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Chapter 2056: Why did Chapter 2056 not count


But she couldn’t say that to Dongfang Yunheng. Otherwise, that stubborn man would definitely say that she despised him. So she looked back at his face and gently patted his cheek She said softly, “be good, be obedient. Hubby, go to the bathroom and take a cold shower. “

Dongfang Yunheng’s body stopped stiffly beside her. He used all his willpower to not let himself be suppressed. But he didn’t really leave to take a cold shower in the bathroom.

“honey, ever since I found out that you’re pregnant, I’ve been very obedient. I haven’t touched you. I miss you very much at night. I miss you so much that my hands have gone soft. “

This time, Fang Xiao was confused by Dongfang Yunheng’s words. She did not understand what was the direct relationship between him wanting her and his softness.

However, after being stunned for a few seconds, she finally reacted. Her face turned red and she became angry from embarrassment. She grabbed the pillow beside him and threw it at Dongfang Yunheng, who was still hovering above her. “YOU HOOLIGAN! “

To Dongfang Yunheng, the pillow was like a cotton bomb. It did not pose any threat at all. He reached out to catch the pillow and then looked at the woman beneath him and asked righteously, “do you still want me to continue to be soft-hearted? “

Fang Xiao looked at Dongfang Yunheng’s confident face and could not help but feel a trace of sympathy in her heart. She thought that when he missed her, he could only use his hands. …

However, just as she thought of this, she was completely broken by the scene of Gu Chenchen’s self-mutilation when he kidnapped her younger brother twenty days ago.

“Haha, if you think I can think of a way to be soft-hearted, then the child in Miss Gu’s stomach was made by your hands? It seems that Mr. Dongfang’s hands can indeed replace certain functions, right? “

“that time… Doesn’t count… ” Dongfang Yunheng hesitated for a moment, and then answered very calmly, as if he had really made it with his hands that time.

Doesn’t count Fang Xiao didn’t understand what he meant at once, and couldn’t help but ask, “why doesn’t it count? “

It wasn’t that she didn’t feel sorry for him, nor did she despise him. After all, he was her lifetime’s sexual happiness. She was married to him, and in this lifetime, she would inevitably have to deal with him.

However, this kind of thing had to be done at the right time, place, and person, okay?

In her current situation, she couldn’t possibly disregard the baby in her belly for the sake of his baby, right Which baby was more important? ? ? ? ? ? ?

A bunch of ellipses made the fans furious They couldn’t help but ask loudly, “Dongfang Yunheng, what do you mean? We’ve been chasing this story for a long time. Why did you close the curtains at the critical moment and not let us see the most critical and exciting part? “

Dongfang Yunheng said with a bitter face, “dear friends, please calm down. I was not the one who closed the curtains. I was wholeheartedly doing that thing with Fang Xiao. I really don’t know anything about closing the curtains. You have to ask my mother what happened. She will be responsible for whether the curtains are closed or not. “

The fans turned their angry gazes to their stepmother and ganged up to attack her. “Stepmother Qiao, what is the meaning of this? Ah? You are not going to let us see the most exciting part? “

Xiao Qiao put on a sad face and apologized, “I’m sorry, everyone. This is a critical moment. It’s said that the h scan is very bad. Although Xiao Qiao personally doesn’t think this is an h because it’s just a hand scan, Ahem, but China said that this h is an h, so that, that, we can only close the curtains. When China passes the h scan, Xiao Qiao will definitely help them open the curtains. No, tear down the wall and let them perform in public. “