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Chapter 2032: 2032, you’re actually playing a stranger’s game with me


When the hostess heard her question about Room 219, she was obviously stunned for a moment. Then, she looked at Fang Xiao with a scrutinizing gaze, which directly made Fang Xiao’s hair stand on end.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with me? ” Fang Xiao looked at the hostess.

“No, ” only then did the hostess realize that she had lost her composure. She hurriedly smiled apologetically and brought her to the VIP elevator. She even helped her to open the elevator politely. Then, she warmly reminded her, “when you exit the elevator, the second room on the right is room 219. “

“thank you! ” Fang Xiao thanked the hostess and then stepped into the VIP elevator. She didn’t think much about why the hostess brought her to the VIP elevator. There was also an ordinary passenger elevator on the other side.

When she walked out of the elevator, she naturally turned her right hand over. The second room was indeed room 219, and the door was left ajar. It seemed that they were waiting for someone. The manager and the others were probably inside.

Fang Xiao pushed the door open naturally and walked in. However, when she took two steps in, she was completely stunned. This was because there were not many people in the private room as she had expected, but only one person.

And this person was actually Dongfang Yunheng, who had driven her to the airport in Binhai this morning!

Why did he come to Singapore When did he come Last night, he did not say that he was coming to Singapore in her bed. This morning, when he drove her to the airport, he did not say that he was coming to Singapore?

When she got out of the car in the morning, he helped her take out her suitcase from the trunk and even told her, “remember to call me when you come back so that I can drive over to pick you up. Then, I have to talk to you about an important matter. “

The man in the room also raised his head when he heard the sound of the door being pushed open. When he saw her standing at the door, he obviously frowned. Then, he said lightly, “Miss, did you go to the wrong room? “

Fang Xiao immediately flew into a rage when she heard Dongfang Yunheng’s question. What kind of man was this? Last night, he had eaten her up in her bed, not even leaving her bones. This morning, he drove her to the airport and said that he wanted to talk to her about an important matter when she went back Now, he actually pretended not to know her?

When the man in the room saw that Fang Xiao was standing there without saying a word, and that her expression was clearly filled with anger, his brows could not help but deepen. Then, he coldly asked, “Miss, did you enter the wrong room? “

Fang Xiao was really angry this time. She took a few steps forward and stood in front of the man Then, she angrily said, “Dongfang Yunheng, what do you mean by this? If you were to change places, you would pretend not to know me, right? Why didn’t you say last night that you entered the wrong room? Did you crawl into the wrong bed? “

The man was stunned at first by her angry roar, but after hearing the contents of her roar, he couldn’t help but laugh. Looking at the angry woman in front of him, he felt that it was funny.

He didn’t know how Dongfang Yunheng could stand such a shrew. Good boy, why didn’t he know that he liked this type of woman in the past? He had always thought that he liked a woman like Gu Chenchen, who was gentle enough but lacked true love.

Fang Xiao saw that the man just smiled and didn’t say anything, so he became even angrier He could not help but point at him and shout, “Dongfang Yunheng, that’s enough. I’ve really had enough of you. I never thought that you would be such a person. You’re just going abroad. It’s fine if you want to follow me to Singapore, but you’re actually playing the game of pretending to be a stranger with me. Do you think this is very interesting Do you think… …”