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Chapter 2040: Chapter 2040 who is your wife


“Why are you staring at me with such big eyes? ” Yun Heng saw that she was just staring at him without saying anything, so he could not help but tease her. “Can’t you tell who I really am? “

“Go, I can recognize you even if you turn into ashes. ” Fang Xiao could not help but snort coldly, and then asked in a bad mood, “why did you come to Singapore? “

“What can I do? ” He smiled. Seeing that she was about to get up, he immediately stretched out his hand to support her, and hurriedly whispered, “be careful, don’t come down by yourself. I’ll carry you out. The doctor said that you’d better not exercise in the next two days. “

“…”walking was also exercise?

“I need to go to the toilet. ” She struggled a little and rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t tell me you’re going to carry me to the female toilet to use the toilet? “

Dongfang Yunheng’s face turned slightly red. Only then did he move aside a little. Seeing that she had gotten off the bed, he could not help but remind her, “be careful. Walk Slowly. The floor is tiled. It’s very slippery… “


Fang Xiao was completely speechless. When had this man been so good to her?

Damn, how was this treating her well He must have known that she was pregnant, so he became so gentle. Wasn’t it because of the child in her belly?

Why did he care so much about this child Her heart immediately thumped. She suddenly remembered that Miss Gu Chenchen was unable to give birth. Could it be that he wanted her to give birth to the child for Gu Chenchen?

It shouldn’t be. She denied the problem in her heart again. She remembered that one night before she went abroad, he had said that he would not marry Gu Chenchen. He had also said that the mother and daughter of the Gu family were too scheming.

Fang Xiao went to the toilet and came out. Dongfang Yunheng had already paid the bill for her. Seeing that she was walking with her hand on the wall, he quickly ended the call in his hand, put the phone in his bag, bent down, and directly carried her out of the door.

“Hello, ” Fang Xiao could not help but shout in a low voice, “this is the hospital, it’s a public place. Let me down. “

“No, ” he had a proud smile on the corner of his mouth and whispered in her ear, “holding a wife is a matter of course, what’s there to be shy about? “

” … ” she was speechless. It was only after a long while that she reminded him, “WHO’s your wife? I don’t think we’re husband and wife. “

“Then let’s hurry back and buy the tickets. ” As he spoke, he had already carried her to a car at the entrance.

“Buy what tickets? ” She did not react in time. After she sat down, she asked foolishly.

“PFFT… ” a burst of laughter could be heard from the driver’s seat Then, he teased, “brother, you’re breaking the law here. People buy tickets before they board the boat. Not only did you board the boat first, you even planted seeds and sprouted roots. You haven’t even bought the tickets yet. “

“drive your car. Shut up, ” Dongfang Yunheng growled at Dongfang Yunzai, who was driving in front However, he did not know how to act like a big brother and lectured, “don’t talk about me like that. You should think about yourself. The matter between you and Miss Liang a while ago made mother angry. By the way, is the child in Miss Liang’s belly still there? “

“Are you really bringing up the pot that doesn’t boil? ” Dongfang Yunzai was immediately caught by Dongfang Yunheng He immediately said angrily, “I’ve already thought it through. I won’t go back this time when you get married. I don’t want sister-in-law to be confused and mistake me for the wrong person because she’s drunk on the wedding night. It’ll be troublesome if she walks into the wrong room and treats me as the groom. “