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Chapter 2033: Chapter 2033, I’m too ignorant


Before Fang Xiao could finish her sentence, the sound of high heels came from behind her. She immediately turned around and saw a sweet-looking woman with exquisite makeup and a figure even better than Gu Chenchen Furthermore, a woman wearing a low-cut dress walked in with a smile on her face.

She was stunned for a moment before she reacted She then turned around and sneered at the man, “so that’s how it is. Dongfang Yunheng, why don’t you just tell me directly in Binhai Do you need to use such a method to explain something to me Did I say that I would stick to you I did say that. “…”

Fang Xiao couldn’t continue speaking after saying this. She thought of how he had deceived her time and time again, and how she had been fooled by him time and time again. She felt a sense of sadness, and tears immediately rolled down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry, I. . . Didn’t know myself well enough. ” She bowed slightly to the man, then turned around and ran out of the door. At this moment, she had forgotten the purpose of her trip to Singapore …

“Hey, don’t run. ” The man saw that Fang Xiao had turned around, so he panicked. He stood up in a daze for a moment and was about to chase after her. He had to explain it to her clearly.

“Yun is here. ” The woman who had just entered immediately reached out and grabbed his arm. She called out in a coquettish manner, “it’s not easy for me to find the time to accompany you… “

“Alright, alright, we’ll get together again next time when we have time. ” Dongfang Yunzai quickly pulled the woman’s hand away and ran out of the private room.

“MM. ” The woman stomped her feet in anger. She was dressed so beautifully tonight. She wanted to have dinner with Dongfang Yunzai and perhaps she could take the opportunity to climb into his bed However, she did not expect that she would be ruined by an ordinary woman.

Seeing Dongfang Yunzai chase after her so nervously, could it be that this woman was the one in the legends? The woman that Dongfang Yunzai loved and hated so much that no one could mention her in front of him?

Fang Xiao ran out of calmness hotel in tears. This gave the hostess at the entrance of Calmness Hotel who had just opened the elevator door for her a big fright. Then, she smiled in relief.

In Room 219 sat Dongfang Yunzai, the most mysterious man in Singapore. Many women even said that his voice could make women pregnant.

It was an exaggeration to say that Dongfang Yunzai’s voice could make women pregnant. However, this also meant that in Singapore, Dongfang Yunzai’s charm was irresistible It was said that there were no less than three women who would jump off buildings or bridges to commit suicide for him every year.

The woman just now was too ordinary. Moreover, she was wearing professional attire. She didn’t even have makeup on. How could such a woman catch Dongfang Yunzai’s eye?

Just as the woman was secretly guessing how this woman and Dongfang Yunzai knew each other, Dongfang Yunzai quickly ran out from behind. He even chased after the woman’s figure with quick steps.

This greatly broadened the horizons of the hostess. This was the first time in history that she had seen Dongfang Yunzai chasing after a woman. Usually, it was the women who chased after him, and he usually wished that he could get rid of the women who chased after him.

Fang Xiao ran very fast and also very quickly. She felt extremely stifled because she had just seen Dongfang Yunheng dating another woman in the private room. Thinking about how he had cheated time and time again, her heart was about to break.