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Chapter 2036: Chapter 2036 was whether to preserve the pregnancy or miscarry


“How long has it been since your period? ” The doctor quickly asked Fang Xiao. At the same time, he took the medical record and wrote it on the notebook.

“It seems like… It seems like it’s already ten days past your period. ” Fang Xiao thought for a moment, then nodded and said affirmatively, “it’s already been delayed by ten days. “

“Then I’ll first take a blood sample to see if you’re pregnant. ” As the doctor spoke, he instructed the nurse beside him, “take her blood sample and immediately do a check to see if it’s positive. “

The nurse immediately brought over needles and blood vessels. Although Fang Xiao was usually most afraid of injections, there was nothing she could do at this moment. She could only watch helplessly as the nurse tied a rubber band around her arm.

Dongfang Yunzai was outside the room. The glass door of the consultation room was not soundproof. He heard the doctor’s words clearly and was shocked. Then, he quickly took out his phone to call Dongfang Yunheng who was far away in Binhai.

The call was quickly picked up. He did not wait for the other party to call first. He immediately said into the phone, “brother, your woman came to Singapore. She just fell and bled… “

“What? She fell and bled? Is it serious? ” Dongfang Yunheng’s nervous voice came from the phone. Without waiting for Dongfang Yun to reply, he continued to ask, “right, how did you know that the woman who fell was my woman? “

“She called me Dongfang Yunheng, ” Dongfang Yunzai said in a bad mood. “She even called me a beast. It would be strange if she wasn’t your woman. “

” … ” there was a short period of silence on the other end of the phone. Then, he asked, “what’s the name of the woman you’re talking about? “

“I. . . Wait, I haven’t asked her name yet. ” After Dongfang Yunzai said this, she immediately walked to the door of the clinic and pushed open the half-closed door. Then, she asked Fang Xiao who was lying there, “by the way, Miss, what’s your surname and name? “

“You’ve gotten her pregnant, and now you’ve even caused her to have a miscarriage, yet you still don’t know her name? ” The nurse answered before Fang Xiao could Then, she glared fiercely at Dongfang Yunzai and said, “you’re a playboy from all of Singapore, so you’re just a beast that’s worse than a pig or a dog. “

“I… How did I offend you? ” Dongfang Yunzai felt extremely unhappy D * MN, wasn’t he unlucky enough today? He had originally planned to have a date with a movie star at the Calm Hotel and had thought that he would be able to enjoy a beautiful woman in his arms tonight. Who would have thought that he would be ruined by an unfamiliar woman.

Now, he had kindly sent this woman to the hospital and was scolded by a nurse. Did he really have to be so unlucky?

Fang Xiao could not help but smile when she heard Dongfang Yunzai’s words. Her stomach was clearly still faintly aching, but this smile seemed to be a little forced.

“My… My name is Fang Xiao, ” Fang Xiao finally said her name to Dongfang Yunzai, who was standing at the door.

“Hey, she said her name is… ” before Dongfang Yunzai could finish speaking, he realized that the call had been inexplicably cut off.

“F * Ck, what kind of person is this? ” He could not help but swear. He put away his phone and then frowned. He looked at the woman on the hospital bed and asked in puzzlement, “What did you say your name was? ”

“…”Fang Xiao was completely speechless. She did not believe that he did not hear her name clearly just now.

“Didn’t she say it? Her name is Fang Xiao? ” The nurse glared at Dongfang Yunzai, then said in a bad mood, “she’s pregnant and now there are signs of miscarriage. Do the two of you want this child or not? If you want it, then save it. Don’t miscarry. “