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Chapter 2029: Chapter 2029 where are you going on a business trip


“I’m not feeling unwell anywhere, ” she answered truthfully. She got down from the bed and looked at him as she asked, “Um, why are you here? “

She originally wanted to ask, weren’t you in Gu Chenchen’s ward discussing the marriage with her Why did you come here now?

But when she thought back, it was normal for Dongfang Yunheng to come here. After all, he still had a lot of daily necessities here. Moreover, he was really going to marry Gu Chenchen. No matter what, he had to inform her, right?

“Can’t you come if you have nothing to do? ” He sat down on the SOFA with a smile. He put his arms behind his head and yawned. “I haven’t had dinner yet. Is there anything to eat here? “

“…”she was speechless. Didn’t he go to Gu Chenchen’s place Could it be that he didn’t have a couple’s meal or something with the woman he loved?

“There’s nothing left, ” she said truthfully. “there was still some noodles left. It just so happened that I cooked them myself for dinner. You should go out and find a place to eat. “

“then go out and buy some noodles. ” He Sat on the Sofa and did not move. He yawned and ordered, “while you’re at it, buy a few eggs and see if there are tomatoes. I want to eat the eggs and tomatoes you made to cover the noodles. “

“I’m not going to buy anything. ” Fang Xiao stood there and did not move. When he saw the surprised look in his eyes, he explained calmly, “I’m going abroad on business tomorrow. I don’t know how many days I’ll be back. I’ll buy some things and leave them here. When I come back, won’t the smell become musty? “

“What? You’re going abroad on business? ” Dongfang Yunheng finally put down his hand on the pillow and asked nervously, “where are you going on business? “

The next morning, Fang Xiao almost missed her flight. When she arrived at the airport, the loudspeaker was already urging her, causing her manager to be furious at her. He said that she didn’t have any sense of time and didn’t know the importance of going to Singapore?

Of course, Fang Xiao didn’t dare to say anything. Fortunately, there were still five minutes left. She took the boarding pass from the manager’s hand and quickly went to the security check. Then, she jogged with the manager to board the plane.

Actually, she could not be blamed for being late. The only one to blame was that disgusting man, Dongfang Yunheng. Last night, he shamelessly stayed in her dormitory and once again ate her to the point that not even her bones were left.

Last night, when that man had arrived at her dormitory, he had said that he was hungry and wanted to eat. Of course, she was not so kind to help him buy things, so she told him about her business trip to Singapore today.

Who knew that the man would not let her help him buy things in the end. Instead, he directly pulled her out of the door and asked her to accompany him to dinner. He even said that with her accompanying him, his appetite would be better and he could eat more.

She was still a little surprised by his arrival. She remembered that Mrs. Gu had come to look for her in the afternoon, so she could not help but ask, “well, how is Miss Gu? “

“Not good, ” Dongfang Yunheng answered without raising his head. He was only focused on eating the bowl of beef and Vermicelli soup that had just been served.

“What do you mean by not good? ” Fang Xiao was a little dissatisfied with his words. “Is the aftereffects of the abortion bad or something? She seemed to be in a very serious condition at that time. “

“I don’t know about the aftereffects of the abortion. ” Dongfang Yunheng still did not raise his head. He had eaten on the plane last night and slept until the afternoon in the early morning, so he was really hungry now.