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Chapter 2034: Chapter 2034 I am not Dongfang Yunheng


Last year, he took her to Paris, France, and took her to the Eiffel Tower. He gave her the most beautiful night, but in the end, she was mercilessly abandoned by him when she returned to Binhai.

This year, she had been on her guard again and again. She had always guarded her heart and kept a distance from him in her heart. She had never allowed herself to have any attachment or nostalgia for him.

But in the end, she was still moved by him. When he took her to meet his parents, when he broke off the engagement with Gu Chenchen for her, when he and Qiu Yitang came to the mountains of northern Guangdong to rescue her who had been kidnapped by Du Caiwei, when he came to tell her last night.. He would not marry Gu Chenchen. Even if Gu Chenchen staged a self-harming act, it would not change his decision in any way. …

She admitted that she was indeed moved by him. Last night, she had opened her heart to him. When they were intimate and passionate, when he asked her if she was willing to marry him, she nodded and even said ‘I’m willing’ .

However, who would have thought that Dongfang Yunheng would let her see such a scene in just one day.

No, it should be said that who would have thought that in just one day, Dongfang Yunheng would carry her and go out with another woman in the private room of the Singapore Hotel!

Fang Xiao only cared about running forward. Because she was in a hurry, she did not have the time to care about the situation under her feet. When she ran out of the hotel entrance and turned left, she actually bumped into a tricycle that was pushing fruits diagonally opposite her.

“Bang! ” Of course, she could not hit the tricycle, so when she was hit by the tricycle, she retreated a few steps back. She just happened to retreat to a street lamp post. After being hit by the street lamp post, her body moved forward again Just like that, she fell to the side of the road.

“Ah! ” Fang Xiao couldn’t help but shout. She fell to the ground like a dog eating sh * T, but her mouth hit the concrete floor, and her teeth bit her lower lip.

Dongfang Yunzai saw Fang Xiao Fall, but unfortunately, he was still a step too late. When he ran to Fang Xiao’s side, Fang Xiao was already lying on the ground.

“I don’t even know what you’re running for. I’M NOT A CANNIBAL! ” Dongfang Yunzai squatted down and reached out to help Fang Xiao, who was lying on the ground. He couldn’t help but mutter.

“ouch. ” Fang Xiao bent over and covered her stomach with her hand. She could not help but cry out in pain.

“What’s wrong with you? ” Dongfang Yunzai’s brows were tightly knitted. This woman called Dongfang Yunheng when she saw him. It was obvious that she was his older brother’s woman. Moreover, she seemed to be very sad.

He did not usually know his older brother’s woman. The only one he knew was Gu Chenchen. Who was this woman She even said that his older brother had climbed into her bed last night. Could it be… …

Before Dongfang Yunzai could think clearly, Fang Xiao was already sweating from the pain. Even so, she still pushed Dongfang Yunzai, who was supporting her, away with all her might Anyone said angrily, “Go away. From now on, we don’t know each other. When you go back, move all the things that were placed in my dormitory away… “

“I don’t even know you now, ” Dongfang Yunzai quickly cut her off. Before she could reply, she quickly added, “I’m not Dongfang Yunheng. You’ve got the wrong person. “

“You’ve got the wrong person? ” Fang Xiao was even angrier now She could not help but growl at Dongfang Yunzai, “Dongfang Yunheng, there are indeed people who look similar in this world, but there are absolutely no people who look exactly the same. If you say you’re not, then so be it. If you’re not Dongfang Yunheng, then you’re just a beast that’s worse than a beast. “

“. .”