Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 107 - The Plan of the Veterans Mentoring Novices

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Chapter 107: The Plan of the Veterans Mentoring Novices

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“Good, today’s meeting shall end now. Let us look forward to the cute Goblins who are coming in two days. Everyone go back and rest. Keep stock of the items in the warehouse. Meeting’s over.”

Sherlock clapped his hands to beckon the four of them to leave.

Moroes, Simba, Mufasa, and Brainiac walked out of the Dungeon Core. What did Lord Sherlock say? His words were cliche.

It wasn’t their first day in Eternal Kingdom, and they already knew.

The most important thing was that Lord Sherlock mentioned the recruitment of new Goblins in two days.

“Lord Sherlock is recruiting again. He’s very powerful…” Moroes said to Simba and Mufasa.

“Finally, we have normal Goblins coming over.”

“I… what if I’m unable to prepare the meals in time…”

“No problem. Let them eat clay. Don’t prepare exotic cuisines.”

“Go, go, go. Come to my house for a drink. Let’s take stock of the warehouse tonight.”

The three of them chatted as they walked into the distance.

Only Brainiac was left standing at the entrance of the Dungeon Core Main Hall. Brainiac looked at the three of them enter the house and the few Goblins piled in a corner. He gazed at the nearby Goblin Living Quarters before leaving in silence.

Eternal Kingdom was in a rare state of serenity.

For two days only.

Little Fairy sat cross-legged on her bed. She watched as two evil Blackiron Dwarves and an evil Gnome walk past her. They were speaking in loud voices.

Behind them was a Skeleton, an evil Lich.

Little Fairy only heard about Liches in stories told to her when she was young.

They were the evilest of Undead creatures. They possessed the power to control obnoxious dead Spirits. They used all ways to torture living creatures to death and turn them into their slaves.

The two Blackiron Dwarves and the Gnome didn’t like to talk to him. Even Little Fairy could see that!

Little Fairy shrunk back unconsciously. Then, she squatted under the bed and stared at the evil Lich as he passed by the flowerbed.

“How terrifying,” Little Fairy muttered to herself when the Lich was far away.

Little Fairy squatted by the bed for a while. Then, she gazed at the empty flowerbed. Only a few common Underworld plants were growing. Even if they were used as ingredients for Alchemy, they weren’t of much use.

To Little Fairy, using the plants as Alchemy materials wasn’t the end goal. Helping those who needed help was the end goal.

The Underworld creatures were not included.

One of the plants looked ill. Little Fairy could feel it just by looking. If nothing was done, it would die tonight.

Little Fairy lifted her head and surveyed the surroundings.

Where was the dusty-looking Goblin?

Little Fairy couldn’t find the Goblin who was always at the flowerbed. She looked at the dying plant and hesitated before extending her hand towards it.

“3,000 Reputation Points, three silver coins, and an alias, Elite First Beta Gamer. Bru, am I too generous?” Sherlock asked Bru as he browsed the forum.

“Er…” Bru hesitated and said, “Lord Sherlock, I don’t know how to respond correctly, but you are a qualified superior Devil. There is no doubt about that.”

Bru quickly said, “The rewards are sufficient, especially the alias, Elite First Beta Gamer. I believe the Beta Gamers will be extremely happy.”

“I think so too.” Sherlock nodded and continued browsing the forum.

Since the “Maintenance and Update” started yesterday, Sherlock ordered Bru to cut off all gamers’ connections.

Sherlock summoned Simba, Mufasa, Moroes, and Brainiac and reminded them to take note of certain things.

Then, he continued browsing the forum.

Sherlock wasn’t obsessed with the silly forum members. He wanted to find constructive feedback to protect the stability of “Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom.”

Sherlock obtained many good suggestions on the forum. Many of the updates were from their suggestions.

As the Second Beta Test was commencing, he had to take note and see if there were any loopholes or content to improve.

He noticed a popular post on the forum. It was published by NotWearingPants, and it was titled [Dungeon Second Beta Test, First Beta Gamer’s Plan of Veterans Mentoring Novices!]

“Hello everyone, I’m NotWearingPants (ฅ’ω’ ฅ)

The Second Beta Test is commencing tomorrow. I congratulate the lucky gamers who obtained Second Beta Gamer status. I look forward to protecting the “Beautiful” Eternal Kingdom with all of you.

The Underground Spiders are looking forward to your presence too. (Struck off)

The purpose of this post is not to create a Strategy Guide for Second Beta Gamers. For most of the Strategy Guides, you can refer to my previous posts or search for posts by BurningChestHair, Peasant, and Hemp Rope Technology in the forum. Most of them are valuable Strategy Guides.

Even with many Strategy Guides, you will experience discomfort the first time entering the Dungeon.

We would like you to assimilate into our large family in Eternal Kingdom. You have to know how hardcore the game is and how unscrupulous the lousy producers are. It is also good to have a comprehensive knowledge of the accessible areas and content of the game.

The First Beta Gamers created a voluntary group to mentor Second Beta novices for free.

You can treat this as a Mentorship System!

I would like to announce the Veterans Mentoring Novices Plan.

One-on-one mentoring is not practical due to the large number of gamers. I will match the First Beta Gamers to the novices according to their online duration and time period.

This game does not allow you to use Wechat while playing. For detailed matching, we will inform you inside the Second Beta Test.

Everyone should first appear at the plaza in front of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall where we last went offline. Most of the First Beta Gamers were at the Living Quarters.

To participate in this mentoring plan, please do not leave the plaza once you first manifest in the game. We will rush over to welcome you and provide on the spot mentoring.

That is all!

I feel like dying without playing Dungeon (‘-ωก̀)”