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Chapter 2024: Chapter 2024: Do I really have to marry her


Although he went to the hospital to see her every day, he didn’t stay in the hospital all day. After all, there were many things to do in the company. Moreover, he had flown to Japan to attend a business cooperation meeting in the past ten days.

He had just flown back from Japan last night. Because the plane was late, it was already midnight when he arrived at Binhai. Therefore, he didn’t go to the hospital to see Gu Chenchen. Instead, he went straight back to one inch Mo city to sleep.

When he woke up in the afternoon, he was only concerned about asking Wu Jianping about Fang Xiao’s news. As for Gu Chenchen, he thought that she should have been discharged from the hospital. After all, it wasn’t a serious injury. Moreover, when he flew to Japan three days ago, he went to her ward At that time, she even said that the doctor said that she would be discharged after two or three days of observation.

But who would have thought that in just these three days, she actually investigated and dealt with such a matter?

“Your father is standing on the side of everyone’s consideration, ” Xi Muru quickly explained to her husband Then, she smiled bitterly and said, “actually, even if you marry Chenchen, it’s just to give her a status. This can be considered as her return for being by your side all these years. Of course… … “If you really don’t want to, your father and I won’t force you. After all, this is your marriage. As parents, we will only give you advice, we won’t force you. “

“Then, you just said that my father wants me to marry Chen Chen in half a month? ” Dongfang Yunheng was slightly dissatisfied with Xi Muru’s contradictory words.

“Hehehe, I said that on purpose just now. I just wanted to see your reaction, ” Xi Muru laughed Then, she stood up and patted her son on the shoulder. “alright, Yun Heng, your father and I mean that since Shen Shen is really in the advanced stage of uterine cancer, and there isn’t much time, then we might as well give her a title. You and Fang Xiao can wait another one or two years. “

“Of course, this is just what your father and I want. In the end, it’s still up to you to decide. Moreover, you should discuss this with Fang Xiao before making a decision. “

Xi Muru felt her mouth dry after she said this. She yawned as if she had just handed over an important task. She Sat on the Sofa and used a toothpick to fork the fruit that mother Wang had brought over to eat.

Dongfang Yunheng stood up from the SOFA and glanced at his mother, who was leisurely eating the fruit. He wanted to say something, but in the end, he did not say anything. He just turned around and walked out of the door.

He originally wanted to go to Fang Xiao’s company to pick up Fang Xiao from work, but after the conversation with his mother, he was no longer in the mood. At this moment, he only wanted to confirm Gu Chenchen’s condition.

If Gu Chenchen really had uterine cancer, of course, his mother said that Uncle Liu Hao had already had a blood test. Logically speaking, he should not have suspected, because suspecting Gu Chenchen’s condition was the same as suspecting uncle Liu Hao.

But he had to suspect, because this was too much of a coincidence. Gu Chenchen had not been diagnosed with uterine cancer for a long time and had not been diagnosed with uterine cancer, but at this time, she had been diagnosed with uterine cancer.

If it was true, if it was true… …

Dongfang Yunheng leaned on his steering wheel and did not step on the accelerator for a long time. His mind was constantly thinking about Gu Chenchen’s uterine cancer. If it was true, what should he do?

Should he really marry her Even if it was just to give her a title?

According to his parents, he should do this. Even if it was just to appease Gu Chenchen, he should marry Gu Chenchen and then wait for Gu Chenchen to die before marrying Fang Xiao.