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Chapter 2035: Chapter 2035. She had mistaken him for someone else


Three black lines immediately appeared on Dongfang Yunzai’s forehead. In his entire life, this was the first time Dongfang Yunzai had been called a beast by a woman.

No, this woman did not call him a beast. The person she was calling a beast was Dongfang Yunheng. What did that have to do with him?

Thus, he said coldly, “if you want to scold Dongfang Yunheng, please go back to Binhai and scold him. This is Singapore. As for the person you’re talking about who looks exactly the same? It’s said that identical twins usually look exactly the same. “

“twins? ” Fang Xiao was stunned for a moment before she reacted.

Only then did she remember that Dongfang Mo had two sons, and those two sons were twins. One was called Dongfang Yunheng, and the other was called Dongfang Yunzai. It was said that Dongfang Yunheng was the eldest son and was forced to return home to take over the family business while Dongfang Yunzai started his own business outside.

She finally understood that she had made a mistake just now. This man was not Dongfang Yunheng, but Dongfang Yunzai, Dongfang Yunheng’s younger brother.

An awkward expression immediately appeared on her face. After a long while, she bowed slightly to him. “I’m sorry, I… I’m sorry… “

After saying this, Fang Xiao immediately turned around and was about to leave. However, just as she turned around, she felt dizzy and slowly fell towards the green belt by the roadside.

“Hey, what happened to you again? ” Dongfang Yunzai saw that her body was slowly falling down and immediately went over to support her with his hand. He asked nervously, “what happened to you? You didn’t fall down anywhere just now… “

Dongfang Yunzai stopped before he could finish asking. This was because he noticed that this woman’s silver pants were wet and had a faint red color.

‘This is bad. Could it be that this woman has her period? ‘ Dongfang Yunzai thought to himself. He looked at the unconscious woman and did not think too much about it. He picked her up and quickly ran to a clinic not far away.

“Doctor, quickly take a look at her. ” Dongfang Yunzai’s voice was a little hurried. He walked into the clinic and shouted at the white coat inside, “she fell just now and then fainted after standing up for a while. She seems to be bleeding… “

“put her up here. ” The white coat in the clinic led him to a room inside. He pointed at a clean hospital bed and waved his hand. “Go out first. We need to examine her. “

“Can you get a female doctor to examine her? ” Dongfang Yunzai stood still because he saw that the doctor was a man. However, the woman on the hospital bed was clearly bleeding from that area.

The male doctor in the white coat was clearly dissatisfied with Dongfang Yunzai’s words He could not help but say in annoyance, “do you want to take a look here The doctor doesn’t know whether she’s a man or a woman “Right now, I just want to wake her up first and ask her about the situation. As for the reason for the bleeding, there are many reasons. If it’s just her period or something like that, I’ll naturally get the nurse to bring her to the washroom to handle it herself. I’m afraid it’s not such a simple problem. “

Dongfang Yunzai was feeling melancholic after hearing the doctor’s words when he saw the two nurses quickly walk in. Only then did he feel slightly relieved. Then, he turned around and walked out of the room. However, he did not leave. Instead, he stood outside the door.

Actually, Fang Xiao had already woken up when Dongfang Yunzai was arguing with the doctor. She only opened her eyes when she saw Dongfang Yunzai leave. She looked at the doctor and said, “I don’t think I’m having my period. I. . . I just fell down. My stomach is faintly aching… “

“How long has it been since your period? ” The doctor quickly asked Fang Xiao. At the same time, he took the medical record and wrote on it.