Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 100 - New Mission Area and Version 0.05 Update Log

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Chapter 100: New Mission Area and Version 0.05 Update Log

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“Lord Sherlock’s performance is getting better and better. Is Lord Sherlock able to record the images of the Ancient Ruins? From the observed images, the Ancient Ruins looked primordial. Is that an Ancient Battlefield? Or an abandoned Dungeon?” Bru asked when Sherlock returned to the Dungeon Core Main Hall.

“Who knows? I didn’t investigate. I only spent a few days engraving the Rune Mana Formation at the entrance.” Sherlock sat in front of the computer and checked the edited contents carefully. Then he said, “I can guess what’s inside. It must be something valuable. I have to add an item in the schedule and make preparations.”

“Are you talking about the Second Beta?” Bru felt his words were inadequate and quickly added, “I mean, the preparation to recruit more servants for Lord Sherlock.”

“I prefer the Second Beta term. Bru, amend the contents of the official website. Upload my recorded images from the Recording Stone to the official website. Then, create a new pleasing loading interface with the huge title—’Ancestral Ruins,’” Sherlock ordered as he waved his hand and threw the Adamantine Recording Stone into the Dungeon Core.

“I understand, Lord Sherlock. Give me a few minutes.”

“Revise the registration interface for the recruitment of the Second Beta and let the otherworld’s gamers register first. Make sure that the particulars are complete like the First Beta. Make a selection. I’m sure you’re more familiar than I. Oh, summon Brainiac, I have a mission for him,” Sherlock said.

“Lord Sherlock is becoming like a seasoned game company CEO. I’ll complete the CEO’s tasks!”

Bru smiled and kept quiet as he was busy with tasks.

Sherlock checked the edited content before publishing. Soon, a post by the official administrator, [Lord Sherlock], appeared on the discussion forum and official website.

[“Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom” Version 0.05 Update Log]

“‘Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom’ Version 0.05 Update and Ancestral Ruins Plot Introduction.

Ancient Ruins Plot Introduction:

This location was once the ancestral burial ground for the citizens of Eternal Kingdom. Tens of thousands of years ago, there was a world-changing battle. The superior Order Devil united the races that opposed the Void Legion and fought a cataclysmic war.

With the help of the ancestral power, the superior Order Devil and his allied races made huge sacrifices to defeat the Void Legion.

After the war, the place, which was as beautiful as Eternal Kingdom, became decrepit.

However, it was a sacred place that was infused with the ancestral power.

The Void Devil commander Ba.Mannoroth.Con coveted this power. He secretly extended the Chaos tentacles to our beloved Ancestral Ruins and tainted the sacred ground. The Void Devil’s power is corrupting the ancestral power!

Underworld warriors, heed the call, grab your weapons, and fight against the Chaos Void Legion!

For the Eternal Kingdom, for our survival in the Underworld! (To reward brave adventurers, gamers who create new characters will not have a Reputation penalty).

‘Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom’ Version 0.05 is officially online:

Updated new game background, Ancestral Ruins: For details, refer to the text above.

Added new Teleport Portal, Rune Mana Formation: A Primordial skill, which is expensive and inconvenient. It has to be bi-directional.

Added new chain mission, Preparation, Ancestral Ruins: Lord Sherlock decided to preserve the treasures of the Ancestral Ruins to prevent them from falling into the evil hands of the Void Legion. Please prepare some tools to facilitate the transportation of objects. The more, the merrier. After completion of the mission, you will gain access to the Ancestral Ruins area. The gamers can make use of the new Teleport Portal, Rune Mana Formation, to enter.

Added new chain mission, Exploration, Ancestral Ruins: After completing the preparatory mission and entering the Ancestral Ruins, more exploratory missions will be unlocked.

Added other new, unknown area missions: This will be an omission. I will add to it after I think of the missions.

Added new exchange policy: There are many treasures in the Ancestral Ruins, but there is also a lot of trash. After gamers discover items in the new area, they may make use of the Rune Mana Formation to contact Bru for appraisal. Valuable items can be exchanged for considerable Reputation Points and game currency. The items in the area will not be replenished.

Added new Revival Point, Rune Mana Formation: When Lord Sherlock or Lich Brainiac appear at the Rune Mana Formation, gamers can be revived in the new game area instead of traveling back to Eternal Kingdom for revival.

Added new trial system, Eternal Kingdom Bank: The Eternal Kingdom Bank is officially open for business! Are you in anguish over lost coins after death? Are you feeling frustrated losing coins after being cut offline outside the Dungeon? The Eternal Kingdom Bank is officially open for business! Gamers may choose to deposit your real coins into the soul-bound account at Bru’s location. You may perform coin transactions with different account holders via Bru.

The system is in the trial period. In the future, functionalities might be added or removed. Anyone with good suggestions can post on the discussion forum. If your suggestion is accepted, we will contact you and award you Beta Tester status.

Updated new official website front page interface.

Updated Recruitment Notice for Second Beta: ‘Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom’ has gone through two months of Beta Testing. The game contents are more or less fixed. The development team has decided to commence the Second Beta in the near future. Those who would like to have the Second Beta Tester status, please register on the official website as soon as possible. We will contact you via postage before the start of the Second Beta and deliver the gaming capsules by post. Please check your mailbox and reply promptly. Then, use the gaming capsule to activate your Beta Tester status.”

After the public announcement was published, many forum members replied en masse. However, Sherlock didn’t have the chance to refresh his pages, go through the replies, and pick good suggestions.

Someone knocked on the door of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

Brainiac stood outside the door with a group of excited gamers who were waiting for more Plot Animations.

Brainiac came to look for Sherlock because Sherlock had summoned him.

Brainiac walked in when the door opened. The gamers said excitedly, “Is there a Plot Animation after summoning Brainiac?”

“Brainiac and Sherlie are going to have some crazy interactions? I’m so looking forward to the action!”

“I can’t enter. I’m unable to move once I’m at the door?”

“Wah, what’s going on? Aren’t we allowed to watch the Plot Animation?”

“The lousy game producers, I’m feeling sour…”

The door was closed, and the noise faded.

“Lord Sherlock, did you summon me?” Brainiac asked as he bowed to Sherlock.

“Yes, there are some changes in work.” Sherlock had put away his keyboard and mouse. He placed both his hands on the table and said casually, “Take a seat.”

Brainiac sat down as told, and Sherlock continued to speak, “You have done well in your job during this period, and you are well received by the Dungeon citizens. Due to your excellent performance, I’m giving you a reward by allowing you to work overtime.”

Brainiac was stunned. He frowned and asked, “But… I’m already working 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. How do I work overtime?”

Sherlock clapped his hands happily as he smiled and said, “That’s a good question. Did you see the Rune Mana Formation over there? I’ll explain the details of your overtime…”