s Strategy Guide.”

The shopkeeper ignored their nonsensical ramblings and said, “Though it’s an Ancient Ruin’s key, it’s not clear what ruin it is for, so I can’t give you a high price. I’m unable to confirm its use, so I can only give you 5,000 Magic Stones for it!”

Sherlock beckoned Arthur and NotWearingPants to leave. If he could find the location of the Ancient Ruin, the key would fetch 50,000 Magic Stones. If he sold at 5,000 Magic Stones, it would be a major loss for him.

The shopkeeper was worried when he saw Sherlock leaving. He blocked Sherlock’s path in front of him and smiled. “Devil Lord, we can discuss the price further. I’m willing to raise the price to 6,000 Magic Stones in addition to a small present.”

As Sherlock was about to decline, the shopkeeper raised his finger and said quickly, “I know what the Devil Lord wants to say. You intend to find this Ancient Ruin, but to find the location of the ruin based on the key is very difficult. If you aren’t skilled in Archeology and Mana, even if you search for a hundred years, you won’t be able to find it unless you engage professionals. If you look for professionals, the cost is far greater than the value of the key. It won’t be worth it for you. Why don’t you sell it to me? If I find the Ancient Ruin, I am willing to share the exploration rights with you! 6,000 Magic Stones, together with a small present and the shared Ancient Ruin’s exploration rights! That’s my greatest offer.”

Sherlock did a quick mental calculation and considered the shopkeeper’s words. If he looked for the Ancient Ruin himself, he would not be able to afford it. It was better to let the shopkeeper search for the Ancient Ruin. When it was found, perhaps he could explore the ruin and find valuable items.

“That’s possible, but I would like to take a look at your present. If it’s an ordinary item I’m not satisfied with, then I’ll ask for 10,000 Magic Stones and Ancient Ruin’s exploration rights.”

“Devil Lord, it’s shared Ancient Ruin’s exploration rights.” The shopkeeper was afraid that Sherlock was twisting his words, so he emphasized the sharing of the rights. Then, he went to the back of the shop and said, “Please wait a while. I’m taking out the small present, which is extremely valuable.”

The shopkeeper pushed out a cage that imprisoned a Fairy with a translucent pair of wings. The Fairy was about the same size as a Goblin and emitted a faint glow. Clothed in flowers and leaves, the female Fairy curled herself up at the opposite corner of the cage in fear. The cage was not very large, and she occupied almost half the space.

“This little Fairy from the Tree of Life is knowledgeable in medicinal herbs and specializes in making medicines. Her cultivated herbs have magical effects when eaten raw and can be used as a high quality alchemy material. She can also use the simplest material to produce the highest quality medicine with great economic value. However, she’s… obstinate. Since arriving here, she has refused to talk, cultivate herbs and produce medicines. Recently, she started a hunger strike and intends to starve herself to death. Rather than letting her die at my place, it’s better that I give her to you as a gift, Devil Lord. A dead Fairy is not worth a cent.”

The shopkeeper pushed the Fairy in front of Arthur.

The Fairy looked at the trio of Sherlock, Arthur and NotWearingPants and her fear became even more intense. Two Goblins, a Devil Lord and possibly a Dungeon full of vile creatures awaited her. She could not imagine how she was going to survive and closed her eyes in terror, trembling.

According to Sherlock’s standards of beauty, the small Fairy was not beautiful and looked strange with multiple colors. However, Sherlock felt that a Fairy who could cultivate medicinal herbs and produce medicines could be useful.

Arthur and NotWearingPants had never seen a Fairy before. NotWearingPants was especially curious about her. He walked around her a few times.

Sherlock and the shopkeeper came to an agreement. The shopkeeper drafted a contract and both of them signed on it. Then, they shook their hands. A Magical Seal appeared at their held hands and the agreement was completed.

Sherlock took his part of the contract and left behind his address for the shopkeeper to contact him. The shopkeeper transferred 6,000 Magic Stones to Sherlock’s personal card while Arthur took over the caged Fairy. NotWearingPants handed over the Ancient Ruin’s key reluctantly to the shopkeeper who put it away carefully before sending them off warmly.

Sherlock was moved when he looked at his personal card. At least, he had enough Magic stones for Simba’s salary and some food. The Eternal Kingdom was keeping a hundred Goblins. Though he had opened up the Spiders’ Lair to let them hunt for food, the Goblins did not have combat experience. It would take some time for them to obtain a reliable supply of food from the Spiders’ Lair.

