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Chapter 2020: Chapter 2020 it was useless to think too much


Mrs. Gu was obviously stunned, then she said angrily, “they were already engaged. At that time, they were supposed to get married, but you got divorced at that time and appeared in front of Yun Heng again. That’s why Yun Heng… “

“Then, according to Madam Gu’s words, isn’t my charm much greater than your Miss Chen Chen’s? ” Fang Xiao’s cold words were Madam Gu’s. “think about it. Six years ago, when I was still an ignorant young girl, Dongfang Yunheng liked me. More than a year ago, on my wedding day, I was abandoned by the groom. Moreover, I even had an erotic photo taken. After a few years, I met Dongfang Yunheng again. He still likes me. I even went to get married at the end of last year and got divorced a few months later. Now, I’m already a second-hand woman, but Dongfang Yunheng is actually willing to abandon your pure, beautiful and noble daughter to be with me. “

Fang Xiao smiled when she said this, but the smile on her face was obviously filled with mockery She looked at Mrs. Gu and said, “thank you, Mrs. Gu, for using your daughter to praise me. For the first time, I feel that there are still people who appreciate second-hand women, so — “

“So what? ” Mrs. Gu could not help but ask nervously when she saw Fang Xiao Pause when she said “so” .

“So, I’m sorry, Mrs. Gu, I can’t hide far away for your daughter’s happiness, because I don’t owe you anything. I will only work hard for my own happiness. If Dongfang Yunheng really wants to be with me and wants to propose to me, I definitely won’t refuse. “

After saying that, Fang Xiao immediately pushed open the car door and got out of the car. Then, she slammed the car door shut with a bang and walked toward the crowded street without looking back.

She thought that she did not need to be afraid of anyone, nor did she need to hide from anyone. She was just two people with her brother. Her brother had his own career that he liked, and she also had her own legitimate career.

She was no longer Dongfang Yunheng’s mistress, and no one could use anything to threaten her. Therefore, she did not need to worry about Mrs. Gu.

There was a saying that a barefoot person was not afraid of wearing shoes. She thought that she was the barefoot one, and Mrs. Gu and her daughter wore shoes. She was not afraid of the two of them.

Of course, as for Dongfang Yunheng, she did not have too many fantasies. Even if he said that he wanted to bring her to the Dongfang family, even if he said that he wanted to marry her, even if… …

She could only let nature take its course. If Dongfang Yunheng really had a heart, then she did not need to think too much. If he did not have that heart, then it was useless for her to think too much.

She had originally wanted to stroll on the streets for a day, but meeting Mrs. Gu ruined her mood. She thought about going to Singapore the next day, so she planned to invite Liu Yijun out for dinner that night. She also wanted to ask her if she wanted to bring anything back from Singapore.

Unfortunately, Liu Yijun’s cell phone could not be reached. She even called the Secretary Desk. She shook her head in frustration and walked toward the bus stop helplessly. She thought it would be better to return to her dormitory as soon as possible.

It was not rush hour. There were not many people on the bus, and there were no traffic jams on the road. The driver put on the car radio, which happened to be the music channel. There was a host introducing pop songs.

After the introduction, the host played a song called love like air. She did not pay attention to the name of the singer, so she did not know who sang it.