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Chapter 2037: Chapter 2037: I’ve really mistaken you for someone else


“This… ” Fang Xiao looked at Dongfang Yunzai and then at the nurse. After a long while, she said, “i… Think it’s better to… “

“You can’t decide this on your own, ” Dongfang Yunzai quickly interrupted Fang Xiao. Then, she walked into the room and looked at Fang Xiao on the hospital bed. “I’ll call my brother right away and ask him what he thinks. “

“Did I say that this child is your brother’s? ” Fang Xiao coldly interrupted Dongfang Yunzai. Then, she turned her head to the side. Her tears instantly fell onto her cheeks.

Dongfang Yunzai was slightly stunned. Then, he laughed again and said mockingly, “you didn’t say that this child is my brother’s, but you did say that my brother climbed into your bed. How about this, I’ll call my brother and ask him. “

The nurse was confused by the conversation between the two of them. At first, she was certain that this woman was the woman of this playboy, Dongfang Yunzai, but after listening to the conversation between the two of them, it seemed that this woman was not Dongfang Yunzai’s woman Instead, it was Dongfang Yunzai’s brother’s woman.

Since she was Dongfang Yunzai’s brother’s woman, then why was it not his brother who sent this woman to the hospital when she fell Instead, it was Dongfang Yunzai who sent her to the hospital?

“have the two of you discussed this properly? ” The white coat asked impatiently. “Do you want the child in her stomach or not? Hurry up and make a decision so that we can take appropriate measures. “

“Let’s save her pregnancy first. ” Dongfang Yunzai could not be bothered to call Dongfang Yunheng. He immediately made a decision on behalf of Dongfang Yunheng. Although he had never seen this woman before.. However, he had heard of her name many years ago.

Every family knew of Dongfang Yunheng’s first love, the black girl, Fang Xiao. It was no wonder that his older brother did not want Gu Chenchen. It seemed that he was still unable to escape from this black girl’s grasp.

If it was another woman who was pregnant with his older brother’s child, he would not dare to make a decision for his older brother. However, as for this woman, he was certain that his older brother would definitely want this child.

That night, Fang Xiao did not return to the hotel where she stayed. Instead, she hung a pregnancy needle in this clinic because Dongfang Yunzai had made a decision for her to take care of her pregnancy!

When Dongfang Yunzai said that she wanted to preserve the fetus first, she did not object. In fact, she could not bear to part with this child. After all, this was her and Dongfang Yunheng’s child.

That night, Dongfang Yunzai naturally did not leave the clinic. His older brother was not around, so he could only stay here. After all, this woman could not get off the floor while she hung the needle. Moreover, she was pregnant with the Dongfang family’s blood. He would not just ignore it, right?

However, he was a man after all. It was inconvenient to take care of a woman, so he hired a nurse for Fang Xiao. The nurse took care of Fang Xiao while he stood guard outside the door.

“that… Second Young Master Dongfang, you can go back now. ” After Fang Xiao hung up the needle, she calmed down and said apologetically to Dongfang Yunzai, “I’m sorry, I really… I mistook you for someone else. “

Dongfang Yunzai could not help but laugh. He looked at the bashful Fang Xiao and teased, “if I had known earlier, I would have just accepted my mistake. Who knows, I might even have been able to snatch you away from my brother’s hands smoothly. “


Fang Xiao was speechless. She had heard people say that Dongfang Yun was very sunny in Binhai, but she could not see where he was sunny. He was clearly much more scheming than Dongfang Yunheng.