Sherlock had 6,000 Magic Stones, which was a considerable amount. Life was full of twists and turns. Who would have thought that the Spiders’ Lair beside his Dungeon had such a treasure? With the money in his hands, he was able to shop with confidence. Sherlock bought the necessary food and a number of Teleport Scrolls. Then, he entered a shop called [Secret Garden] that was filled with rotting plants.

From its appearance, this was a horticulture shop.

Sherlock entered the shop and left Arthur and NotWearingPants outside since they had too many things. It was not convenient for them to enter. Sherlock was also concerned about their safety, so he ordered them to stay outside the shop. They were unwilling, but since it was an order from the Dungeon Lord, they could not resist.

“Ah, I would like to see what’s inside…” NotWearingPants sighed as Sherlock went into [Secret Garden].

The shop was filled with various strange plants. A plant with tentacle suction pads was growing out from a huge flower pot. Flowers as tall as humans were chewing incessantly. The rhizomes were leaking crimson blood, while green vines with sharp spikes wound around a goat. The spikes were inserted into the goat’s body, and liquid was flowing in the stem tubes…

What a peaceful and warm scene! Sherlock felt as he looked at the cute little plants.

“Welcome, welcome! We have new arrivals and medium to large potted plants suitable for enjoyment during afternoon teas!” A Tauren with an apron was trimming a vine plant that was feeding on a goat. He cut off the vines that were too long. The plant immediately curled up and squashed the carried goat out of shape. It was fortunate that the goat was already dead and did not have to suffer immensely. The cut vine convulsed on the ground in pain as though it were a snake whose head had been cut off.

“My Dungeon requires a new flowerbed that is large and impressive. I’m also looking for seeds of medicinal herbs. The greater the variety, the better!”

The Tauren took out a paper that he wrote and drew for a while before showing it to Sherlock.

“A good flowerbed requires good quality soil. If you are cultivating high quality medicinal herbs, the requirement for good soil is more stringent. The soil from the lowest level of the Spirit World is most suitable! You can’t use normal groundwater and normal fertilizer. I recommend the two-in-one well water from the Eternal Well below the Tree of Life. Just a drop is enough to irrigate a large flowerbed. Of course, the cost will be higher. We have lots of high quality seeds of medicinal herbs. The most popular ones…”

Sherlock raised his hand to cut the naggy Tauren off as he said, “There’s no problem except for the seeds. Please take note that a Fairy will be cultivating them.”

The Tauren shopkeeper was shocked and put down his raised hoof on the ground. He pondered before saying, “That is something to take note of. Underworld plants might feed on the Fairy, so I’ll spend more time on the seeds. Smuggling the seeds from the Tree of Life is not easy, but don’t worry, I can guarantee the quality of the seeds. But the price…”

Sherlock waved his hands generously and said, “Price is no problem. Problems that can be solved with Magic Stones are not problems!”

“You are a generous customer! The total is 100,000 Magic Stones!”

The flowerbed business was finally completed. The soil was not the quality soil from the Spirit World but the Underworld’s ordinary soil. The water and fertilizer were not from the Eternal Well whose well water was charged with Mana; they likely weren’t beneficial to ordinary soil anyways. A complete underground water well system could be used to obtain sweet underground water for irrigation and drinking. As for fertilizer, Stanley’s Composite Jinkela was sufficient. Sherlock decided to use the seeds from the Tree of Life. Since the quality of the seeds determined the quality of the herbs, he decided not to skimp on the seeds!

Sherlock spent 5,000 Magic Stones. Though it was reduced from the 100,000 Magic Stones, it was still a large transaction. The Tauren shopkeeper sent Sherlock out warmly and arranged for the Stone Golem workers to follow Sherlock back to his Dungeon.

Sherlock now had less than 500 Magic Stones. He had been wealthy earlier, but now he was in poverty again like he was riding on a mountainous road. He was having mixed feelings.

It was a worthwhile investment for the Dungeon, so spending the Magic Stones was necessary.

They teleported back to the Eternal Kingdom Dungeon. The gamers gave a warm welcome to Sherlock, Arthur and NotWearingPants, who were fully loaded with goods. The Stone Golem workers pushed aside the crowd to survey their work location. NotWearingPants suddenly shouted, “Dungeon Lord! The Fairy has fainted!”